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  1. I have not seen all the nominees from 2008, but besides Milk, he most serious competition for me would be another film that should have been nominated for Best Picture but wasn't because of genre bias - Wall-E. The silent movie first act elevated Wall-E in a way that even the other great Pixar movies haven't achieved (and may not again, since as much as I love Pixar, they have felt safer and more formulaic since their merger with Disney). The snubs of both Dark Knight and Wall-E are what led to the Academy opening the Best Picture field to more nominees, which overall, I think is a good thing. One other thing working in Black Panther's favor - and again, I don't think it will win - is that unless something has changed this year, Best Picture voting works on a preferential ranked voting system, with the winner needing to get at least half the total votes. So the way it works is, each voter ranks all the Best Picture nominees. If no film gets half the total votes on the first ballot, the movie with the fewest votes is tossed out. Any ballots that were cast for that film are then recast using that voter's 2nd place choice. If no fiilm has yet to reach 50%, they do this again - the lowest film is tossed, any votes for that film go to the next choice on te ballots (2nd, or now in some cases, 3rd choices). This means it's entirely possible for a film to win Best Picture because it has the most 2nd place votes even if it has a smaller number of 1st place votes. In a field like this, with no clear frontrunner, if Black Panther is everyone's 2nd choice, it could well win.
  2. Excellent movie, and deserving of the nomination. I don't believe it will win, but I wouldn't completely count it out. There have been many, many years in Oscar history when the Best Picture award didn't go to the objectively "best" movie, but rather to a good movie that was very popular, or a decent movie that had a great Oscar campaign generating buzz for it, or for all sorts of reasons beyond critical opinion. The people who votes for these things by and large aren't critics or film scholars, they are actors and directors and writers who often judge things through their own specific lenses. The fact that it was as popular as it was is a major benefit. Oscar voters get free screener copies, but a lot of voters don't have time or inclination to sit and watch dozens of films. I'd bet money there will be people voting for Best Picture who have not seen all the nominees — but they may have seen Black Panther because it was such a phenomenon. That gives it a leg up out of the gate. What it does with that advantage we'll see — Marvel has never run an Oscar campaign like this before, so it will be interesting to see what they and Disney do in this situation.
  3. This is my favorite design era for DC covers, especially the "52 big pages don't take less" version. Love it.
  4. Crimebuster

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    I think I can only manage a top 5 - the next 15 artists could be in any order depending on my mood and what criteria I'm thinking about. 1. Harry Lucey 2. Alex Toth 3. Darwyn Cooke 4. Jack Kirby 5. Guy Davis
  5. My latest production blog update includes Asking for Trouble part 2, the second part of my look at the process behind creating the series co-star Trixie Trouble.
  6. Crimebuster

    Date stamps sharing

    They are much rarer after 1980, but I have some in my collection as late as 1987. I don't have this date, though - the only book I have from 1982 with a date is from December, and it's a pen arrival date rather than a stamp.
  7. Crimebuster

    Date stamps sharing

    I actually just went trough the whole other Date Stamp thread to check if I had any of the ones on the want list, so it does happen! Having said that, I did just get in a small pile of comics with date stamps from the same collection. All of them are Charlton romance from 1973. This latest batch of dates: March 22, 1973 May 3, 1973 May 10, 1973 (two copies) May 29, 1973 July 24, 1973 August 8, 1973 (three copies)
  8. Crimebuster

    Date Stamp Want List?

    I have a spreadsheet just for all my date stamps. Right now I have 99 books listed with date stamps, though it's slightly - sorry for the pun here - out of date, as I have sold off a handful of them. I also note on my spreadsheet whether it's a full date stamp, a partial, or a hand written arrival date.
  9. Crimebuster

    Date Stamp Want List?

    I just got a small pile of comics from 1973 with date stamps. Thanks to this, I have now managed to bracket my birthday. I'm looking for May 9, 1973, and I now own comics with dates stamps of May 8, 1973, and May 10, 1973. This jibes with my research from Mike's Amazing, which correctly lists different publishers as having different distribution dates at this time. Mike's had Marvel coming out on May 8, and some other publishers on May 10, which ha borne out. The comics I have are a Sgt. Fury #112 with a May 8, 1973 date, and 2 different Charlton romance comics with May 10, 1973 dates. I think I will only find May 9 if it's from a store that received a May 8 shipment late or something.
  10. Crimebuster

    November 9 Stamp Date

    They did still do date stamps into the 80's, they are just much harder to find! I no longer have them, but until recently I had a small collection of Red Sonja and Conan the King issues from 1985 and 1986 that all had date stamps - they were from the same OO collection from New Hampshire, so some store up there was still doing date stamps into the mid 80's. I had a both October 29, 1985 and November 27, 1985 in my collection, so it's theoretically possible! The latest date stamp in my collection currently is from 1987, but I am always on the look out for later ones.
  11. Crimebuster

    Boy Comics

    Here it is! The big moment! After over 10 years, I finally completed my run of Boy Comics! Here was the last issue I need, no real surprise. This copy was bouncing around ebay for a couple months before I finally bought it. Like many copies of this issue, it's missing the centerfold, so I didn't want to pay too much for this copy, but eventually the price dropped enough for it to be in my wheelhouse. Hurray!! When I have a chance, I will try to get some group shots with the completed run!
  12. In the latest entry of my production blog, I give a prgoress report and share some line work in progress for page 4, along with a discussion of some of my storytelling influences. Enjoy! Here's a look at page 4, in process, which you may notices has a Steranko influenced layout with the sequence of small panels (which will be dialogue free when I get to that point).
  13. Crimebuster

    Comic stores in Berlin?

    Thanks for the help! Due to the Christmas holidays and Sunday laws, I wasn't able to get to any of these shops when they were open. I did, however, manage to get to the art shop NeuroTitan, which was completely amazing, one of the coolest shops I have been to anywhere. I finally managed to find what I was looking for (back issues of the 1970's Racher series) in a shop in Vienna.
  14. Crimebuster

    Comic stores in Berlin?

    I'm in Berlin for the next couple of days. Any recommendations for comic book stores? I particularly want to find back issues of the 70s German reprints of marvel books, like the Avengers reprint title Racher. Thanks!