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  1. Xmen 96 White pages. Cgc 9.4. Slab is cracked on back side (see photo). $215
  2. Closed until further notice Terms and conditions. First “I’ll take it” trumps any ongoing discussions in private messages. Asking price includes shipping and insurance. Accepting PayPal only. Will ship via USPS. Any known defects are stated. couple of books for now xmen 100. Cgc 9.4. Old Label. $300 or best offer. Will consider partial trades on NM raw Smith Art Conans.
  3. Hey, Dormian is a good friend of mine so I'm close to this issue. I just wanted to say in his defense he wasn't even sure he was going to go through with a purchase. And I'd like to point out that when he talked about making this purchase, there was a large minority here who advised him against it. Of course I'm going to say he's a stand-up guy because he's my friend, but...(he's a stand-up guy). He's never intentionally screwed over anyone in the 30? years I've known him.
  4. So instead of scraping off a color touch, how about you just re-mark the color touch with a contrasting color so it stands out? Then it's not deceiving.
  5. Aww, don't out the seller! I didn't post the number on-purpose because I don't want to step on toes, but I forget how many of you guys can figure out a book from a small picture. Hmmm....I don't have time to do it, but that would be an awfully cool contest for this site...post close-up pictures of books and see how many ya'll could guess.
  6. Thanks for the great feedback, guys. There is hope yet for those of us who shove our books into the bag. :) I was under the impression that you couldn't go about a 9.0 without that defect, but I guess if the rest of the book is a standout, CGC gives it a little bump for being so nice. At least that's the logic I'm going to apply in my head. Steve
  7. Hey guys, I was looking at pictures on ebay trying to get a feel for how a book I own would be graded. Then I saw this on a CGC 9.2 book. This kind of corner web/crease is allowed on an otherwise nice book for a 9.2?
  8. Hey guys, Anyone else get a notice from Paypal credit that they were acquired by another bank? And they are changing terms? What I didn't like was this little gem: Late Payment Fee: We are increasing the dollar amount to $28.00 (or $39.00 if you failed to pay at least the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date in any one or more of the prior six Billing Cycles). See the “Fees” section for more information. So, I wonder what that means if you had a couple of late payments in the last 6 months. Can they hit you twice for it? Can they keep hitting you for it until a late payment is 6 months in the past? Can I reject these changes? Seems like B.S. that they can just arbitrarily change a mutual contract in the middle like that. Hell, why not make the late payment fee $1,000? Steve
  9. That's one increment more than I would have thunk. Joey must have done a great job. Kudos to you for your decision making.
  10. Congrats on your 30,000th post? Sending you a PM.
  11. In your experience, what percent of market value do dealers pay knowledgeable sellers for key books at shows? Like if I brought a key book worth $1,000 to a show with the idea of selling it, how much could I hope to get? Maybe as a percentage range. 75% to 85%? I'm speaking about reasonably "hot" keys here. I hope this is an acceptable question for this forum. Steve
  12. Technically also Colossus' little sister, Illiyana, had a first appearance there too.
  13. Thanks guys. The wife comments was humor. But...yes...they apparently don't split payments up. Too bad, because that would have been convenient for me.
  14. Hey guys, Trying to keep from being killed by the wife. So I have a question about using paypal credit to buy something. Suppose I wanted to buy a comic book that I bought on EBAY for $1,000. And I still have $600 of credit left in my paypal credit account. Is there a way I can apply that $600 for the purchase, and then have only $400 come out of my bank account? FWIW, I know when I have a paypal balance I can do that, but what about a credit card balance? Thanks guys. The life you save may be your own. Steve