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  1. Howdy! I'm looking for a solid low grade copy of Strange Tales #126. I'm looking for something in the 2.0-5.0 range. Either raw or slabbed. I don't want, you know, the usual - no rusty staples please, I'd prefer to avoid water damage and low page quality as well. I just want a clean, structurally solid low grade copy. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I was going to say basically the same thing. The insane surge in prices in some other books has left Avengers #1 looking like a bargain in comparison, both to speculators/investors and collectors. Prices on Avengers #1 in lower grade seem to have jumped suddenly in the last month by as much as 50%. but honestly, compared to prices on similar grade X-Men #1, it still seems cheap - X-Men #1 is the more important book for sure, but when it's 4-5 times as much, Avengers #1 really looks like a bargain. It wouldn't surprise me if Avengers #1 saw even more sudden growth in the next month or two
  3. I haven't found any comics I used to own, but like some others have already posted, I was able to track down the OO of a book in my collection who had written his name on the front cover. He was happy to see pictures of the book again.
  4. If you look at those lines long enough, though, there's a picture of a sailboat.
  5. I came to post the same thing. Really curious if the direct ends up becoming more valued as a result.
  6. Yes, I believe this is basically correct. I no longer have my original Elfquest issues, but my memory tells me that towards the end of the run - so 5-6 years after Fantasy Quarterly #1 was released - the Pinis announced in the Elfquest lettercolumn that they had found at least one case of undistributed copies of Fantasy Quarterly #1, which they then sold through the lettercolumn by mail. So I think some portion of the print run was never distributed and only sold this way, which is why there is such a high proportion of high grade copies. I don't think I've ever seen a low grade copy of this b
  7. I'm going to leave this up until tomorrow, then I'll have to take it to ebay and see if any of the kids flush with GameStop money want to add to their back issue portfolio.
  8. One time price drop on the Wow Comics #38 down to $2500. Crack pipe not included. I think this is as low as I will go on this one.
  9. Okay, the market's crazy, I can't get my GPA to work, and I don't really want to sell this book all that much. So, I'm just going to make up a number and we'll see what happens. For all I know this is low, I don't have any idea. I hate to offer this one, but I'm downsizing my collection and though it's adjacent to some of my collecting interests, it's not really a fit for my collection. Plus I'm trying to raise some money to make comics. So... Wow Comics #38 - 6.5 - $2900 $2500 A couple notes - this has some mild tanning on the cover. PQ is... I don't have an OWL card, so
  10. I may post a second book later tonight. I'm deciding whether I want to part with it. If I do, I'll probably post it at a crack smoking price - either you'll think I'm smoking crack by asking for so much money, or I'll think you're smoking crack for paying that much, but one way or another, someone's going to look crazy.
  11. X-Men #9 - 4.5 - $400 SOLD! I've got some notes on this one: There's a couple non colorbreaking dimples on the fc - one on Giant Man's chest, the other on Beast's shoulder. It looks like someone had put a piece of paper on top of the comic and pressed down on it with a pen. The Beast dimple is smaller, the Giant Man one is like a small diamond shape. There's a small, very faint crease on the fc about an inch and a half long on near the right edge that you can't see on the scan. You can only see it really if you hold the book at an angle to the light. The top
  12. I'm in the process of sorting through my collection and soon will be selling a bunch of lots and stuff off. But that might be a bit. In the meantime, though, I've shaken out a book or possibly two that I thought I'd sell now. Usual rules: 1. in thread trumps PM conversations. 2. In the case of multiple PMs, or take its, I will go by time stamp. 3. no HoS/probation people please. I'm Crimebuster, not Crimeenabler 4. shipping is included for U.S. buyers - and this is U.S. only, sorry! 5. Paypal only - unless otherwise noted, which might be the case this