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  1. Crimebuster

    Stan Lee Stories

    Here are a couple trivia tidbits people here probably know, but might not be easy to google stuff. Stan once said that when it comes to buying homes, he thought it was better to buy a small house in a nice neighborhood than a big house in a crappy neighborhood. He and his family often had the smallest home in the neighborhood they lived in, as he was more interested in a nice location than a lot of square footage. It's well known that Atlas nearly went out of business around 1957, and to stay afloat, publisher Martin Goodman directed Stan to fire everyone and just publish the big backlog of material he had accumulated. Less well known I think is an anecdote I read that said when Stan had to fire all his long time friends and employees, it upset him so much that after each meeting, he locked himself in the men's room to recover in private. The team of Lee and Kirby was almost divine providence. Stan's top artist at Atlas, and one of his closest friends, was the great Joe Maneely. On a Saturday in 1958, Maneely was suddenly killed when he was hit by a train. The story I heard is that a devastated Stan spent the weekend trying to figure out how Atlas was going to go on without Joe handling all the top titles. Monday morning when Stan went to the office, Jack Kirby - who had only done a handful of stories at Timely/Atlas in the previous 15 years - suddenly walked in the door looking for work after having a feud with his editors at DC. Stan hired him on the spot to pick up the workload Maneely's death had left, and the rest is history.
  2. Several of the covers from the series are featured prominently in the opening credits. As each issue had variants - some several variants - I expect the covers that are shown in the credits will become the go-to versions for casual buyers and readers. #1 outside front cover: And when you open the flap, #1 inside front cover: Both images prominently used. The title screen image is from #2: #3: #4: #8:
  3. This came out after Sabrina #1, so it is neither her first appearance (which was in Mad House much earlier in the Silver Age) nor the first issue of her own title. However, what it does have going for it is that it's serious horror stories, as opposed to comedy. And it has "Chilling Adventures" in the title. Both of those things make this a spiritual forerunner of the new TV series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (based on the recent comic of the same name), which is getting great reviews on Netflix at the moment. Sabrina is really just the narrator in these issues, but for fans of the show, this is a cool book.
  4. I have a podcast where we do deep dives into old comic book stories and runs, which you can check out here. We try to discuss not just the stories themselves, but also the behind the scenes stuff with creators and publishers that shaped the stories.
  5. Crimebuster

    [CLOSED] Last CALL....NOW 25% OFF

    at 20% off Any of those Archie multi-packs up for sale?
  6. Crimebuster

    name that font!

    Thanks for the help, guys. I will have to check out that website, sounds pretty cool!
  7. Crimebuster

    name that font!

    Anyone know what font DC used for their issue number and date during the early golden age? The font above the logo here, where it says No. 21 and February, 1940. I'm looking to find a digital font online that looks as much like this as possible. Anyone have idea what font this is, or if there's a digital equivalent?
  8. Crimebuster


    I thought this was going to be about CB radio movies. 1. Smokey and the Bandit 2. Convoy 3.
  9. Crimebuster

    "Definitive" List of Bronze Age Marvel Keys

    It's a retcon. Doesn't matter when it's from, it doesn't make MTU #1 her first appearance.
  10. Crimebuster

    Venom Movie

    I thought this was a bad movie that ended up being pretty darn entertaining anyway thanks to Tom Hardy's wackadoodle performance. He completely made this film. Imagine someone playing this material straight — like all the other in the film actors were — and I think we would have had a Daredevil level movie here at best. Like... imagine Daredevil-era Ben Affleck playing the lead in this movie and I think you'll get an idea of how bad this film actually was without Tom Hardy. Hardy was great though. I enjoyed myself, at least, I did once Eddie got infected with Venom. I wish that had happened in the first scene, though, because it was a slog to get to the fun part.
  11. Crimebuster

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    Just got this in today
  12. The latest episode of my podcast is now available, featuring the first part of a four-part examination of Marvel's classic Star Wars series. In this first episode, we cover the contributions of Roy Thomas, from the title's genesis through his departure with issue #10. Enjoy!
  13. Crimebuster

    (Mostly) Cheap DC Romance Now 20% Off!

    I just figured out now how to do multi-quote in one post on the new boards here. Two minutes too late!