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  1. Here's a video with my copies of #31-59:
  2. Howdy, folks! Just a couple quick updates. Firstly, there's just under 72 hours left in the Kickstarter for the third issue of my comic book series, The Crimebusters, so if you were planning on checking it out but haven't gotten around to it yet, now's the time! I also have a couple interviews to share with yous. Firstly, in this video, I speak with artist Julie Oliveira, who drew the Trixie's Mysteries variant cover for The Crimebusters #3: And then, in this video, I'm interviewed about The Crimebusters by the folks at the Go Fund Me! podcast: And here I am talking about making comics with the folks at Story Comic: Plus, I've also been making some videos where I show off my complete run of Boy Comics, which inspired me to make The Crimebusters in the first place!
  3. My understanding is that on Boy Comics at least, there were times where other artists drew the covers that Biro signed. He apparently was very proprietary about Crimebuster, so he would draw just Crimebuster's head, paste it on the art, and then sign the cover even though someone else drew the rest of it. At least, that's what I have read.
  4. Very nice! I should specify for me, I'm specifically looking for 1973. I have seen May 9 from other years, but 1973 is what I'm looking for. It will just have to be a book released the day before that someone was late to stamp. 😁
  5. I've decided to make some youtube videos showing off my complete run of Boy Comics. A lot of them are low grade readers, but I love them! This first one covers issues #3-30:
  6. Take at 20% off: Falling in Love 101, 6.0ish; $9.00 Girls’ Love Stories 116, 4.5ish; $5.00 Girls’ Love Stories 127, 6.5ish; $10.00 Girls’ Love Stories 134, 6.5-7.0ish; $12.00 Girls’ Love Stories 146; book presents like a 7.0-7.5, but (see write up): $8.00 Girls’ Romances 114A, 6.0-6.5ish; $14.00 Girls’ Romances 134, 6.5-7.0ish; $12.00 Heart Throbs 91, 4.5-5.0ish; $10.00 Young Love 41, 4.0-4.5; $15.00 Young Love 53, 6.5-7.0ish; $20.00 Young Love 54, 6.0-6.5; $18.00 Young Love 58, 6.5ish; $14.00 Young Love 61, 6.5-7.0; $16.00 Young Romance 139, 6.5; $18.00 Young Romance 160, 6.0-6.5; $14.00
  7. For those who might have missed it, The Crimebusters #1-3 is now live on Kickstarter! And thanks to all your support, we've hit the initial goal, so thank you. I really, truly appreciate it so much. Still two weeks to go in the campaign, though, and I'm hoping to bring in some new readers, and bring back some old readers, so I'll be announcing the first stretch goals tomorrow. In the meantime, I did a live launch party on YouTube. If you missed it live, you can watch the reply now!
  8. Well, this has been a long, tough row to hoe, but The Crimebusters #3 is now live on Kickstarter. I wanted to thank everyone here for all your support, I really appreciate all the kind words, and even just a simple like on one of these posts is a great bit of positive reinforcement. So, thanks, everyone! Group hug!!
  9. No, but I'm still looking. There weren't any comics released that day the year I was born, but I've found May 8 and May 10 that year in the wild. My hope is that someone received a May 8 book a day late. I've seen it before, just not with the date I need. For example, I've seen a May 10 book from that year with both May 10 and May 17 date stamps. So it's possible! I have seen May 9 from other years though.
  10. Any particular year? I can keep an eye out. I currently have two June 13, but no June 12 at the moment. I have a spreadsheet of my date stamps in case someone needs one.
  11. I've got a pantload of stuff going on right now, probably too much. But here are some updates. On the Kickstarter front, I've announced the official launch date for The Crimebusters #3 — it's next Monday, November 16! You can check out the pre-launch page now, though, and click the "notify me" button to make sure you don't miss it. This one will be running for 17 days. I've also posted the latest episode of the Classic Comics Forum Podcast. Episode 29 is the final of three parts discussing Avengers #211-230, the Fall of Yellowjacket. And over on YouTube, my latest haul video is all DC romance: Plus, on Monday I'll be doing a live launch party on YouTube for The Crimebusters #3, so you can set a reminder now to make sure you don't miss it:
  12. The Crimebusters #3 will be launching on Kickstarter next month, but the pre-launch page is live now. So if you want to make sure you don't miss out, check it out and click the "notify me" button to make sure you don't miss it. Thanks again for all the support! I really appreciate it. Also, if you haven't read the first issue yet, I am giving away digital copies to anyone who signs up for my mailing list. I only update once a month (except during launches) so there's not too much spam; my October update should be going out in the next couple days, so now's the perfect time. Thanks!
  13. Here's the latest YouTube videos from yours truly. I'm getting close to 200 subs, so I'm doing a giveaway! I also picked up some new stuff, including this awesome romance comic I never heard of before: And speaking of romance comics, here's a look at one of my favorite ongoing soap opera storylines ever: