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  1. Buzzetta as always thanks for this. Love the recaps. I had to sell my tickets this year so enjoyed reading your adventures. PS - I had pot belly once, poor man quiznos imo.
  2. I have two Saturday tickets and can't attend. They are linked to my name and my friends name. Am I able to sell? Would hate to see them go to waste. And something came up on my end unfortunately. PM me if interested. Sorry for wasting time on the board. Pete
  3. Buzzetta you are the best for doing this, really thanks. Now I need to buy those Joes for when my son is ready to play with them. I have the old ones waiting for him to destroy in a box.
  4. Always act as if you may meet someone. No blame here but as a rule of thumb acknowledge folks who sho interest in you or your conversation. I'm sure no one here was a tool or at least one on purpose. The CB guy has a bit of an ego. No need to tweet it out and flex muscles.
  5. So absurd. A book just came out and it's being sold for more than cover? Cmon people.
  6. I got mine but since my buddy wasn't verified his ticket will be canceled. Sucks. But I get it.
  7. It's not a bad idea but unless it's an emergency people shouldn't buy stuff they can't afford. I'd personally LOVE to drop money on a decent copy of hulk 181 but can't justify comics of any sort until bills and kids are taken care of.
  8. I love the hobby, always have even when I walked away from it for years. a lot of what goes on today doesn't make sense to me but I've learned to accept. I do believe comic collectors in large part manufacture heat today where as 20-30 years ago the book created heat. Maybe I'm wrong, doesn't matter I enjoy collecting and think people can buy or sell how they want. That said, I agree with the op.
  9. That's a really excellent idea. You'd be surprised at how many visitation/custody transfers in bad divorces are ordered by Judges to take place in the parking lots of your local PD. It keeps everyone calm. Friday evenings and Sunday evenings always seemed to have 2 or 3 of them going on. The police station parking lot is a great idea. Another suggestion is the courthouse. There's plenty of sheriffs around and metal detectors. This assumes you're not selling anything too big or anything illicit or involving a brief case full of cash. They scan your bag, but they don't care at all whats inside as long as its not drugs or weapons. Just meet on a bench outside of whatever court room, and do the deal Like when Jimmy and Henry met outside the parole office with a bag of money? Except with comics and geeks instead of mobsters.
  10. So sorry about your relative. I've never used CL but would advise to never meet someone at your home. Public place full of people and bring a buddy. I have made a few big cash purchases (non comic related) in my life and always traveled with a buddy or two. Play it safe.
  11. Just looking through my collection online and remembered how cool tie-ins were back in the day. None felt like mandatory purchases, just nice to have books for completists. Top right corner would say tie-in and that was that. Then I looked at the last marvel event and I think there was north of 120+ tie in books. Have they lost their effing mind? For example. Acts of Vengeance for example had 50+ tie-in books. But that's because every book in the line had at least 2 tie-in issues. I don't remember being annoyed picking up an issue of alpha flight because there tie in was contained to the main alpha title. Now you have a Spider-Man title someone might collect and then they add a separate Spidey tie-in title. These companies have lost their mind. Vent over.
  12. That recap was sad and very funny. Going on 8 months for me and don't miss it. That said, there was some cool stuff that did happen. Wiki marvel events and that should get you caught up.