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  1. Added a couple of books. Almost there, but the last 3 I believe will be the most difficult.
  2. No, I'm aware of them, but haven't had any interest in them.
  3. Well I bought a majority of them awhile ago before anyone was thinking about collecting them graded. So I was ahead of the game in that respect, but 11, 19, 23 are going to be more challenging..
  4. Have you thought about selling the 9.8? Also are any of the raw copies possible a high grade?
  5. Just wanted to start a thread showcasing your newsstand edition comics. I'll start! Also hopefully this particular thread will allow other 3rd party grading company books. If not, please remove them.
  6. I have a Jungle Action #24 9.4 for sale, but it's out of your price range you have listed.
  7. Looking to purchase Jungle Action 9, 11, or 23 CGC 9.8. Haven't had any success in finding these. Thanks!
  8. Looking to purchase Jungle Action 9, 11, or 23 CGC 9.8. Haven't had any success in finding these. Thanks!
  9. Finally got to see Black Panther. I thought it was a good movie, great scenery, and the story that surrounds T'Challa and his journey to King. I'm aware of the comic book so of course I'm looking at it in comparison to that context. As everyone else stated, some of the scenes were a bit dark and CGI was not as good as I would expected. On the social things in the movie, I really didn't get any epiphany that a lot of people came away with (predominately the African-American community). I know it sold well which is a result of that community and its support for a film that represents themselves. (Which I guess people forgot about Blade, Spawn, etc...) but hey.... Michael B. Jordan made a statement that was profound on being in bondage or free in referring to his ancestors, but I was thinking "They weren't your ancestors because you are Wakanda and unless I missed something none of the Wakandas were put into slavery, so he's actually not connected to those in America" LOL! But hey I guess you have to put something in the movie. It was interesting the comment about the weave and how it was a disgrace. LOL! Though I doubt that will change any minds. On the movie and its high ratings, I think it is a result of the "backlash" that would result if it didn't receive a good one as much as the movie itself. (The typical "racism" that is exhibited in America, social injustice, etc..etc...) I am not afraid to admit that the African-American community is the "Untouchable" community in regards to any criticism, correction, or advice UNLESS it comes from someone of that culture. The interesting thing is that those who have made comments against and for this movie and how it shows the condition in America today, is that I do hope both sides realize that the Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who are not African American. "shrugs shoulder". In the end, I believe this movie and its "social impact on the AA community" will have it's time and fade away. I would give it a month, maybe two, if a culture is looking towards a fictional movie to elevate their social awareness/pride about themselves then I think it reveals more about the unfortunate part of a culture and how they see themselves then a renewed spirit. I've watched movies who provide more to think about than any superhero movie that would represent a community/people, but unfortunately many in the AA community this would fall on deaf ears, example would be this scene in Glory.