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  1. In the conclusion of our two part discussion of Brave and the Bold #50-73, former comic book pro MDG and I discusses Brave and the Bold #57-73, including the first appearances of Metamorpho and the Teen Titans. Enjoy!
  2. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Some nice early Bronze / late Silver Charltons that caught my eye. These weren't on my official Big List of Charltons to buy, but since I found nice copies in the wild for cheap, I had to get them. I really dig the Statue of Liberty background on this one: The funky mural on the left really caught my eye. I suspect those are the artists' initials hidden in the design?
  3. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Mid-grade, but I was happy to find this cheap at my LCS
  4. Considering he apparently appears in the film as Bill Foster, Hank Pym's scientist assistant, you'd think Avengers #32 would be the key issue, since it's his first appearance, and introduces him in that role.
  5. Closing this thread and sending these to a nice farm upstate.
  6. Crimebuster

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    I find both titles to be a very mixed bag at best, but there are definitely some standouts that I'm not sure everyone is aware of. As an Avengers fan and huge fan of Kang the Conqueror, it wasn't until many, many years after I finished my Avengers run that i discovered to my complete befuddlement that there's a big 3-part Avengers/Kang epic hiding in Marvel Team-Up #9-11. Kang defeats the Avengers at the start of #9, except for Iron Man who manages to escape and get help from Spidey, and then it spirals from there to include the Human Torch and the Inhumans among others. Only #10 mentions Kang on the cover, though, so unless you read the issues you'd never know what was hiding inside.
  7. $10 $8 each for these books! Man of Steel #19 - 2nd print - 6.0 front is nice, back cover has a couple large creases on the upper left. Adventures of Superman #497 - 3rd print - 8.0 Justice League #69 - 3rd print - 7.5 Action Comics #684 - 2nd print - 7.0 Bottom right corner has some internal pages that got the corner folded over. C0uld probably be pressed out, but doesn't quite lie flat as a result. Superman #74 - 3rd print - 8.0
  8. Man of Steel #18 - 4th printing - 6.5 - $15 $12 Front looks very nice, back shows some pull lines at spine and some scuffing and discoloration. Honestly not sure if it's dirt or a little foxing - looks better in hand, but looks like it might be foxing in scans.
  9. This is for a bunch of later printings from the Death of Superman series. Most in decent shape, but nothing super high grade - someone read these things once or twice, which is crazy, but it apparently happens! 1. no Hall of Shamers, etc. 2. first in thread wins, and trumps any PM conversations 3. PayPal only please 4. USA only, sorry international friends. If you're in Canada... maybe we can figure something out. 5. I ship via USPS. 6. Shipping is $4 for the first book and an additional $1 for each book after that. The Books Man of Steel #18 4th printing - 6.5 - $15 $12 $10 $8 each for these books: Man of Steel #19 2nd printing - 6.0 Adventures of Superman #497 3rd print - 8.0 Justice League #69 3rd print - 7.5 Action Comics #684 2nd print - 7.0 Superman #74 3rd print - 8.0 or all 6 books for $50 $40 shipped!
  10. Crimebuster

    Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    #89-91 tell a (sort of) complete three part arc introducing Trula Twyst as Moriarty to Jughead's Holmes. For me, it's an all-time classic Jughead story, one of the top ten. Awesomely, the covers for the three issues kind of tell their own story as well - you get the whole arc in a nutshell here. I'm definitely going to display all three of these side-by-side-by-side! Despite #91 saying "Final Round" on the cover, and the storyline ending in this issue, it actually doesn't really end. At the conclusion of #91, Trula has seemingly won, but Jughead is plotting his revenge. They don't wait long for the conclusion - after skipping just one issue, #93 and #94 have the "Target: Trula" story that wraps up her initial storyline. So it's really 5 parts, not 3. But whatever. #93 and #94 don't feature her on the cover for whatever reason anyway.
  11. Crimebuster

    Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    Okay, here it is! The 1st appearance of Trula Twyst! Jughead is one of my favorite characters in all fiction, period. I'm still working on putting together a complete run of Jughead, but I've read a lot over the years; right now I'm three issues short of having #99-up, so I've read 50+ years of Jughead stories. For me, the series and character have two high points, one being the early-mid 60's, and the other being the long collaboration between Craig Boldman and Rex W. Lindsey. I'd put their best stuff up against anybody. Frustratingly, I think their best work is right in the last year or so of Jughead vol. 2, just before it was cancelled. The biggest addition they made to the Jughead and Archie mythos was the itnroduction of Jughead's archrival/frenemy/love interest Trula Twyst. She hasn't appeared much outside of their Jughead run, but within the pages of Jughead, she was a main character for many years. So i am totally stoked to have this cover depicting her first appearance! There's more as well, but I wanted to post this as soon as I got it unpacked. I'll have pictures of the rest in a bit!
  12. Crimebuster

    Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    Just picked up one of my personal grail bits of Archie OA. It's a modern, so probably doesn't mean that much to anyone else, but I'm stoked. It hasn't arrived yet, but once it gets here, I'll post pictures! Oh, and if anyone happens to know who bought the cover for Jughead's Double Digest #191 off of ebay last year, let me know! Looking for it!
  13. Crimebuster

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    I used to have a full run of Groo that I bought off the stands, but I got rid of most of it when I realized I was never going to re-read them. I am currently collecting Nam. I've put together #1-50 for next to nothing. Haven't really even come across later issues much in the wild though. The first 30 issues or so seem extremely common in quarter or dollar boxes, but past #40 they seem to be few and far between. I'm sure if I wanted to spend any actual money on issues I could find them, but on a budget, I'm not seeing later issues around at all.
  14. Crimebuster

    Charlton Romance

    These are really Bronze books, but I just finished reading Just Married #93-101, which includes a 9-part serial detailing the romance between David and Eileen. As the cover of #93 says, "Should a Jewish boy and an Irish girl fall in love?" By Irish, they mean Catholic. ALmost every issue has a story that revolves around the difficulties in a mixed-faith marriage, especially for 1973. Some of the stuff is really well handled, surprisingly well considering some of the other stories printed in these issues. There are some really good issues where they both consider converting to the other's religion, or have difficulties over deciding whether or not to celebrate Christmas, etc. It's a stark contrast with the other stories appearing in these issues, which consistently have the recurring theme that women shouldn't work, and will be happier as homemakers. And multiple stories where the guy is flirting and messing around with other women, so then the gal does the same to make him jealous, and it works too well, but he proves how manly and in love he is by laying down the law with her, which is all she wanted. #94 and #95 have some truly egregious stories, one of which involves the guy spanking his wife to teach her a lesson. But the David and Eileen stories are much more nuanced at times. And the art is really good. It's credited to A. Martinez on pencils and J. Zuniga on inks; don't know who those people are, but it has a very South American or Filipino sketchiness to it that is really different and excellent. I should also say that I'm really coming to appreciate Art Capello. I think his later work is actually better than his earlier work. It feels like over the years, he gets simpler and more bold, less detailed and sketchy. More design elements. This may sound crazy, but there's almost a touch of Alex Toth in some of his work. #101 has a really nice cover by him, but the interior work is even better.