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  1. Oh yes, I've seen that... So I must be in the crazy old guy who is too picky club! I have seen many times here, "buy the book, not the grade". No more fuzzy photo buys for me while expecting the CGC grade to fit within my reading of the grade.
  2. Thank you all so far for your comments. Enclosing details from the '92 grading guide I use. (I know I should update...) The numbering system has changed, yet CGC is still using the same basic guidelines for each grade don't they? Meaning no obvious bindery defects in NM, even NM-? As I try to gauge my own process, a 4 mil difference from top to bottom of book strikes me as an obvious bindery defect. Any opinions are appreciated.
  3. I have just started buying a few comics again after about a 10 year break. Had not bought any CGC graded books until about 3 months ago. Bought an NYX 3 on line graded at 9.2. When the book arrived you could easily see that the book is not cut square. I did not notice the issue in the JPG's and it was not discussed in the listing. Across the top the book measures a little over 169 mm, while across the bottom it measures a little under 165 mm. How square the cover is should be factored into the grade? 4 mils seems like a lot. There is some spin stress that is noticeable and an impression on the cover near the Mature readers label and the UPC code. Most of it I could not get a good photo of and not so troubling to me. The staples are not centered either. On the back there is more spine stress than on the front, but an obvious ding that rolled the paper up on the corner. My collecting goes back to the very early 80's and I still catalogue my books using the old 1992 grading guide, so maybe my expectations are off. But normally I lean to wanting a book that's centered and squared. Should I over look the 4 mil difference in this grade?
  4. Looking for Ethel Hays pen and ink art. Specifically interested in he 1920's to 1930's newspaper illustrations and strip art. Focusing on spot illustrations from the Cleveland Press, Strips like "Vic and Ethel", "Ethel", on through to her work for NEA with the "Flapper Fanny Says" single illustration strip. also interested in tear sheets-clippings of the same work. If you own any, or know anyone who does, even if it is not for sale, let me know... top dollar paid for the right stuff!