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  1. vaillant

    grading Fantastic Four #3

    Here’s mine for a comparision. I agree one should not automatically assume trimming for inconsistent cutting, as often the Silver Age books weren’t the same length or width, it could vary a bit, probably according to different "tranches" in the print runs as well. If it can help, mine was graded by the professional dealer from which I bought it as a VG. Maybe it’s harsh and I’d agree on a VG+, so I would judge your copy as a VGFN. The wear on the spine and the creasing on the back are excessive for a full-FN range book, IMO (by Overstreet/average standards as well). Out of curiosity, did you purchase it recently? That’s a great price.
  2. I know I shouldn’t say this but… keep the Doc collection, Birdy – maybe you won’t re-read it for a long time, but you’ll regret selling them. BTW, getting close to complete mine, I have never read a *huge* number of them, so it will be great when I’ll do!
  3. vaillant

    PGM ASM 212 Get it while it's hot!!

    Impossible to judge better such a high grade book merely from scans. In the NM range, but could be a 9.0-9.2 up to a 9.6. I would exclude a 9.8 as there are some light signs of stress along the spine.
  4. Understandable. I allow myself to do so with boardies which I befriended, or at least that I got acquainted with in an amicable way. And as many know… you can’t ever tell when I strike!
  5. vaillant

    Asm 101

    With that amount of wear in the lower right corner, personally I would not grade it above a FN+, no matter how nice the rest. It could be a FNVF (or better) by CGC standards? I don’t know.
  6. And it’s also a great mini-series – if I did not have it already I would have picked it instantly! With the signature of John J. Muth as well…
  7. I can‘t believe no one grabbed the signed Simonson "Meltdown" series. Mixed is a wasteland!
  8. Making an attempt of a permament "WTB thread", which I will update as I go. Where not otherwise indicated, I generally am looking to pay fair market value, as the seller would be agreeable with. If possible, I’d love to deal with board members I already know, but that is not mandatory. Right now I am looking for: • Airboy Comics Vol. 3 #5 (I see there’s a copy on eBay from dtacoll but I hoped for a better priced one). I do not mind lower grades, if they present well and staples are attached. • Timeless Topix Vol. 1 #1-8: I am missing all of these, so if you have even just one or two, PM me. • Marvel Stories (Pulp) from November 1940 With the Timely Human Torch ad. Looking for a nicely presenting low grade. Thanks in advance.
  9. Beautiful! I have little familiarity with "Funny Pages". I wonder when the hero/superhero stories started.
  10. vaillant

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Everett’s Hydro-Man is wonderful… I have another issue. It would be great to have it reprinted.
  11. Well, that’s "devastating” regardless!