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  1. 2017 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 9

    Wow, I'm thankful the worst you can get is -1 points. I completely blew it on that Human Torch. I feel good that I had positive points in this round.
  2. I can't figure out the trick. I either have a reflection of my camera, a reflection of my light fixture/ceiling fan, or it looks like it was shot in a cave. How do ya'll do it?
  3. What should I buy to fill my box of 30?

    This will explain the box further: The purpose is just how I choose to collect. I'm enjoying this collecting method so much with coins that I'm extending it to my comics also. Fun and beauty.
  4. Crom!

    We're almost to real time now. My recap is winding to a close...I have two more books to show. Here's the first: I bought this book sight unseen from a good friend. I was absolutely stunned to open the box and see this. I knew the grade but that was all. I won't usually pay these kinds of dollars for a book (though I got a great friend-to-friend discount), but this is one that I've thought about buying for a few decades. For the grade, it has everything going for it. Nice centering, white pages, and almost no spine or staple stress.
  5. What should I buy to fill my box of 30?

    Great list! One of these is also one of the two mystery books that I already bought. I know for sure I'll be getting a GL76 and Bats227 at some point. Funny thing is that just the prospect of owning them gets me fired up. Really enjoying comics right now.
  6. What should I buy to fill my box of 30?

    Just to hold them. I guess I should disclose that I always keep a duplicate electronic or TPB/Reader copy of my slabs so I can read the story when I want to. I like owning them in slab because they are like artwork to me and I think higher grade books framed by the slabs are attractive. I enjoy just looking at them.
  7. What should I buy to fill my box of 30?

    I changed my thead title to make it more clear what I'm asking. Yes, what 16 books would you buy? Like if you could only have/own 30 books total, and you already owned 14 books you loved, what else would you buy ?
  8. Seen a lot of discussion lately about how good books look in certain kinds of Mylar. Do they look better than slabs?
  9. Hey all, I doubt very seriously if any of you have been reading my journal, since it seems like a ghost town over there in the new journals area. Not one subscriber there...not even my Mom! New journals area is kind of cool because it has nice features. Anyway I'm trying to build a nice collection of CGC slabbed Bronze books, but I'm limiting it to 30 books because that's how many can fit in my Safe-box. Hence the "Box of 30". I've got Giant Size X-men 1 through X-men 101 already ,so that takes up 9 slots, leaving me space for 21 books. I also have a Batman 251 and my Neal Adams Superman at the Gates of Hell cover, which brings me down to 19. I have two more nice books that I haven't revealed in my journal. So that brings me down to 17 more books. Also, I do recognize that Hulk 181 doesn't fit in my budget, but it's an obvious choice, so I'll eventually figure out a way to tackle that somehow. (It's a pity my kids won't be able to go to college, but the heart wants, what the heart wants). This brings me down to 16. So I need to figure out 16 nice bronze books. For now, they'll be mostly in the $200 to $300 range. Later, I can upgrade them, so I'm not against buying a book in at least Fine condition, but I'm trying to stay at VF or better. 16 more books. What would you fill it with? You can only have 16. What would you buy? Steve
  10. Not totaled. Cost of repair will be $6,700.
  11. I completely agree on all counts. I wasn't advocating changing this contest one iota. I like the format and I think it's good to learn to self-grade the graded books from on-line scans anyway. If I'm going to buy a copy of ASM129 for 9.0 money, I want to make sure it actually grades 9.0. Yet we've seen some of these books have been consensus undergraded as well, which can be quite profitable to pick up on. As for running my own contest. I'm lazy by nature so....hmmm.... It is a cool idea. Maybe this winter or something. Seems like a lot of work and awfully thankless though...especially because of people like me.
  12. Speaking through the lens of a serious case of butt hurt, one of the problems here is the human error introduced in graded books themselves. IMHO, the consensus grade....(like the "mode" or the middle of the bell curve) is the actual grade that CGC generally does a good job of approximating. But they can still be off by half a grade here and there and then there is the problem of trying to grade through plastic which compounds matters. It would be a really interesting contest to just post some raw books, and whoever gets closest to the group's consensus grade gets a bullseye, and the farther you are from the average, the less points you get. I once set up a time-distance car rally without actually needing to know how long each leg of the rally took by just using the middle time (mode) as the perfect time, and adjusting accordingly. It worked out OK.
  13. 2017 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 7

    Me too. I'm having a lot of fun with this, but I can't help but think I'd be near the top if I wasn't consistently wrong on distinguishing between creases and case scratches. It's happened 3 times now.
  14. So here's that cheap unappreciated Neal Adams Superman. I was showing this around in the Bronze Comics Forum: How can you not love this? Superman at the gates of Hell! How'd that happen? Where are those gates? What did the lady do, and should Superman help her? I'm going to find out and I'll report back! Edit: OK, I read it. A few things I can say, Curt Swan interior art and a Batman Cameo. But I can't describe the plot without revealing spoilers. I can say that it's a good story!
  15. The Superbooks in November 1959

    Great post. Interesting snapshot of that time period.