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  1. Danny McBride the auto is not on the cover
  2. I did not. I was just happy the book made it without being damaged
  3. Yes they did. I was shocked with all of the they stuffed in the box
  4. I was shocked by all of the garbage I pulled out of the box before I got to my comic
  5. Jerecara_29 gave him a extra 10 days to pay and then went silent
  6. There is a ton of marvel sets on eBay now
  7. I can’t believe the price on that Deadpool card
  8. I sold one set and put up another set plus the holograms on eBay. I can’t see the prices going any higher
  9. I guess you just need to put psa 10 and they sell
  10. I found my set and I have all 5 holograms. I remember buying a box a long time ago and now it’s finally gonna pay off