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  1. Here at The Collectors Resource we offer a full line of frames and display for your CGC graded books! Our Graded Comic book POD's fit both old and new style slabs perfectly, and yes we do offer our Museum Edition POD's that are 98% UV Safe! We have been making high quality frames for all comic books since 2009 and we have shipped 10's of thousands of frames all over the US and to many countries all over the world since then! We are based in Grand Rapids, MI where we now have a comic shop as well, our frames are machined and powder coated for us by a local manufacturer, assembled and packed by us and sent you you. Visit our website and find the perfect frame or display for your CGC's! Have questions? ask here, contact us through the website or call the store directly. The Collectors 2418 28th st SW Wyoming, MI 49519 616-608-5117