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  1. Do you still have a picture of it? I'd love to know if it was the 9.4 copy that I owned for a number of years. It's unfortunate that the Western Penn books didn't have any distinguishing marks to make it easier to identify copies that were released into the wild before they were designated as being part of the pedigree.
  2. I'm told the core of the collection is 1943-50.
  3. Keith was a great guy, but he must've lost his mind when he said this! In my defense, I looked hard at the WP Showcase 34 but decided that my copy (which was later identified as the Slobodian copy) was better.
  4. Wow, that would be a whole different level.
  5. Is anyone interested in seeing the WP Flashes? I never acquired the 123, but I had many of the issues that came after it.
  6. Yes, Christi. I decided to dig up some old emails to find her name. Very nice lady.
  7. B&B 34 is not a particularly hard book to find in NM, but the WP B&B 34 is simply the nicest copy I've ever seen because of the color saturation of that wonderful electric blue cover and, most importantly, it is by far the best centered copy of this notoriously miswrapped book. The 35 and 36 ain't too bad either!
  8. Thought I'd supplement your narrative with pics. I didn't buy the WP Showcase 34 because I already had another copy, so I don't have a scan of that one. But here's the 35 and 36.
  9. Thanks Tom, this is really interesting. We always think of OOs as guys who just lived in their own little bubble obsessively buying books off the newsstand and preserving them well, but never seem to think of them as also being collectors who purchased books in the secondary market. The father must have been well plugged into the collecting community if he had access to the Church runs of these books. And yes, we know from the CGC grades how pristine these books were. Was the Pep 22 in there, or had it already been sold separately?
  10. Seeing that DD 7 listed there brings me great pain. I had won the 2, 3 and 4 raw on eBay at nosebleed prices of 3X Guide and had struck up an email conversation with the lady who seemed to be running their auctions. She asked if I would be interested in buying the 7 directly, but was asking something like 6X Guide, which at the time was just an astronomical price, so I passed. The 2, 3 and 4 were absolutely gorgeous. The inks looked like they were still wet.
  11. That should be the first question every person there should be asking!
  12. Painted or drawn album cover original art I'd love to see: Dark Side of the Moon Revolver (I can't even imagine how much this would go for) Boston Aqualung Any of the various covers by Roger Dean
  13. I'd love to see more rock album cover art come on the market. Hopefully auctions like the Led Zep I cover and this cover will draw more out.
  14. I think there's an existing Illustrated Art thread, but I couldn't find it so am starting a new thread out of laziness. Just wanted to note the sale of the original painting for the cover of Boston's "Don't Look Back" album on Heritage just now for $81,250. The estimate was a laughable $5000-7500, which I think was exceeded on the first d
  15. I believe the Jon Berk books, at the time they were auctioned off by CC, were untouched. So any book bought in that auction and that is still in the same slab is untouched.
  16. I wonder how modern collectors would react if their LCS started putting date stamps on all of their books?
  17. From its placement in the previews, it looks like it'll be going in Heritage's Platinum session, so I'm guessing they're expecting a very decent price for it.