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  1. Professor Pecora

    Lois Lane 90

    You're very welcome! Thanks! I definitely LOVE my ASM 41 and 50! It's so cool to look at high-grade ASM Silver Age Keys from the 60's up close! It's almost unreal! I believe I have already read and commented on your next journal post (RE: 1970's horror theme)! I really enjoyed it! It feels great to be getting back into the CGC Journals again! I'll look out for your next..."next" post! -Professor Pecora
  2. Professor Pecora

    Moon Of The Wolf

    Nice post @john ivic! You raised an excellent point about "horror" being a common theme in both DC and Marvel titles during the 1970's! My current collecting focus is primarily acquiring high-grade examples of all the 1st appearance issues with the Amazing Spider-Man title from issues #1 - #400! With that said and in relation to your topic, two books around this time period really stick out for me; ASM #101 (1st appearance of Morbius), published in October of 1971 and ASM #124 (1st appearance of the Man-Wolf), published in September of 1973! With these ASM issues, we have both a
  3. Yes indeed! Thank You so much! It has definitely been appreciating in value since I last purchased it over a year ago! The super bright cherry red cover makes it stand out to the point that you "know" you're looking at an ASM #50 even if the image is blurred or if viewing from a distance! I just LOVE this classic John Romita Sr. cover! Thanks @BoogieWoogie -Professor Pecora
  4. Professor Pecora

    Lois Lane 90

    Congrats on the new acquisition! I LOVE Neal Adam's artwork! I especially love his work on some of the early 1970's Batman covers! One day, I will start adding some of his pieces to my collection! I love when collectors have a specific GOAL and a clear FOCUS towards building their collections up; keep up the great work! -Professor Pecora
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #50 features the 1st appearance of the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)! The Kingpin was created by writer Stan “The Man” Lee along with cover and interior artist John Romita Sr. The famous cover has been paid homage to many times over the years, making it a certified classic, which depicts Peter Parker in an unusual and highly vulnerable state of being. With his head casting down into his shadow and his body hunched forward as he walks alone in despair, we see a discouraged Peter Parker abandoning his superhero duty as the large caption reads, “Spider-Man No More!” What? No
  6. Amazing Spider-Man #41 features the 1st appearance of the Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich)! When you think of the Amazing Spider-Man title and the various reasons that make it one of the most collected titles in all of comics, you can’t help but to think of the rogues’ gallery of Spider-Man, which is considered by many comic book connoisseurs to be the greatest of all time! With that being said, most of Spider-Man’s A-list super-villains 1st appeared within the classic Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run, which spanned from issues #1-#38, with the majority of them appearing within the first fifteen is
  7. Congratulations! -Professor Pecora
  8. Professor Pecora

    My 1st 9.9

    Congratulations in acquiring your 1st CGC 9.9 MINT book! It looks GREAT! -Professor Pecora
  9. I just read your journal entry and I can understand your frustration and losing your desire to finish completing your set. Life always has its ups and downs and we all deal with the effects of trials and tribulations. My advice is to take a step back and don’t overreact based on your emotions. You obviously love the collecting hobby and you expressed a lot of joy you have experienced throughout the years that you have also passed on to your son. (Which those experiences are priceless) I would just take some time to reflect on your current collection and be proud for what you accompli
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #16 features the 1st Daredevil crossover + the 2nd appearance of the Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime! It’s September of 1964, and the legendary duo of Stan “The Man” Lee and Steve Ditko made history once again, by featuring Daredevil’s 1st crossover appearance into another title! This historical landmark issue can easily get overlooked due to the plethora of major 1st appearances featured in the previous fifteen issues, but make no mistake that ASM #16 is definitely a legendary issue within the iconic Amazing Spider-Man Silver Age run! For starters, the origin a
  11. You're a good man for utilizing your knowledge of buying and selling comics to help out your colleague who was struggling financially. You both were blessed in the process and that's what life is all about! Nice post! -Professor Pecora