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  1. @Sardo Numspar Thanks, just if you have time, no worries.
  2. Josh! Great to see you – how are you? This one is super-cool, is it possible to see a picture of the insides?
  3. Thanks for the heads up, @Readcomix. I’m more interested in the earlier ones, early years of Timeless Topix still eluding me… I’ll post something more when I’m on my Mac.
  4. Agreed. It pretty much coincides with the 1970s, although in many cases I’d go back to 1968 (at least for Marvel) and yes… in some cases 1980 is already "out".
  5. Great Weird Tales and super-nice copies!
  6. With such massive creasing I would not grade it above VG/VG+, depending on how the book, overall, is solid.
  7. I would add that if there is a thing I love about Golden Age (and early comics publications, also from other countries, which fall under different cultural/time classifications) is the variety and richness of themes/approach/ideas within the same book (title). Quality aside, the stories were unrestrained. My favorite titles generally fall into two or three genres at once: – Military/Uncle Sam is classified by the GCD as war / superhero / occult – Zip Comics can be seen as superhero / crime (gangsterism) – Daredevil Comics and Boy Comics have stories falling in superhero / war / crime / horror Same goes for various Timely or MLJ titles which – unfortunately – I can’t afford.
  8. Well, strictly speaking these are not "genres", rather labels one uses to aid classification. If you wish to stick to genres, the list becomes a lot shorter.
  9. Very excited to add this one to my Daredevil Comics small collection… One I had been looking for since the beginning, but never purchased. A few pages from the insides (scans courtesy of the DCM – Digital Comics Museum):
  10. Indeed! Super-sweet books, Ed.
  11. Updated, and crossed out the ones I’ve found. Thanks Jeff @telerites for the heads up!
  12. Heh, I just gave with the beautiful Marvel Mystery #16 I picked from Bill last month. More than happy with that for now! But if I had to strive for a Timely, now it would absolutely be a Cap #46… tough to find a super-low grade within my comfortable price range, though!
  13. Hard to judge well from camera pictures alone, but I would say in the FN range, given the wear around the corners.
  14. Is there some creasing on the upper part of the front cover? If so, I would not go above the VF range.
  15. It‘s a bit "crumpled" (not much visible in the scan) but yes… generally flat, quite fresh and nice. Very happy with it even if it has very minor color touch, which I do not care about at all. I scored it on eBay as well some 3-4 years ago, yours was definitely a great deal.
  16. Yeah, probably because preserved within a binder. A pity for the holes, though.
  17. @Gnasher: Thank you! They are not stains – they’re part of the printed artwork. Consider that this particular batch (in average) as "clean" as the examples I posted. Given the self-covering, aside from the punch holes they are pretty nice.