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  1. Congrats! Other than the chip top right it's a very nice copy of a book you don't see a lot of nice copies of.
  2. For me, the most affordable golden age keys (first appearances of characters most people know) would be: For DC, More Fun #101. First appearance of Superboy. Still under $5k for a nice mid grade copy. For Marvel, Marvel Mystery #13. First appearance of the Vision. Also under $5k for a decent looking copy. For silver age, as has been mentioned earlier, Strange Tales #101. It's not a first appearance, but so much cheaper than any other circle 12c Marvel start to a superhero series.
  3. I'm not sure Larry Charet has ever worn a suit...
  4. In no particular order: Uncle Scrooge Jughead Hangman Linus van Pelt Albert the Alligator
  5. If you mean Catherine II (the Great), her silver rubles are quite common and you should be able to get one for a few hundred dollars. Catherine I is a bit spendier.
  6. It is 🙂 I’m saving up for its more expensive sibling...
  7. Pre 19th C Russian Coins. Please excuse the double eagle in the bottom left...
  8. My only black circle book. Arrival date of November 9.