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  1. A few and for key issues, sure, but totally random Firefly #7 had four covers today.
  2. Uhhh. . . I'd like to hear others' thoughts on this, please.
  3. Probably the greatest single post I've ever seen on this Board was about the different sizes of bags (Mylites2s) and boards as they related to the different-sized books. I was looking at it the other day. You're good!
  4. I'd kind of like to get my beat-up X-Men #1 signed. It was one of the first 5 books I ever bought.
  5. I moved back to Michigan last year, and was supposed to go to this show with my brother, but he couldn't make it. I went myself for the day, and it was a pretty busy show! I was unable to go to C2E2, because I had a last minute veterinary bill for one of my pups, but this show is still on my radar. Brother is saying is coming again, so we'll see if he can make it. I'm watching spending a little, so I won't have as much as usual, but I think we'll have a good time.
  6. I was with my nephew in the local shop yesterday, and I said, "If you want to read something that's really good, you should read those (points at the Moore Swamp Thing trades)." He walked off and said, "Oooo. . . Marvel Zombies." I just shook my head and laughed.
  7. I could be persuaded, if you need one more.
  8. We had to shut down and restart a Facebook Group for our local aquarium fish club yesterday, because the former club officer that created the Group was going rogue. It was apparently related to something that happened in 2015 and him not being able to go to a comic con, and banning someone from the site because he was mad at him.
  9. One of the facilitators (dscott?) had one that had 40+ signatures on it.
  10. Talk to dscott. Looks like he's handling ECCC, and Momoa will be there.
  11. Well, I'M angry. I moved out of Texas and NOW Jim Lee comes to a con I would have attended! Ha ha!
  12. I should make a shirt that just says "Boardie" on the back with my user name on the front.