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  1. I did not pick that issue up. That would have been cool to get George to sign that book
  2. I have a ton of celebrity signature books. Harrison Ford was stupid money but I paid it
  3. What Conan book is the one to own for the 1st appearance of red Sonja?
  4. Looking for a mid grade book. Looking to spend around a 100
  5. What is going on with the Larry’s variant?
  6. There is some postings on Reddit about celebrity authentics. I don’t think they have a clue what they are talking about
  7. I bought this for 350 in 2011 and spent the extra 100 for Stan and Cgc grading.
  8. This should answer your first question
  9. I can’t figure out if this is gonna be real or not
  10. I have never bought from this person but I will going fwrd. I have never had someone cancel a order and refund my money and still send me the book on his dime