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  1. don't worry, he's rolling out new products all the time
  2. Hi, I can make some constructive suggestions. The PL is governed by procedures, and technically speaking a person is only put on the PL based on specific individual and posted nominations, and a person gets off the PL by satisfying those specific Board members that officially nominated in the first instance. Looking back at the date of your nomination (at least as its linked in the current PL) you were nominated by @AlexH and if that was the only Boardie that nominated you at that time, than he is the only Boardie you need to satisfy to be removed. Now let me say, as a qualifier, that in the event other Boardies came in after and posted additional nominations to second AlexH's, than that would matter also, but technically speaking, you only need to reconcile with those specific Boardies who officially nominated you for the PL. If you have not already, I would reach out to AlexH first, and start there.
  3. Is that what they call a "Texas makeover", or are you getting ready to post some FF?
  4. My incoming has trickled, so can't say for sure its slower locally, but I'm sorry to hear we are usually slower on the give and take, maybe its the result of the end of the Hockey season...the Habs... they are on ice, so to morale here is way down, once you take away the Habs, people here got no reason to go on....
  5. Great pick up, one of his best covers, as nice an affordable copy as you will find, congrats
  6. I am usually bullish, but realistically speaking so many books were already inflated and over valued that a "flattening" of the comic curve was pretty much inevitable, in this sense the virus may just be the contingent cause of something long overdue. I do think that there will be a contraction of a sort when this is done. The bullish assumption is that when the crisis passes there will be an orgy of consumption to make up for the enforced restrictions on lifestyle and spending. However, just as likely, is the conclusion that savings and liquidity matter, and the average consumer might conclude that it makes more sense to emphasise savings over consumption, given recent experience, and the chance of it happening again. Here in Canada, the big banks and the analysts have been warning for years about growing "household debt" and the tendency to live beyond our means, this may be a "scared straight" moment for the average consumer and cause a privileging of savings over spending. That said, as for comics specifically, its worth remembering that our current crazy inflationary spiral started with the last economic crisis, and our hobby in particular is driven less by market sense than nostalgia, sentiment and the addiction inherent in being a collector. (I plead guilty to all three) That should blunt some of the consequences, but I would still look at the very minimum for a plateauing of prices and some more dramatic corrections on some specific books.
  7. I am in the same place with this. Here where I live, Montreal, and province wide now, the pressure is on to stay at home with the only exceptions being genuine, medicine, and families only are permitted to congregate outside for walks and fresh air, but other kinds of gatherings in public are now forbidden, and the police have been empowered to intervene if you are contravening the regulations. Individuals can still go out to otherwise lawfully open businesses, and that includes the PO, so I still have a free right to access it as necessary. But responsibly speaking, in the current environment it is hard to justify as "essential" or "necessary" going out to the PO to mail some books. Its one thing if your livelihood depends upon it as business, and certainly online sales and shipping is still both permitted and necessary for businesses, but this is not a livelihood for me, and I am lucky to still have a job that I can do, as my College is shifting to online "distance" learning to complete the semester. This is a real dilemma for me, and while I have made private arrangements with my two existing customers, I have been reluctant to bump my sales thread to seek new sales and therefore new obligations. I am considering adopting a "deferred" system where purchases reserve book(s) but both payment and shipping are deferred to a future date. There would be no obligation to pay until I was in a position to promptly ship. Obviously once the new rules were posted a potential buyer could make an informed decision about whether it was still worth it for them to buy or not, if they don't want to wait for books they of course don't have to buy. I would be interested in any feedback on this, and what others are thinking about the general situation.
  8. Weird Science 20 3.5 (Bright with good colours but slightly diminished gloss; mod to heavy spine & edge wear, all edges fc & bc, with sm tears & chips especially btm edges & left edge bc; cluster of light cb crses right center fc near r-edge; mod to heavy localized foxing interior cvrs; mod to heavy foxing & ink transfer bc; PQ is CR-OW; otherwise wear consistent with grade; staples clean and secure, no odours; unverified "Ray Bradbury" signature btm 1st page of "Surprise Package") $125.00
  9. What If 10 is yours Tim, many thanks again
  10. Real Love 42 7.5 (Bright with strong colours & superior gloss; sitting flat on a table fc & bc presents as 9.0, this is a lovely copy, but most of the defects are only visible when the book is held at an angle, I have incl extra pics to try and capture this; light to mod spine & edge wear, mainly btm edges fc & bc; v v sm chip ur crnr fc; mod cb spine stress, but longer mainly ncb stress lines only visible at an angle fc & bc; 3 separate book length ncb horizontal production roller impressions(?) across the midsection of the fc, again only visible at an angle; impact btm spine producing sm bindery chip bc and faint ncb folds fc & bc; faint shallow ncb scoring here & there fc, a sm "12" scored lightly into her left cheek, again only visible at an angle; light tanning interior cvrs; light foxing & ink transfer fc & bc; PQ is on the creamier side of CR-OW, but staples & interiors fresh & clean) $175.00