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  1. vaillant

    Just a few books for sale in November

    Thank you! PM sent.
  2. vaillant

    Just a few books for sale in November

    Hi Picky, by chance do you have some Son of Satan books (especially the 8 issue series)? I was looking to upgrade some of mine.
  3. Great prices with the discount! Creepy #8 and #15 have Adam Link stories – I am still missing #4, #9 and #13.
  4. vaillant

    Moving Sale **Closed**

    I forgot: there is also a new rule stating that sellers must add a return policy (it’s perfectly OK just to tell you do not accept returns). If you’ve not been selling for a while, it’s best to check the rules, as a few have been added. Cheers. :)
  5. vaillant

    Moving Sale **Closed**

    Hi, per forum rules, sales of books graded by third party services which are competitors of CGC are not allowed. See here, it’s rule #1:
  6. These have often wonderful stories, and are largely unknown/underappreciated. A pity that #59 (ending of the Shanna story and final story of the Son of Satan before Marvel ruined the character in the 1990s) is missing, but will be easy to fill in the gap and make a cool Christmas gift. Also for children (yes, believe it or not, the Son of Satan story is *very* uplifting).
  7. vaillant

    Silver and Gold for sale.

    It’s wonderful. I’m really glad it’s out of my price range!
  8. vaillant


    That’s a very nice assortment.. X-Men #164 should be the issue where Carol Danvers becomes Binary.
  9. Aside from the Claremont ones, story-wise the issues in the #50s are also very good. I started reading it when Louise Simonson was already on board and she was awesome both on X-Factor, Power Pack and New Mutants. Then they had to ruin it all to follow some fad… And we've seen the long-term results.
  10. New Mutants is a good series, at least up to Inferno.
  11. I did not like signatures on cover, and wished to find an inexpensive copy to replace this, but now it holds an entirely different meaning. As it’s the only Stan signature that I have.
  12. vaillant

    Stan Lee RIP

    What a lovely picture Pat!
  13. vaillant

    Nominating JugHerNutz

    Well since entalmighty called him to read the thread and he did not come, unless he did not see the notice, I would say this is at least uncaring.
  14. vaillant

    Stan Lee RIP