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  1. Hey there...I'm looking for an original page from Moon Knight Issue #2 from David Finch's run. Any help at all is appreciated.
  2. Saw Shazam this weekend. Overall really enjoyed this movie. Different from any modern DC movie so far. Yet same level of quality as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, for completely different reasons, of course. The comedy was there, the heart was there, the action was well done. As many predicted the movie has allot of 'Big' but with a superhero feel to it, and in some ways its even more than that. Positives: -Refreshingly light hearted, at times (while still demonstrating the serious impacts of 'super-powered' actions / inaction) -Not all the comedic moments are in the trailer (t
  3. I really enjoyed the series...looking forward to this; &
  4. My theory is that it could be McFarlane inks. He was / is a great inker. Just adding his inks could add a bit of the style earmarks that most of us have been noticing. Also wouldn't be completely unusual for him during this time-frame to ink over someone else.
  5. One of the best original Netflix series so far. Excellent direction. Very Good acting. Well written. And all that aside, I think the best thing about this show might be the editing...Crazy good.
  6. Any see news if this is in addition to a new GI Joe movie? Or is this it...the now proposed Snake Eyes movie is the new GI Joe movie?
  7. I'd have to agree w/ Bosco...Derrickson...and Morgan... I just re-watched the 'ultimate' cut in 4K this week, and have to say its one of my 'ultimate' favorite comic genre movies. Great acting...costumes...cinematography...effects... I know its probably blasphemy to say it, but for the purpose of translating to film, I enjoyed Zach Snyder's final act more than Alan Moore's. My only issue w/ the Ultimate cut is the run-time, though there's so much goodness I don't what I would cut-out. I believe its just under 4 I watched it over two nights instead of trying
  8. Updated HASBRO movie Road Map Good link and article from HISS Tank explaining the latest on the HASBRO and Paramount agreement moving forward. -Transformers and Bumblebee still scheduled for December 18 -GI Joe and Micronauts confirmed for 2020 -D&D 2021 -Confirmed but not slotted: MASK, Visionaries, Action-Man, Stretch Armstrong -Starting w/ 2019 they are scheduling 2 live action and 1 animated movie per year.
  9. Moon Knight confirmed for the MCU. Eventually... Moon Knight MCU movie future
  10. From what I've read its the end of the "Dawn of the Arashikage" story-line. If you look at the books from #246 on they even say part 1 of 5, part 2 of 5 etc. GI Joe:ARAH will continue, as far as I'm aware, its simply the end of that story arc. Following Tom Waltz on Twitter, the IDW editor, it appears that starting with 251 they are moving on with a "Special Missions" story arc. This will be intended for each issue to focus on one character or a small group of 'Joes for the next five issues or so. Hope this helps answer your questions.
  11. Must have been and a pretty old thread from the Megan Fox days. Its not popping up in the search function.
  12. Mythos Studios now owns a 50% stake in Aspen Comics Looks like we'll finally get to see Aspen Mathews and Grace hit the silver screen sometime in the near future.
  13. So GI Joe is getting a tentative 2020 date. Director is now D.J. Caruso (or perhaps he's already backed out). But, either way looks like it is coming and they are at least proposing a Transformers cross-over. Micronauts and D&D as well. Millennial GI Joe? And maybe with a female Snake Eyes? Who is Dawn Moreno?
  14. Steven S. DeKnight would like to make Moon Knight...this would be cool. Moon Knight TV Show?