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  1. That’s very nice of you Jimmers, but I see that just in case some 1944 issues can be found. They seem less scarce than the Everyday Astrology wartime magazines with the cool Schomburg covers (and BW inside illustrations).
  2. I was about to grab it… LOL Not seriously, but I was tempted. Very cool!
  3. I have listed on eBay a few Marvel italian editions – including third editions of ASM #129 and AF #15, and an early Sgt. Fury from 1966 and a first edition Cap #117-118-119, some are auctions: Thanks for looking!
  4. Ahh… Matthew – the starter of everything, LOL!
  5. They’re mostly a curiosity for me, I do not collect foreign editions in general. As an italian I started to collect the US originals in 1990 and never came back. I just ordered the australian Omega the Unknown, though, as I love the fact they published the story in black and white, so when I’ll re-read the first episodes that will be…
  6. This discussion is just about the price variants, right – not the Australian editions like Yaffa or Federal (although I see some has been posted). The Yaffa editions fascinate me, in their occasional "poorness"…
  7. Ah! I just realized this – so zzutak is A1? I bought my Fantastic Four #3 from him many years ago… Still treasuring it.
  8. Being so mixed I guess these come from different boxes!
  9. The Silver Forest “frightened woman” must be a descendant of Helen of Troy.
  10. Martin Luther King? That’s awesome… Thanks Robot!
  11. For a minute I thought you were saying he died unexpectedly – learning new american slang by the day. I will say a prayer for him.
  12. It’s great to be here once again… it feels like home. Hope all is well in Paris.
  13. There some strong inherent coolness in Robot Man's flea market threads!
  14. You’d not believe it, Liz, but I was about to page you on this one! Then I seemed to recall you gave up the "fish in the face" thing but it seems I was wrong!
  15. Wow, I’m surprised I recognized Maximillian from your avatar, even if it’s been quite awhile I have not seen The Black Hole!
  16. I just wish nothing in my focus comes up! :lol:
  17. My favorites so far: the Hangman #3 (I can only wish! ) and the Superman early war cover.
  18. Thanks for the insight. Yes, the events remain controversial for historians. I have an entire book about this, written recently.
  19. I have just sold to Bill two Marvel SA books. Communication has been very good and he paid promptly – a very good transaction, thank you! :-)