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  1. vaillant


    Jay! Same for me – pretty absent during the last two years for personal stuff and family problems. So good to see you!
  2. Military #15 is a very relevant book for EC Comics fans, as it features a sort of prototype of the "narrator witches" by Reed Crandall in the Blackhawk Story. A great book overall, I own a copy.
  3. Great books. I have not much familiarity with Bulletman. Did they reprint them?
  4. vaillant

    What else do you collect??

    These pictures are wonderful!
  5. «Monkeys into men»… So lovely books!
  6. vaillant

    Misc. GA for sale -CLOSED

    Add this one to my pile This is a great price. Story and artwork are at another level than the other "anti-communism" books, as well.
  7. vaillant

    Some raw GA books/ephemera

    What I guessed, more or less. And yes, the kind of magazine you would not see in Italy at that time. And you’d be surprised to see how *different* were the kind of magazines you could find, say, in Italy and in Germany in the 1920s. Before nazism there was a sort of "avant-garde" with nude photography and the search for a "lost eden", something related to the concept of "bunds", which were cultural leagues. Interwar Germany is incredibly fascinating.
  8. vaillant

    Some raw GA books/ephemera

    Thanks. Being the magazine from 1942, seems more generally related to the first meaning. I find it fascinating that in 1942 in the US one could think to put out a "leisure" men’s magazine… not the same climate in Italy, at the time.
  9. vaillant

    Some raw GA books/ephemera

    Is "Stag" a slang term? I cannot pinpoint the meaning exactly…
  10. vaillant

    Some raw GA books/ephemera

    Scott, I will take the Stag magazine… (with US shipping).
  11. vaillant

    Foreign Key blow out thread

    Yes, definitely Matthew, if you’re still looking to sell, list them in Gold/Silver/Bronze… Also, now you need to list a return policy (it has been added to the sales forum rules).
  12. My #8 is coverless. But very nice.