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  1. I like how they say "based on the best-selling novels." Which is technically true. but it's obvious to anyone who has played the video games that they are adapting the games. They just just don't want the stigma of being a video game adaptation, because those are always horrible.
  2. I'll be sure to remind you, thanks again for the support! I'll probably post here as well when the time comes. I don't think I ever posted in this thread the Kickstarter exclusive variant cover for #2. Each issue, I do a cover you can only get through Kickstarter, which features the original numbering continued from Boy Comics. So this second issue will be #121. This issue features a backup story spotlighting one of my supporting characters, Vera Veritas. She's a science major at Chuck's college, and like us, she's also a hardcore sci-fi geek. The story is, in part, about how sci-fi inspires us; in the story, Vera's inspirational touchstone is an old, well-loved copy of Planet Comics #71. So I had to do an homage cover, with Vera saving the rest of the Crimebusters from The Ghost Bride!
  3. That lamp shade behind him reminded me of this:
  4. I saw it. I was expecting a dumpster fire, and actually, it wasn't bad. It also wasn't great. This film is almost every way The Force Awakens for the Terminator franchise. The plot is exactly the same as the first Terminator film, and almost every sequence is designed to be a callback to sequences from previous films in the franchise. It's basically fan service, relying on your nostalgia to provide the emotion. Like The Force Awakens, it also features a more modern, diverse cast, and these elements are the best part of the film if only because some of the discussions they generate in the film are the only original parts in the film. I'd give it a 6 out of 10. It is a bit neither here nor there, though, in terms of audience. Nobody is going to see this who hasn't already seen a previous Terminator film, but the people most likely to appreciate it would be new viewers who don't have expectations about what the franchise should be. I think they were trying to do a Mad Max Fury Road thing here, but they didn't go big enough or bold enough with the direction and it sort of just ended up in no-man's-lad, pun intended. Not bad. Just... not what anybody was looking for either.
  5. I'm working hard on the second issue of my self-published series The Crimebusters, which is a mystery-adventure series in the spirit of Scooby-Doo that also carries on the continuity form the Golden Age series Boy Comics featuring Chuck Chandler, Crimebuster. I'm currently doing the linework for pages 26-27 (out of 31), but I took some time out of that to work on the cover for #2. The story is a haunted house tale that takes place on Halloween (in 1956), so I wanted to get the cover done for Halloween. Here it is! I'll be taking the comic to Kickstarter at the end of January, with some variant covers as well. But I'm pretty happy with this one!
  6. Here's another picture from 1978, this one has me in it, wearing the Honda shirt - this is from the Superfriends waterskiing show at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. I have to imagine there are a lot of tourist photos of this show out there.
  7. Here is one of my favorite photos of my father, who passed away quite unexpectedly two months ago. From 1978:
  8. Life has been extra lifey this year, so I haven't had much time to post updates. And the next couple of months are going to be among the busiest of my life, so I don't know how often I will be able to update everyone. But I am making progress on The Crimebusters #2. I'm currently working the linework for page 26 of 31 on the main story, and I'm still expecting to head to Kickstarter in January. I took a little time away from that to color the regular cover for issue #2. There will be at least three variants, like last time, but I am in discussions with another artist to do guest art on one of the variants, so that's exciting. It's also a bit daunting! There's contracts and stuff involved, so it's a bit out of my depth, but a good learning experience, anyway. Here's the regular cover for issue #2. No doubt I will make some small tweaks before it's published, but since the story is a classic haunted house tale that takes place on Halloween night, 1956, it seemed fitting to get it done in time to show everyone for this Halloween. Happy Halloween!
  9. I'm not a big player, I like to find deals in dollar bins. I think I have only spent three figures on a back issue maybe 5 times in 35 years of collecting. One of those times, though, was for a comic that I saw on the boards and just had to have a nice copy. Something almost nobody cares about, but as soon as I saw the cover, I was like... yep, I am going to the mattresses for this one.
  10. The first person to ever buy a ticket to a comic convention was future Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, who snagged the first ticket when they went on sale for the 1964 New York Comic Con. Martin also has credited the Wonder Man story in Avengers #9 for teaching him the power of killing of characters the reader is emotionally invested in. Here he is explaining how the Avengers are repsonsible for all the deaths in Game of Thrones:
  11. Above the M in "Comics" front cover top center - are those white marks a printing thing? It almost looks like staple holes or something similar but it's hard to tell from the photo.
  12. Every month I email readers the latest Crimebusters Case Files - and tomorrow I'll be sending out the October edition. This month's Case Files will include my thoughts on the one element every good story must have. Plus, I'll have a progress update on issue #2, news about upcoming con appearances, a report about last month's show including mini-reviews of some comics I picked up there, recommendations for current Kickstarter projects, and the creation of a new resource for fans of Golden Age superheroes. And more! If you haven't signed up to become a Junior Crimebuster yet, just click here to get deputized and you'll get the new Case Files when it goes out tomorrow, as well as a digital ashcan with previews for both issues #1 and #2 of The Crimebusters. Adventure awaits!