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  1. Boy Comics

    Thanks for the info about the teeth marks, that would not have occurred to me, but it makes sense. I actually like it - it's cool, adds some history and provenance the book. It's not quite a date stamp, but it'll do! Case #1001 was the first entry in an ongoing backup series detailing the "true" stories of boys gone bad. It only ran a few issues. This first story is about a kid who became a violent crime boss, only then he fell in love, and when the girl got hurt during a robbery gone wrong, he turned himself in to the coppers.
  2. Boy Comics

    Grail alert!!! My girlfriend bought this for me for my birthday! My girlfriend is the best. This is the copy Metropolis has had up for sale for awhile as a 7.0. This is a bit outside my comfort zone for grading. Structurally, it's really nice. Small chiip/tear at top and bottom of spine, one small tear top edge fc, and some small, off "teeth marks" on both the front and back covers up near the top edge in the middle. Not sure what caused that exactly - salad tongs? However, as you can see there's a dust shadow, which is pronounced on the front upper right corner, and on the back along the top edge. The inside of the cover also has extensive tanning, fairly deep. Pages seem supple enough, but are maybe cream at best. Without the dust shadow and tanning I might call this an 8? With it though, I dunno. What do you guys think? At some point I'm going to get this graded, for insurance purposes if for nothing else. I have just read it, because there's nothing like reading the original and I have the reprint in #30 of course. Now I just need to find a #4 to finish the run! Hurray!!
  3. Superman Death-Return Print Variant Collection

    I just found a batch of these at a shop, all apparently from the same collection according to the dealer. The group included the following: Man of Steel #18 4th print Man of Steel #19 2nd print Action Comics #684 2nd print Superman #74 3rd print Adventures of Superman #497 3rd print Justice League #69 3rd print There was also a Man of Steel #17 1st print, and two copies of Superman #75 4th print (which I did not end up buying). Not entirely sure what to do with these since I don't collect Superman. If I resell them, is it better to keep them as a lot or break them up individually? This is a bit outside my area of expertise, so any advice is welcome.
  4. Overstreet's baby steps toward reality

    There's a 40 currently being offered for sale here on the boards. A 41 sold in the same sales thread very quickly with an asking price of $550 for a copy listed as a 6.5. My gut tells me 40 is definitely a ways ahead of 41, but not quite so much as that $3900 sale suggested. I feel like that was a bit of an outlier. For what it's worth, there are 13 total copies of #40 in the census compared to just 7 copies of #41. The highest #41 is a 7.5, with three copies at 7.0 behind it. I'm surprised the surge in prices hasn't brought more books out of the woodwork. I don't have a #40, but here's my #41:
  5. Overstreet's baby steps toward reality

    I like BV #40 well enough, and its sidekick BV #41 as well. I do think many collectors buying those books are missing the forest for the trees, though. There's obviously a lot of focus on the GGA elements of those covers, of course, but as has been pointed out, there are plenty of other BV covers with cheesecake. What makes these great - and other issues from this era underappreciated - is that the covers are by the incomparable Harry Lucey. I know everybody loves DeCarlo, but for my money, Lucey is the top Archie artist, period, full stop. With 40 and 41 slowly (or quickly) getting out of range for some collectors, I'd think Lucey's other great covers from this period would start to get more attention as collectors look for other cheaper options to satisfy their itch. 31, 38, 42, 43, 46, 49, and 68 are all excellent Lucey covers with similar appeal.
  6. Took them long enough! DC's early 80's revival of Blackhawk by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle came about because DC wanted to have a comic on the stands to take advantage of Spielberg's interest in doing a Blackhawk movie. I'll be curious if DC does the same thing this time around and gives them a new title. I'm also curious which of the many versions of Blackhawk Spielberg is going to work from. My guess is the original, but he could use elements from the Chaykin run as well.
  7. My PayPal hacked!

    I had my PayPal account hacked many, many years ago. They actually hacked my email, as I had a weak password at the time. Then they got my Paypal info from my email account, and set up a filter on the email to block all notifications from Paypal so I wouldn't be notified of their activity. They didn't change any of my passwords, so I was able to still use everything as usual without any idea something had happened. In my case, Paypal actually caught the fraud themselves and called me about it. Here's the kicker - the hackers actually added $6,000 to my account! Apparently they were trying to launder money through Paypal. Since at that time I rarely used Paypal, and only for like $20 ebay purchases, Paypal noticed the abnormally large transaction and caught it. I got off pretty lucky, but that was weird!
  8. Sgt Fury Keys besides #1 and #13?

    I'm pretty sure women didn't dress like this in 1943, but... what's a little anachronism between friends? I don't now how long these bootleg, out of continuity issues were produced, but I gather it was quite a while, because I have a much later issue - #262! - which also features Fury encountering some out of place women, this time resistance agents helping him. Mexican Fury was fighting a very different war than American Fury!
  9. Sgt Fury Keys besides #1 and #13?

    In Mexico, Sgt. Fury kept going after they ran out of US books to reprint, so they just made stuff up. I have an issue which uses the exact plot from #5, except instead of Strucker, it's a hot female assassin wearing a late 60's style mini-dress and wielding a sword. Not a key, but it should be!
  10. one time price drop to just $40 shipped for this huge lot of 57 Avengers classics. Holy smokes! I'll be closing this thread tonight, so strike while the iron is hot!
  11. One and only price drop on these sweet, sweet Jimmy Olsen issues! Now just $140 shipped! There's going to be a Jimmy Olsen movie soon where he becomes fat for no reason and then tries to kill Superman with his elastic powers, only to be stopped by a gang of tiny duplicate robots. So you should speculate on these now, because they are going to make you rich!!!* * - note: this is a lie. but these comics are cool anyway
  12. Sgt Fury Keys besides #1 and #13?

    #3 has an appearance by Reed Richards during his time as an OSS agent in World War II. #5 is the 1st appearance of Baron Strucker. #8 is tied for the first appearance of Baron Zemo. It came out the same day as Avengers #6 - another interesting Stan gimmick, where Sgt. Fury told the character's story during WW2 and Avengers continued it 20 years later. #8 is also the first appearance of Percy Pinkerton. #10 is the first appearance of Captain Savage, who later went on to get his own spinoff series. #27 has the origin of Nick Fury's eyepatch. It's also the first appearance of Eric Koenig, who later joined the Howlers, became a SHIELD agent, and was played by Patton Oswalt on the Agents of SHIELD TV series.
  13. Howdy! Usual rules: 1. No HoSers, poseurs, squares, losers, or bronies 2. USA only, sorry international friends! 3. Paypal only, thanks 4. I use USPS 5. first in thread trumps all, including PM One lot today, it's a gigantic lot of Avengers mini-series. 57 total issues for just $55 $40 shipped! This lot includes: Earth's Mightiest Heroes vol. 1 #1-8 Earth's Mightiest Heroes vol. 2 #1-8 Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #1-4 Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4 Avengers: Infinity #1-4 Domination Factor: Avengers #1-4 The Last Avengers Story #1-2 Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-3, 5, 6 (missing #4) Avengers: Celestial Quest #1-2 Avengers Icons: Vision #1-4 Vision #1-4 Hercules #1-4 (vol. 1) Hercules #1-4 (vol. 2) There's a ton of great reading here. The Earth's Mightiest Heroes runs are great, as they retell classic Avengers stories with a modern sensibility. Vol. 1 retells Avengers #1-16, while vol. 2 retells elements of #57-74. The two Hercules series are must reads as well, and there's tons of cool stuff dirt cheap. I've enjoyed them, now I need space, so I passing on the fun to other folks. All of the runs are complete with the excpetion of Avengers vs. Thunderbolts, which is missing one issue, and Avengers: Celestial Quest, where I just stopped after #2. But hey, Thanos is in that one, as you can see in the photo since he's on the cover!
  14. price drop on the Superboy lot, now just $105 shipped!
  15. big lot of 40 silver age Jimmy Olsen issues - $160 $140 shipped! That's just four bucks apiece for some real deal Silver Age goodness! This lot stretches back to 1959 and has a number of 10 cent and Big 10 and Big 12 cent issues! It's filled with Superdickery, go-go checks, an 80 Page Giant, and some Neal Adams covers! Condition is mostly lower grade, solid books in the 2.0 - 4.5 range with issues you might expect from those grades. There are some outliers: 56 has a split spine and detached cover, 60 has tape on the spine, 69 has extensive tape, This lot includes the following issues: 39, 41, 42, 43, 49, 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 66, 69, 81, 83, 84, 87, 90, 91, 93, 94, 96, 97, 99, 102, 103, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 118, 120, 124, 127, 128, 129, 130, 132