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  1. Get on the list, figure out pricing after Any hints at least Felix if it will be in 2016 or 2017 ?
  2. I've been actually saving up the last few issues so I can read the entire arc all at once. Excited to see what happens! I'm also interested to see if they work together on something new.
  3. I cannot fathom what these look like in real life. There isn't a scan that can do them justice. Congrats!
  4. Wow, can't believe it. I am ok as long as it ends on a high note. I much rather this end on a high then it go on for too long and Ryan and Kirkman not have their heart in it 100%. I would not like if another creative team took over.
  5. Saga figures back in stock! http://shop.thewalkingdead.com/products/saga-figure-alana-and-marko-action-figure-2-pack
  6. Lying Cat statues back up on the website, looks like no more figures left though http://store.skybound.com/collections/skybound/products/saga-lying-cat-statue
  7. I liked the issue, but I can see how this will divide people. It's definitely not for everyone It's going back to a second print it looks like. I'm sure it wll find it's audience.
  8. This is what you are talking about I think. http://rickremender.com/posts/DeadlyPreview.pdf None of these pages show up in any of the printed issues. It might have been printed in previews or in the back of some image books. As far as being it's own printed mini preview issue I don't think there was one. I could be wrong, but I was really pumped about he book coming out, I think I would have tracked it down if I had heard about one around that time.
  9. I don't remember there being a physical preview book. I am pretty sure there was a specific story that was printed in the back of books as a preview that wasn't actually part of issue #1. I think it was the pages they made to pitch the book I think. But, don't take it as fact It's all a bit foggy I could be completely wrong.
  10. 1.Deadly Class 2. Tokyo Ghost 3. Black Science 4. Low I have the issues from Devolution but I haven't read them yet, hoping it's good And it's hard to rate best to "worst" since honestly all of these are fantastic.
  11. As far as I know there is only the 3 covers, A/B and the SDCC exclusive. From solicitations looks like each issue has an A/B covers with the B cover being an O'Malley cover.