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  1. Could use some help tomorrow. Anyone trying? Could return the favor. Just trying to add pn to the ticket I already have.
  2. Wow. I jumped at the right time. Sales won't chart..... Hey guys we just presold 730,000 copies. https://imagecomics.com/content/view/the-walking-dead-163-the-highest-ordered-comic-in-nearly-two-decades
  3. There's a special place in hell for those who have nothing better to do than to criticize others auctions on eBay. If either one of you are boardies enjoy being added to my block list.
  4. Guess the mods and others have an issue with how I did my sales thread and decided to close it out. Guess I'll just explore other avenues instead. If any of you are interested. PM me. If not, it's been a fun ride guys. I won't really have a reason to return except to check pm's so keep it going strong.
  5. Gotta end the link with just the .jpg. All the junk after needs to go.
  6. Please take some spare Cynthiana books for Dre. You'd be an even more awesome person than you already are.
  7. I really hope this isn't one of you bidding this thing up. There are TEN THOUSAND out there floating around. Please stop this madness. https://www.ebay.com/itm/322272584540
  8. Dre, Seen any WD Cynthiana books out there??? Don't want to end up overpaying on eBay for a 10k print book. People are stupid.
  9. Shawn I saw you one time at sdcc and every time I came back to the booth you were busy or gone . Finally got my pin while you were at the retailers bfast.
  10. People on eBay are stupid. I can't believe they're already paying that kind of money for this book. Here's hoping Dre comes through for us. Should have made the 8hr drive.
  11. Thanks Shawn! I'll still be by the booth to shout my what's up to you though. While picking up the compendium at least.
  12. Anyone else find is odd that there's not a con variant for SDCC?? Either that means it's going to be a cheap year for me or that there will be a random one for the retailer breakfast and it'll be ridiculously out of reach.
  13. My crew picked up tickets to the Star Trek marathon in SD on SDCC preview night. None of them nabbed preview night tickets so we're chilling in mission valley weds night. Looking forward to it.
  14. Way to be a gigantic d!ickhead dude. Added to ignore purely out of spite.