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  1. Can't wait to read this whole thread, because I'm passionate about the subject. But here's a few tidbits. 1. I'm in a Facebook forum dedicated to personal finance investment and I broached the topic of investing in collectibles. I got a ton of "laughing emojis" as a response. So the answer to the OP's question is a resounding, No. In fact, that group is hilarious because all they talk about is buying cheap index funds, and their idea of diversification is to buy different funds, or foreign stock funds. I tried to point out that true diversification comes from buying other asset classes, and that includes 10% of your portfolio in stuff like collectibles, but it fell on deaf ears. 2. As some people pointed out here, many collectibles are viable investments if you take the same care in selecting them that you might take in buying the right stock or mutual fund. You don't just buy any stock, and you shouldn't buy any collectible for investment. Some comic books are far better investments than others and due diligence is important, just as it is in buying investment real estates, stocks, or even bonds. 3. All that being said, collectibles really need to be a small percentage of your holdings, and stocks are a great investment vehicle. It can be relatively cheap to buy them at your day job, and if your company does 401K matching and you're not doing it, you're being stupid. Start by putting 1% of your salary in there and then bump it up a little bit every time you get a raise...you won't even miss it.
  2. Westy Steve

    Whitman Variant Lot (7 books)

    Needs to go to a variant collector. Don't be afraid to make an offer.
  3. Man, I really need to pay attention. I've missed two of the three rounds so far.
  4. Standard terms apply. First firm commitment in any format takes it. Shipping is $5. Will send via USPS. I will except returns less my five dollar shipping fee. Returns will be "all or nothing". I won't piecemeal a return. Payment via PayPal or money order only. This is a Whitman viriant lot for $50 plus shipping. These books all came from a one owner collection. I want to stress that most every grade here can be improved by at least one grade increment by pressing. I get the impression these books were read one or two times and put away but were Not bagged or boarded so they have light bends keeping the grades down. Books graded below VF have spine stress included in this lot is brave and bold number 151 fine/very fine brave and bold number 154 fine superboy and the Legion,number 255, very fine plus Superboy and legion number 251, Very fine plus Action number 496, 504, and 507. Each is VF except number 496 which is more like VF/NM 7 books total very nice page quality. Bear with me because I'm doing this with a cell phone.
  5. Payment by Paypal, check or money order. No International shipping. No probation/HOS members. Payment within 3 days please Shipping via USPS X-Men 97 grades out as a VF+ And should press to a 9.0. $90 also X-Men 99 in VF...maybe VF plus. $65. Pages look white to me but I'm no expert. Standard terms apply. First firm commitment in any format takes it. Shipping is included so if you take both books I'll knock $10 off. Pictures follow
  6. Westy Steve

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    Sorry you're baffled. There was no room in our curriculum for Economics...at least not the kind you're referring to.
  7. Westy Steve

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    To answer a question, the Copper books I like are Spidey 300 and TNMT. When I first got back into collecting after a long period of time, those were reasonably priced cool books to seek out and that stuck with me. (Ok,TNMT #1 wasn't cheap). The suggestions put forward are good. I guess I could go for lower grades. I like seeking out eye appeal in lower grades. I've done that with coins, but hadn't considered it for comic books. FWIW, yes, I'm shell shocked, but I don't expect something for nothing. My mode of operations has been to buy things when I get a good deal on them, but when I sell them, I also sell at a good price to facilitate the sale...and it usually evens out OK. When I sell, if I were to have the time to sell for top dollar, then I wouldn't sell. In a way, I have changed genres. I used to collect silver age keys almost exclusively. Now I'm buying Bronze keys. But I have to tell you, seeing the price of certain issues of Bronze Age Batman based almost entirely on the cool cover (not key, not a great story) boggles my mind. You want HOW MUCH for a 7.0 copy? I once bought a nice X-men #1 for that kind of money! Thanks for letting me vent. I enjoy reading your responses. Steve
  8. Westy Steve

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    True fact though...I knew a Mechanical Engineer who ended up getting a Master's degree and working for NASA. Couldn't work on her own car.
  9. Westy Steve

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    Well now you have
  10. Hey guys, Just venting. I like collecting keys, with the exception of accumulating a nice stock of worthless stuff that I like to read. So traditionally, my acquisitions were either $1 or $2 books or nicer key items. I've been doing this a long time, but (dope that I am), I sold off stuff every once in a while to fund other collecting genres. I'm finding I can't afford to collect anymore...at least not the way I used to. I used to collect silver age keys. I enjoyed owning first appearances because it made me feel more connected to my favorite characters. But now, those books are so insanely expensive that I had to shift my focus to bronze age keys, which is the era I grew up with. That's been pretty satisfying. Now it's getting to the point where I feel I can't really afford bronze keys. At least not the books that are important to me in grades that I don't find objectionable. And I feel if I sell something, I can't afford to replace it later. As an example, I put together a nice run of Giant Size X-men 1 to X-men 101. The harder books are more like VF, and the rest in the low 9's. Now that "short set" is worth over $4K. WTH!!! My God, man, I could buy a pretty cool vintage car for that kind of money. Yet, I dare not sell them. Today I'm a 50-something professional engineer, and I find I can't buy books as nice as the ones I was buying back in college. Back then, I felt that I'd be able to buy better books once I got established in my career. Ha! Joke's on me! So, I guess there is copper and modern, but...with no offense intended, with the exception of a couple noteworthy copper books, I just don't connect to that era very well. I'm frustrated! Here's the thing...there isn't a hobby as cool as ours. Our keys are so much more interesting than...say...a key from a coin collection which might be only distinguished by a different date. Our keys are uniquely cool. Trying to figure out what to do next. Sacrifice grade expectations? Steve
  11. Westy Steve

    CROM! PGM Conan 1

    Thanks for the opinions. I'm going to press it so I'm really focusing on the paint removing errors. I agree it's a little rough around the top. I was personally thinking 8.5 myself (after the press) I think if my presser works magic maybe it could go 9.0. But I don't think that any higher than that by any stretch. I'd be happy with an 8. I bought it for the cost of a fine so I am happy with the purchase. It's on its way to me now.
  12. Westy Steve

    Marvel Movies are a Success why can't Comics do the Same?

    I'd like to see them make "variant" issues that were old school comics made from pulp paper and simpler cover art at a reduced price. I'll bet they'd sell a ton of those. Call it a "pulp variant".
  13. Thanks in advance for any opinions. It's a pig in a poke...seller's photos.
  14. Westy Steve

    If, God forbid you were to die today.....

    On my bigger items, I put price stickers on the back of them.