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  1. Nice pick up. When I saw it I thought immediately of you, but for some reason I had assumed you already had a copy....glad to see you get it.
  2. You got it 99% right...but when it comes to sitting at the desk I'm way...way sexier
  3. I was going to ask if you miss teaching...but then I realized what a dumb question in the circumstances...
  4. Good morning sunshine! And I'm thrilled you are not going to be one of *those* people who insist on posting books alphabetically.....
  5. Yeah, that sums it up nicely, the worm's human sentimentality cannot let go, his treatment of the Duncans finally a uniquely human cruelty, another part of the book which has a lot to say about fate. Fate as both comical and grotesque is a good way to describe it generally.
  6. Yes the Duncan clones, Herbert was into something big there, that's the kind of thing you could make compelling movie watching, one of the Duncans was known for playing beautiful music, clones but not all precisely the same, if I remember correctly...
  7. Yeah I agree completely, I'm surprised the plan is not for 3 movies, one for each of the original trilogy, like Lord of the Rings, three books, three movies...done....and if done well, I think everyone would be grateful enough....but if I understand correctly there is only going to be 2 movies?
  8. Let me correct what I said about audiences not responding well to a giant worm as the main character....I meant, unless of course, it was a film about a giant worm gobbling up teenage girls in bikinis at the beach party...then, of course, boffo box office all the way
  9. I thought the TV mini series did a great job with Messiah and Children of Dune. God Emperor is such a great book but hard to imagine adapting into a movie. As for Brian Herberts books, I think it’s just his name on a Kevin J Anderson manuscript. The books are consistent with his writing - short chapters followed by a recap in the following short chapter - and when compared to Frank Herbert’s novels fall pretty far down the literary spectrum. That being said I really enjoyed the two Brian/Anderson prequel trilogies, they are much simpler books but still highly entertaining. I think there were some Frank Herbert penned fragments that found their way into the ‘House’ series - that would explain the slightly longer chapters in those books. Not much into movies at this time, but this one has me excited. Its been a while since I've read them. I remember the first time I discovered it, my family was on vacation and I had wandered into a bookstore, and a stranger, a kid not that much older than me, seeing me browsing over the Science Fiction and Fantasy stuff, just walked up to me and said something like "you've got to read this this" and he literally shoved the first book into my hand...I can't remember what I said, but I did buy it, and I spent the rest of the vacation and back home reading all 3, this was around 1980 I think, and I think we were in Fort Walton Beach. My recollection is that God Emperor came out around that time, and so going from the original 3 to it was no lapse for me, God Emperor is still my favourite, its the one I will pull off the shelf just to reread bits and pieces, but I agree it would not blend well into a single movie or set of movies with the original 3, which really each deserve a movie of their own. The first three I can visualize as classic space opera, but God Emperor is a classical tragedy, and would be more like making a movie adaptation of a play, but that said, God Emperor is a profound work, a serious meditation on history and fate. His transformation into the worm was I think meant to close the cycle, but audiences would be unlikely to relate to a giant worm as the main character.
  10. Hi, you need to state methods of payment and a return policy
  11. I take the philosophical view Tim, that you should count your blessings that he's not interested in SA Marvels... Count. Your. Blessings.