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  1. He's "Ruler of Earth", that'll give you constipation for sure....
  2. I can relate, in my case looking for a #27, and special for me as it was one of my first back issue purchases, way back when I first discovered there were people who sold back issues. From that day forward, you could wave my money goodbye...
  3. Thanks a bunch, I woke up to this and already the day is looking better. You should take the Fantucchio parachute cover...
  4. Yes it is very unfortunate. Internet problems get finally only internet solutions, banning, lists, block or ignore. The real problem that this person has can only be helped with real time intervention by people who care enough about him to help him. Let us hope that he has those people somewhere.
  5. 3/28/2021 PROBATION LIST UPDATE Dylanthekid has been Added to the Hall of Shame THE HALL OF SHAME The following Board Members have been elected by the community to the Probation List's "Hall of Shame" for gross misconduct as members in the Marketplace Forum: Herald2Galactus // Part 2 (Inaugural Member & 1st "Hall of Shame" Member - 12/2006) gilbertotorres (added 11/5/08 - 2nd "Hall of Shame" Member) ComicSupply // Part 2 // Part 3 (added 10/28/08 - 3rd "Hall of Shame" Member) CAP freak (added 5/21/09 - 4th "Hall of Shame" Member)