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  1. You can get a fairly nice ASM #39 for that. Such an iconic cover.
  2. Carrying Options at cons

    I try to bring one of my kids. And make them wear a backpack. Works pretty well, but then I have to feed them. FWIW, a rigid, wooden, cigar box works great for my unslabbed stuff.
  3. Scrooge, Can't thank you enough! You're the kind of person that makes this site great. Gotta say, that second issue is pretty cool. I've never even seen one. I was thinking the other day that Marvel #1 used to be right up there with Action #1, and now you hardly hear about it anymore. Then I was thinking with so many Marvel movies, it's surprising that I (a lowly collector in the trenches) never hear about that book. I don't have one, and will never afford one, but I was thinking it was surprising. Then I started thinking...."hey...maybe I could afford a low grade copy of one of the other early ones...comparable to an Action #2 or Action #3). Then I realized I had no idea what those were. Thanks again! Steve
  4. I realized I don't know the answer to this. What was the second Marvel Comic? And the third? How did it all progress?
  5. Amazing Fantasy #15 RAW

    I'm very interested. But how can I know you really have that book? Can you take a picture of the book next to a newspaper so I know you really own it?
  6. Don't have the patience to sell your stuff one at a time? I'm helping a friend find fodder for his growing Ebay sales. He's mostly looking for affordable Bronze keys or semi-keys or NM Bronze worth at least $20 each. Says he would prefer Batman but we'll look at anything. PM me if you have something. He's wanting to spend $300 to $500. In case you're wondering...yes...I advertised for this before here, and it did result in some nice purchases.
  7. X-Men TV show from Fox

    Perhaps. In the Days of Future past movie, a character emitting bright light beams helped charge up Bishop. They have a similar character on The Gifted. Haven't caught his name yet.
  8. X-Men TV show from Fox

    Tonight I was watching Days of Future Past on the DVR, and in the opening scene, when they are in the future and being decimated by Sentinels, they showed Blink, Warpath, and Sunspot in a very rapid succession. That can't be just a coincidence. Yet in the Gifted show, we know that the story is taking place after the X-Men disappeared, but clearly before the Sentinel robots were so evolved. So I have to assume that this show isn't so far in the future that it is after Days of Future Past's Dystopian future where the X-Men were killed. I think it's between. This implies that the X-men are in hiding. And Blink, Warpath and Sunspot will eventually meet up with them at some point....assuming that some master planner at Fox is keeping these time lines tidy. I believe they have to be tidy timelines...Blink, Sunspot and Warpath hanging out together in both Days of Future Past and The Gifted (at least I think these are the same characters) is just too coincidental. Of course, Days of Future Past re-wrote the future, so anything is possible now.
  9. I had a 4.5 Giant Size X-Men 1 (my grade) go to a 7.5. The book was a perfect candidate with square corners, but a wrinkled cover and non-color breaking creases.
  10. What to use to remove sticker residue from slab?

    Thanks for the info. I had some olive oil on-hand so I tried that. It worked amazingly well.
  11. Speculating for non-speculators

    When you wonder if you should spend your money buying something else that you want instead of the item you're buying.
  12. Any recommendations on what to use to remove sticker residue from a slab? Don't want to melt the plastic or make it foggy. What chemicals should definitely be avoided?
  13. What do you have and what are you asking? Looking to pay GPA. But I don't know what GPA is.
  14. Thanks. I guess I missed them, I couldn't see them prior to admission. I guess I'll be putting it up for sale...need something in the 8.0 range to fit in with the rest of my books.