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  1. Hi all- I just consigned a bunch of art to Heritage, including two Four Ages of Conan prints beautifully hand-colored by Windsor-Smith himself (sorry, I'm keeping the other two), affordable Wrightson Frankenstein and Cycle of the Werewolf roughs, editorial cartoon art, some nice Bronze Age DC horror pages, some Ren & Stimpy background color keys, a whole bunch of fun EEK! strips, and lots more. Here's the first batch, which includes one of the rare BWS prints. Enjoy!
  2. Hi all- it's been coming for years, but today I finally updated my CAF. 55 pics featuring almost 70 pieces, including Mignola Dracula splash (for trade), lots of Wrightson, Krenkel, illustration art by various artists, editorial cartoons (more coming next week), EC-related art (Wally Wood, Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, Don Martin), Bob Powell pre-Code, Ren & Stimpy backgrounds, Batman pages by Cowan/Alcala and Novice/Giordano, Gris Grimly, and more. Enjoy!!!