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  1. Completely anecdotal, but I've had a couple different people this week on Facebook mention that they are just now going to see Endgame in the theaters this week for the first time.
  2. Very nice haul! I particularly like the Heart Throbs #89 and #92. I have a #89 on the way to me right now as part of an ebay lot, but #92 is a favorite cover that I have yet to track down.
  3. My guess is they were sold exclusively at the World's Fair; both the front and back cover have text that says "official world's fair comic souvenir." The only copy I have, as you might have guessed, is the 29 cent variant. I took a look through it, and it didn't have much information. The copyright is 1964. Without looking at the 1965 version, I can't say for sure, but it does seem likely that this print came before the 1965 version, both because of the copyright, and the fact that it doesn't have the big yellow banner saying "1965 edition." Mycomicsshop lists the 29 cent variant as a second printing, and the 1965 edition as the third printing. A quick look on ebay shows one copy of the 29 cent variant currently for sale, but no other 29 cent variants either offered or in the sold listings; the other copies in both are all either the regular 25 cent version or the 1965 edition. That's... basically all I have been able to come up with on this one.
  4. Getting close to the June 11 launch on Kickstarter! Right now, I'm neck deep in Kickstarter stuff, so I decided I'd share some of that process with everyone in my new blog. And I'm sure I'll be writing a lot more about the process and experience as things progress! The main things: my initial goal is $500, but if we hit the $800 stretch goal, I will be adding a 4-page Squeeks solo back-up story to the book, which I am working on now! Here's a tease:
  5. A heads up for my fellow romance collectors! You may recall that last year I got to meet Barbara Friedlander at Terrificon in Connecticut. Well, I just learned that she will be a special guest at the increasingly mis-named Plastic City Comic Con in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on July 13: Last year I had her sign three of the four issues in the "20 Miles to Heartbreak" arc with Toth art, but I was missing one issue. I guess I need to get that before July! From talking with her and reading her Alter Ego interview, it's my understanding that she also wrote every episode of both "3 Girls, Their Lives, Their Loves" and "Reach for Tomorrow." I'm not close to finishing either of those runs yet (maybe halfway done with "3 Girls") but I might bring some of those as well.
  6. Our Fighting Forces #152 - "A Small Place in Hell" by Jack Kirby. Visceral, tense combat action from start to finish. You can just feel it as it builds and builds. Each individual panel is a small masterpiece.
  7. This has confused me as well. I've read that Atlas gave some rights to the creators. However, the existence of Dominic Fortune and Devil Slayer suggest this wasn't necessarily the case, as both are re-worked version of Atlas characters by the same creators (Scorpion by Chaykin and Demon Hunter by Buckler and Kraft respectively). It doesn't seem like the creators still own the rights, if they ever did? Grim Ghost and Planet of Vampires seem like the most obvious properties to adapt. Scorpion could be cool if they wanted to do a retro, Indiana Jones style serial adventure. Most of the others always seemed like uninspired knockoffs to me.
  8. My understanding is that this comic has three editions - the first print is 25 cents, and the third print is also 25 cents but with a big yellow banner across the top of the fc showing it is the 1965 edition. In between there was a second printing with a 29 cent price. Judging from what I have seen online, the second printing price variant seems to be scarcer than the other two. I was wondering - how scarce is the 29 cent variant? And does anybody care? Is it worth anything? Thanks!
  9. The comic may be done, but that doesn't mean the work is finished! I'm currently doing a bunch of production stuff — formatting, editing, all that fun nonsense. My hope is that by the end of next week it will be ready for the printer. I'm also toiling away at the Kickstarter campaign. I have a couple really cool rewards to share with you down the road, but for now, here's a look a the custom Funko Pops that I hand painted; a very limited number of these will be offered when The Crimebusters goes live on Kickstarter on June 11!
  10. This fella isn't crying on the cover yet, but he seems on the verge of tears. In fact, he cries several time inside — the story is called "The Romance of a Sissy!"
  11. Squirrel Girl did this when Marvel did a line-wide relaunch after the title had run only 8 issues.