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  1. These two came in recently. I haven’t been following books as closely as I usually do but my search parameters still occasionally send up a flare. Not the highest grades but I just really wanted these books.
  2. Interesting. I went further with this and looked him up on CAF. Something I noticed is that the ratio of dealer items to the for sale by owner classifieds is a ratio of 20:1. That seemed awfully high to me...so many dealers selling relative to private sales, so I looked at other artists and figured out that a typical average ratio range might be 2:1 to 8:1.
  3. Since I'm asking all these questions, what can you tell me about a "glut" of art that hits the market. Yes, I know the size of the glut and the demand of the art can make the time vary widely on how fast a glut of art gets absorbed. But what's the fastest, slowest, or most interesting glut or horde you're seen that rattled the market?
  4. I have the mass produced game art for that sitting on the kitchen shelf. Didn’t realize until recently it was Boris. I just liked the art and got it in a collection of video games
  5. That’s beautiful. I love the attention to detail in the skin on the reptile. It’s a lot like an iguana where they have a lot of extra skin in the dewlap area. When Boris is “on” he’s hard to beat.
  6. Hmmm...an "error in bankroll". And all this time I just thought I was poor! Interesting perspectives...especially regarding outlasting the previous sales data. Personally, I'm in the camp that if it's cool and the price is right, I'm OK if it was just purchased a few weeks ago. Steve
  7. This is an issue with NYX #4. Spine on the back cover has some roughness so I will put this in a VF. First I’ll take it gets it. PayPal only. US sales only. Free shipping. $45.
  8. I think this is a straight up “good”. Golden age EC goodness. Haunt of Fear #27. If I recall correctly this one has a marijuana reference in it, but I could be wrong. $100 shipped
  9. Hey guys the terms of this sale is that shipping is included. US sales only. PayPal goods and services payment preferred. Chronological first offer received with an I’ll take it, an agreement in a PM or by carrier pigeon gets the book. Also if someone indicates they wish to purchase the book but does not follow through with payment within 24 hours by PayPal then the book will go back up for sale. First book: Betty & Veronica 320. First Cheryl Blossom. I think this is a VG...would be a fine but missing a couple small pieces top of front cover. $110
  10. Another Noob Question: So, I was corresponding with somebody who mentioned the concept of Art being “fresh to market“. I follow what that means, but generally what qualifies as fresh to market? How long does Art need to stay out of circulation to qualify?
  11. Thanks. And you're right. I figured out a way to move some money around to fix it.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 15 second question and I figured I could get an answer here. I paid down my Paypal credit account in anticipation of a large purchase. Now I find that the seller doesn't take paypal. I seem to recall it was possible to send a check from paypal, but I'm not seeing that option. I see they have a thing called Xoom that will allow me to send cash to Walmart, however I checked and they don't give an option of funding from my credit account. How can I use my line of credit to send someone funds for a purchase? Thanks for any help, Steve
  13. Thanks for this well-thought-out post. I see the merits of it and I’ll try to follow it. One of my complications is that I have so many other collecting interests that would starve if I solely feed my art habit. The good news is that I’m pretty good at collecting things in general, meaning I tend to do a lot of research and stay patient so I don’t overspend on junk that I’ll regret. I know what you mean about how sometimes spending an extra $50 Can mean the difference between a good collectible and a great collectible, though an extra $50 doesn’t go as far in art. It’s good advice to bone up on newer and emerging artists. My interest is not just solely Comic art, I like illustration art, which thankfully is cheaper, but your concepts still apply. For what it’s worth, I do have at least a dozen convention sketches that would be considered “great” by today’s standards simply because I collected them more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever sell those. I’ve started posting those on CAF. Thanks for the info. Gives me a lot to think about and refine my strategy. Steve
  14. No, but I feel like I’m trying to swim in the deep end of the collectibles pool. Everything is so expensive