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  1. CGC and pedigree's has always crossed me the wrong way. Unfortunately, they have become the de-facto strong arm of what can carry a pedigree label or not, even going as far as to create "collections" to conflate the designation. Given that CGC has taken the hard stance that any book printed after 86 cannot hold the pedigree designation even though they were part of the recognized pedigree, has always rubbed me the wrong way in a misguided gate keeping kind of way.
  2. Please add the below book to the following sets (also note this book has nothing to do with the X-Men Blue ongoing series it is a reprint of the 1991 V2 Series). X-Men #1-#275 (1991) Including Variants True Believers: X-Men Blue #1 CGC #1961251037 X-Men (1991) Jim Lee True Believers: X-Men Blue #1 CGC #1961251037
  3. You have found me out... I have only participated in the post life signings.
  4. Bump Also looking for an X-men blue #1. The new $1 reprint, not the other x-men blue #1.
  5. As they pretty easily have dna I'm sure the robber will be tracked down. Especially when he tries to offload the books. I am more interested in how Chuck will spin this as a million dollar loss/going out of business unless you use this new codeword to buy something angle.
  6. Please add the below book to the following sets: X-Men #1-#275 (1991) Including Variants X-Men (1991) Jim Lee X-Men #1 2018 Editorial Televisa (Mexico) Reprints X-Men #1 (10/91) in Spanish CGC Certification #s 1959958016 or 1959956012
  7. These have started to hit Ebay and I am looking for any that have been submitted covers A though D The average prices so far are between $100-$115 and I am wanting to pay in the same range. Leave me a message. SELL ME ALL YOUR NM ADVENTURE COMICS #346!
  8. When moving sketch covers (generally jam books) from one artist to another the above post pretty much covers the process (chain of custody). I am sure if I was an unscrupulous person I could slide in a couple previously signed books, maybe they wouldn't notice or maybe they would and I would loose all CGC privileges. My overall thoughts on the OP are the same as when people come up and tell me when someone is doing something wrong at work. My first question is always "Are you telling me this because they are actually doing something out of standard or are you just trying to get someone in trouble"?
  9. That is a great story and adds additional provenance to the books, I would have liked to have been part of the auction. The reason I asked about the sealing is that I purchased a small collection years ago that had a number of books still in mailers (with wax) that had been kept in an attack. Unfortunately wax being wax melted, hardened, and melted repeatedly over the years soaking through the entire book.
  10. That is actually super interesting! and something I am envious of.. Do you happen to know if the mailer was sealed with glue or wax?
  11. I decided to let the market cool a bit as I was getting some crazy ask prices for NM- books but..... I AM BACK AND LOOKING FOR ALL YOUR BOOKS!!! THEY BELONG TO ME, EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT YET.
  12. I would have guessed the linked ebay auction was graded under the "lobby card/Photo" submissions but it doesn't have the binder rings on the left side. I am sure someone with more knowledge can help you but these Steranko sketches are pretty common. On your other question, which ever employee you spoke with was at best incorrect and I have commissioned sketches many times and picked them up with a witness.
  13. I promised myself I would not post in this topic again, but I am not a nice person. One does not post in any internet forum in search of experts in a field of business one is a part of, you go to those specific individuals for that service. One does however post on internet forums in order to quietly out something that should be private business and try and coyly see what side those people (on the forum) will take. I hope you gathered the necessary information to conclude an answer.
  14. The fact that you are asking an internet message board instead of your lawyer, gives me pause to your actual motives. Either take the offer or talk to your lawyer, not people on the internet.
  15. Newsprint is newsprint regardless of color (though quality and condition will be an issue) anything printed recently would have no issue with pressing. Just for curiosity sake when you say "rare" do you mean an actual ashcan used for trademark purposes or the 90's gimmicks