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  1. In our previous date stamp thread I think someone had one as late as 1991. But once the direct market got going in the 80s, newsstand sales and thus date stamps rapidly decreased so stuff from the 80s is hard to find, especially mid and late 80s. The latest in my collection is from 1987. I got a bunch from 85, 86, and 87 out of the same collection that were all clearly bought at the same newsstand. There were a few old school holdout newsstands and I'm guessing those handful of places are responsible for the vast majority of all date stamps from after 80 or so.
  2. For the Archie 511, though I don't want to spend a lot of money, I would be willing to do trades or partial trades to sweeten the deal.
  3. I've begun video recording my podcast episodes, and have started uploading them to the ol' YouTube, so if you missed it, here's the three-part discussion of Avengers #211-230, the Fall of Yellowjacket:
  4. This is when I quit, I think, though honestly I never loved the series and I'm not sure why I bought it that long. But around #43, all of a sudden there's a whole issue where Spawn just walks into the woods and eats some small animals and it resets his countdown timer. Completely invalidating the whole concept, and one of the core concepts of the character. I immediately dropped the book. So bad.
  5. Hello! I am looking for the following books: Falling in Love #99 - looking for a nice presenting low/mid grade copy. I'd prefer not to go above $100 if possible, might depend on the copy. Young Love #40 - DC version - looking to spend $40 or under. Tender Love Stories #3 - looking to get one for $20 if possible, grade isn't really a consideration as long as it's complete and not a rag Brides in Love #8 - would love a mid grade or above, but will consider any copy Archie #511 - I hate this comic with a passion but I need it to complete my Archie #150-713 ru
  6. I meant to mention in my review the fact that she lives at the Watergate, which I think is a very intentional decision to subtly set up some of the tone of the film. If anybody wants to watch me talk for a half hour about the film, here's my YouTube review of it:
  7. I've been busy doing a bunch more videos, including my reaction/review of Wonder Woman 84: I also did this video about Christmas specials, especially from Archie: And I celebrated my wedding anniversary, so I decided to do a quick look at three anniversary issues that I particularly like:
  8. I have a lot of thoughts about this film. The short version: it was mediocre. I'd probably give it a B-. This film is far more ambitious than the first movie. The first one was trying to do just one thing: present a good version of the character. It succeeded very well at that. Otherwise, it wasn't even trying to do anything else - the plot was literally "let's walk from point A to point B and then hit a guy in the moustache." This one, on the other hand, was trying to do way, way too much. It had several overlapping character arcs and plot points going on, and the movie was actual
  9. Totally agree that Veronica and Jughead make the most interesting couple. I might say they are the only potential "couple" in the classic series that has any kind of long term potential. They have a chemistry — often sparks fly, but a definite chemistry — that I don't really feel any of the other pairings do. There are lots of stories that hint at a thing between them, but I particularly like the issue of Life with Archie where they are almost forced to marry inside an Mayan temple as part of a ritualistic sacrifice. As for Betty, I prefer them as friends. There's a great multi-part arc
  10. Did you take this one as a submission to the Archie Comics newscolumn thing back in the 90's? Just wondering if you were ever featured in an issue — this looks like a lot of the photos they published from that era of kids with their Archie collections spread out all over their rooms.
  11. Here's a video with my copies of #31-59:
  12. Howdy, folks! Just a couple quick updates. Firstly, there's just under 72 hours left in the Kickstarter for the third issue of my comic book series, The Crimebusters, so if you were planning on checking it out but haven't gotten around to it yet, now's the time! I also have a couple interviews to share with yous. Firstly, in this video, I speak with artist Julie Oliveira, who drew the Trixie's Mysteries variant cover for The Crimebusters #3: And then, in this video, I'm interviewed about The Crimebusters by the folks at the Go Fu
  13. My understanding is that on Boy Comics at least, there were times where other artists drew the covers that Biro signed. He apparently was very proprietary about Crimebuster, so he would draw just Crimebuster's head, paste it on the art, and then sign the cover even though someone else drew the rest of it. At least, that's what I have read.