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  1. Hey everyone! I'm just about done sending out the rewards to everyone who backed The Crimebusters #2 on Kickstarter — I'm hoping to get the last rewards shipped out this week — so I've finally returned to the drawing board to begin drawing issue #3. Here's a look at the Kickstarter exclusive legacy number variant cover for the third issue (#122 in this case with the numbering continued from Boy Comics), which is an homage to the work of Alphonse Mucha:
  2. Hello, friends! I've made a couple new videos I thought you might enjoy. First, here's a look at the revolutionary storyline science fiction grandmaster Samuel R. Delany had planned for Wonder Woman, and how it got abruptly cancelled by DC after just one issue thanks to some very unexpected and highly ironic political interference: And here's a look at some of the back issues I've been buying as retail therapy during the quarantine. This is part one of what looks like could be an infinite part series, as I've got a ton of other books still en route from ebay and the boards here:
  3. Hey there, friends! I made another YouTube video that I thought might be of interest to some of you. Since I started working on my self-published comic The Crimebusters a couple years ago, I've had a lot of questions about the process. I know many comic fans dream of making their own comics! So I decided to make a video that goes into as much detail as I could think of about every step of the creative process, from just being a fan, to unboxing the latest completed issue. It's very long, but there are time stamps in the video description that point to specific topics if there's some particular area of interest or question you have. I hope this is of interest and helps some of you who may be considering taking the leap into making comics!
  4. Howdy! Thanks for the freebies, I appreciate it! I think there's a little confusion on the issues - the ones I had selected were 27, 29, 33, 35, 41, and 42. If these have been claimed already, no problem! Sorry for any confusion.
  5. The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, and potentially entertaining fourth installment of my podcast series about Star Wars by Marvel Comics is now available to download here!
  6. I've added a couple new YouTube videos to my channel. In this one, I go off the rails discussing Roy Lichtenstein: And in this one, I explain why Jughead vol. 2 #89 is a personal grail even though almost nobody else has ever heard of it:
  7. I've got a couple new videos to share, first and foremost a second long Top 50 video showcasing 50 top books from my personal collection: And I also did a short video discussing my copy of Avengers #102!
  8. I really enjoyed watching your second video here, and I learned some stuff, which is great! I was also inspired to do a second Top 50 video myself. I do love talking about old comics, so I went a little crazy with the length this time, but I hope you all enjoy it:
  9. If you're stuck in quarantine and looking to kill two hours of time, I made a YouTube video showing off my Avengers #1-100: