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  1. Just a general question about what kind of grading hit folded interior pages might give a book. I recently sold a lot of nooks on ebay that I listed as "mid-grade." One of them turned out to have some interior pages folded, which I somehow missed on inspection. Totally my mistake. I am working with the buyer to figure out a partial refund or some other solution, as he considers it a fatal flaw for a book advertised as mid-grade. This did get me wondering about how folded or bent interior pages. I expect it may depend on the nature of the folds, severity, etc. ? I've had books in the past with missing pages, or detached centerfolds, or tears, and those sorts of defects I have a better understanding of. But pages that are folded isn't something I've ever really considered that much in terms of grading defects. I'd love any input so I can be more precise with my grading in the future. Thanks!
  2. Crimebuster

    Russ Heath, DC War legend, passes away at 91

    Alter Ego magazine under Roy Thomas has been doing great in-depth interviews with comic legends for many years now. A large number of their interiew subjects have since passed away, making those interviews even more vital to comics history. I actually got a message from them yesterday that they're having a blowout sale on back issues at $3 each, and I bought like 31 issues, containing interviews with all sorts of departed greats like Nick Cardy, Alex Toth, and Russ Heath:
  3. Crimebuster

    Buy at Cover Price

    The price of the variant cover subsidizes the regular covers. In fact, in many cases, if you wait a couple months the stores will have tons of copies of the regular version for pennies on the dollar because they had to order 50 of them in order to get one variant. I see stores all the time that have comics from the last year or two in 50 cent boxes by the hundreds.
  4. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    I went back and forth over whether to have her sign on the cover or on the inside, but she suggested inside, so I just went with that. My god, Alex Toth is just a genius. The fact that his stories aren't worth a lot more is criminal. Everyone should be seeking these out! As far as pickups for the day, I was just getting low grade readers for the most part. A couple crept into mid-grade, but that's about it. I think all of these were between $1.65 and $3 each - most were $2 each - with the exceptions of Time for Love ($4) and Girls' Love #179 with the crazy screaming toddler cover ($6). There was one dealer who had some really nice higher grade Marvel Bronze Age romance books that I was very tempted by, but it was kind of the curse of the 8.5. At those prices, I wanted it to be just a little bit better, so I ended up passing, but there were a few issues of Our Love and My Love that almost sucked me in. Same for a nice copy of Romantic Story #41, which I really wanted, but it was about a 6.0, so I wanted it to either be an 8.0 or be cheaper. Here's what I ended up with from the bargain bins: The Just Married #93 is a slight upgrade for me. I think this is going to be a must buy for me whenever I see it. It's the first issue of the David and Eileen serial, which is all about an inter-faith marriage between an Irish-Catholic woman and a Jewish man. They aren't too subtle about it, either. Charlton!
  5. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    I had a chance to talk to Barbara Friedlander at Terrificon yesterday. She was very nice, and gracious. I definitely got the impression that this was all new to her, and she was really amazed anyone knew who she was. She had a little book she had put together on her table that people could look through that had scans of some of her work, to explain who she was and what she did. I think it took a little bit of convincing before she understood that not only did I already know who she was, I had stuff for her to sign, and had basically come to the show to see her. Because of this, I didn't get quite as much information as I was hoping - I asked if she had a bibliography, and she told me to look in her book for an idea of what she had done, but it was basically just a printout of the GCD. Which I get - she had a few of her comics on hand as well, but she said she had to rebuy them all, because back in the day she had just given all her comp copies away. I have an idea she didn't keep close track of her assignments, and might not have a full list or recollection of everything at this point. One bit of information I did learn, though, is that she wrote the entire Three Girls run in Heart Throbs. GCD lists her with credits for one issue - episode 16 in #117 - but she said that in fact, she wrote the entire run in its entirety, which would be 22 issues from #102-123. She said that she loved the serials, so I asked if she had written the April O'Day serial in Girls' Love - I forgot that those were credited to Robert Kanigher. She didn't mention Kanigher, though, instead citing editor Jack Miller for that. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk to her too much more. I told her I was going to circle back around after doing some shopping to try and find more of her books now that I had a slightly better idea what to bring her. When I returned, though, she had left the show - I gather there was some sort of mixup with her offical invitation from the con so she cut her time short? I hope whatever the problem was it gets sorted out in time for another convention appearance soon, either at Terrificon, or somewhere else in New England. She was very, very nice, and actually gave me her phone number in case I wanted to talk to her more about her comics, or get other books signed. I might be too shy to call her, but I certainly have more questions! I also got 3 of the 4 issues in the 20 Miles to Heartbreak arc signed, though I am still missing Secret Hearts #142 unfortunately!
  6. The last couple years I've thought the guest list here was vastly superior to any of the other New England shows. People here I've never seen at other area shows before. This is two years in a row I've skipped Boston to go to Terifficon instead. As long as they keep getting guests of this caliber, I will keep going!
  7. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Thanks guys. I will report back with my findings.
  8. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Shot in the dark here - anyone have a list of romance comics written by Barbara Friedlander? There are some listed on the GCD, which is helpful, but it's just a handful of issues. Since there weren't any credits for most DC romance comics at the time, it's pretty hard to figure out except in a handful of instances where someone or other's logbook listed payments to her (or other creators). But I am hoping some of you knowledgeable folks might have some inside info on what she wrote for DC romance. I know she did the 20 Miles to Heartbreak story in Young Love - anything else like that? Was she involved with the Life and Loves of Lisa St. Clair or any of their other serialized stories? I'm asking because she's actually appearing at a comic con near me and I want to bring some stuff for her to sign. I will be able to ask her in person what she worked on, and what the experience was like working for DC romance line, but if I can find out anything before I go to the show, that would be great! Paging @Dr. Love!
  9. In the conclusion of our two part discussion of Brave and the Bold #50-73, former comic book pro MDG and I discusses Brave and the Bold #57-73, including the first appearances of Metamorpho and the Teen Titans. Enjoy!
  10. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Some nice early Bronze / late Silver Charltons that caught my eye. These weren't on my official Big List of Charltons to buy, but since I found nice copies in the wild for cheap, I had to get them. I really dig the Statue of Liberty background on this one: The funky mural on the left really caught my eye. I suspect those are the artists' initials hidden in the design?
  11. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Mid-grade, but I was happy to find this cheap at my LCS
  12. Considering he apparently appears in the film as Bill Foster, Hank Pym's scientist assistant, you'd think Avengers #32 would be the key issue, since it's his first appearance, and introduces him in that role.
  13. Closing this thread and sending these to a nice farm upstate.
  14. Crimebuster

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    I find both titles to be a very mixed bag at best, but there are definitely some standouts that I'm not sure everyone is aware of. As an Avengers fan and huge fan of Kang the Conqueror, it wasn't until many, many years after I finished my Avengers run that i discovered to my complete befuddlement that there's a big 3-part Avengers/Kang epic hiding in Marvel Team-Up #9-11. Kang defeats the Avengers at the start of #9, except for Iron Man who manages to escape and get help from Spidey, and then it spirals from there to include the Human Torch and the Inhumans among others. Only #10 mentions Kang on the cover, though, so unless you read the issues you'd never know what was hiding inside.