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  1. If, God forbid you were to die today.....

    On my bigger items, I put price stickers on the back of them.
  2. How to best display high value comic books

    That would be a real issue in an earthquake prone area. Alternately, I once had a tree fall on my house and it knocked pictures off the wall everywhere. As for me, I've taken nice color copies and wrapped them around cheap comic books and they were nearly indistinguishable from the originals. I'd personally never hang an expensive original, UV light nor not.
  3. Agree. My God, people here are hammering this film. I'm not a big DC fan personally, but I liked the movie. Didn't know anything about Superman's mustache and didn't notice anything either. I thought Flash provided good comic relief even if it was a little much at times. Loved some of the framed shots of Wonder Woman...a sexy strong character. But the biggest pleasant surprise was Superman. I've never liked Superman because he was always so perfect. But their portrayal was cool. First, genuinely scary, then a hero worth cheering for. I think that's the first time I was moved/interested/happy to see a Superman appearance since I was about 8 years old. We can dissect this movie to death, but to me, it was entertaining. I've seen movies that were more entertaining in the genre, but it got my money and I'm not unhappy I paid to see it.
  4. Saw the movie tonight. I wasn't expecting much based on the ads...I figured it would be very dark and gritty. But two of the characters kept it light, so I liked it more than I thought I would. My conclusion is that the ad campaign was poor, and this film will not fade as fast as most because word of mouth will keep it in the limelight.
  5. This is my 16 y/o daughter's book she is looking to sell for $550. She bought it and had it slabbed herself. PayPal only. CONUS only. Harder to find in higher grade. First "I'll take it" trumps any ongoing private message discussions. First appearance of Hela, Sif, and Balder. Thor gains full use of hammer. FREE SHIPPING
  6. Wish I had the money. I'd be all over this. This book is so seldom found at a decent price.
  7. Yes, yes. Mini Runs. I am putting together a set of Giant Size X-Men 1 through X-Men 101 in higher grade. Yes, there are keys in there, but I was trying to get the core issues of the series when the "New X-Men" were still new and full of possibilities. I like that the series runs from key to key. FWIW, I also collect coins. Mini runs are common there, and are even tracked as accepted registry sets by the slabbing companies. A neat one is the set of silver nickels made during the war years. Mini-runs are awesome. I've considered doing a run of Conan 1 through Conan 10 in 9.4 just for the heck of it. No need to obligate myself to collecting all of them when I can get the TPBs, but still challenging and satisfying to gather them in high grade. Other ideas would be a "best of Neal Adams" set or other artists.
  8. My Last CGC Book

    Dang, didn't know. Hope it turns around for you.
  9. Hey guys, I have a friend who has a girlfriend whose Mom has a big Archie Collection. The collection dates back to the late 1950's, and it's original owner. The lady that owns it is well in her 70's and is a completest with the runs organized and cataloged. Anyway, my friend has been selling comics lately with my help, and they are offering the collection to him. All of them are seeking my guidance because they know I'm into comics. My question is about the market for Archies. I know how to identify the keys, and I'm thinking I can look at some Registry sets to get a feel for what's rare in high grade. I'm looking for recommendations here. What's hotter in books from this era? Pep? What else, other than the keys, like first Cheryl Blossom, First Sabrina, etc. should I pay close attention to? I know to look for "sexy" covers and covers that have sexual innuendo. I have a dirtier mind than I should have, so I'm sure I'll be able to spot those. Also, I've heard some of these are in real high grade....read once and carefully filed. How does one make a collection a pedigree? Last, what's a fair price to pay for a collection like this? I am guessing something like 1/3 of ebay prices of individual books? I would think it would have to be low enough to make some money wholesaling portions of the collection to dealers since it's supposed to be a very large collection. I want to be clear that I want to be fair to the seller....very fair. No, I don't have pictures. Only descriptions of the collection.
  10. Best "Bang" for my Buck

    IMHO, you'd want something in high grade, but also something key. So in that price range, I'd recommend something like X-men 101 in a 9.4. While it's true you could get a nice X-men 94 for that money, it wouldn't be as Minty. People forget that a comic that is "Minty" essentially is key because some collectors will only consider high grade specimens. There's a lot going on with that kind of book. I would not go after a comic that is enjoying movie hype because that will dry up. I'd also avoid specific "darlings" that everyone is talking about right now (flavor of the month) because that "conversation hype" can also die out. Buy something minty and well-liked over a long period of time.
  11. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon

    Ok, I know that the focus of this thread is about how rare Newsstands were later. And we all know Whitmans are pretty rare. But based on what Marwood is saying (above), book like....say....Spiderman #166 should be hard to find as a Direct (non-Whitman) edition. FWIW, this corresponds to the 30 cent cover price era.
  12. So just to be devil's advocate here, isn't there some kind of solvent that could potentially take off the color touch without ruining the book? Has anyone ever used rubbing alcohol?
  13. Hey folks, Check out my latest pickup. I do love this book! Sellers photo, though I inspected the book in-hand. I think a press will improve it, and I bought it cheap, (which suits me because I'm cheap). My question is how the spine is misaligned. It's like it has spine roll....but more on one side than the bottom, causing the top corner of the front cover and the top corner of the back cover not to meet up properly. Staples are original and haven't been molested. Will pressing re-align this thing? (I promise it's not trimmed). Assuming it will, how do you think it will grade out? This is another one of those books where the back looks near perfect but the cover has issues. I should say that is a marvel chip that is folded under on the right side of the cover. And the left side of the cover is only normal spine stress and wrinkling...you're not seeing any tears in this photo. Thanks, Steve