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  1. Picked up a Strange Tales 97 from Greg. Great book and bullet proof packaging. Hope to buy again from you in the future! Mike
  2. Good Luck! If I had the space and time I would have kept the collection and spent some time selling the drek. It was doing quite well at shows as one and two dollar books. I am suppose to go look at 20 long box collection this weekend.
  3. Update to the collection: I purchased 45 long boxes of DC comics three months ago. Between selling to some local collectors and setting up at two different shows I was able to move 9 long boxes of books. A dealer at the last show made me a fair offer on the 33 long boxes that were left and I took it. I still have two longs of good to better books out of the collection and some really nice keys. I enjoyed setting up at shows and might keep setting up on a smaller scale. I personally took one long box out of the collection. Mostly Vertigo and Elseworlds titles to read. I think I am keeping the DC Comics Presents 26 as my one keeper book. It was a fun and profitable experience. Thanks to everyone for the advice and help!
  4. My first time at Heroes and it was the best Show I have been too. Great books and guests everywhere you looked. I found several books I didn't know I was looking for! Just about every booth I visited somebody was countering the listed price. I would probably markup my key books also since I know everyone is going to throw a lower number at me.
  5. No Man's Land. All separated into its own box.
  6. I never saw the missing boxes but I know he kept all of the Justice League which is probably boxes 19-23. Some vertigo titles are missing like Sandman and Hellblazer. No swamp thing. He also kept all of the Silver and Gold. He says he has 19 boxes left.
  7. Most is not all of the Hughes are there. Some Artgerm. 2, 3, 4 of Death in the Family Batman 386, 423 Batman Harley Quinn 9.6 Detective Comics 850 9.8 Detective Comics 880 9.8 DC Comics Presents 26 9.4 Wonder Woman 184 9.8 Catwoman 51 9.6 Catwoman 74 9.8 Flash 1, 80, 84, 92, 108, 138, 141,197, 198, 199, 207, 208, 209, 210 Batman Adventures 12 6.5
  8. Here is the full list of stuff. I will list some of the items I have put aside later on. I have a Batman Adventures 12 in 6.5 in the PGM. 99.9% of the books were bags and boarded none of the BAs were. Not everything is as good as it looks on paper. The Preachers were trades up to issue 50 and the Transmetropolitan #1 is a trade also. Box: 2 1 Sword of the Atom Power of the Atom Atom One Shots Anarky Animal Man ( regular & Vertigo) Azrael (mini & series) Box: 3 2 Batman / Detective to NML Box: 4 3 Batman / Detective after NML Batman Regular Series (except NML) Box: 5 4 Batman Regular Series (except NML) Shadow of the Bat Box: 6 5 Legends of the Dark Knight to #176 (except NML) NML Box: 7 6 Batman Chronicles Mini series, One Shots & Collections Gotham Nights 1 & 2 Dark Victory & Tarzan Joker Time Joker & The Mask Outlaws & Toyman Hollywood Knights Turning Points Orpheus Rising Vs. Predator: 1,2, 3 Untold Legends Shadow of the Batman Saga of Ra's Al Ghul Cult Gordon of Gotham GCPD Doom that came to Gotham Haunted Gotham League of Batmen Book of Dead Dark Knight of the Round Table Bane of Demon Jazz Ankh & Demon & Lobo & Hellboy, Starman & Daredevil & Spawn & Punisher & Scarface & The Darkness & Grendel The Hill Thrillkiller Dreamland Of Arkham Dark Knight Dynasty Scar of the Bat & Houndini Gotham Noir Reign of Terror Castle of the Bat Holy Terror Two Faces Robin 3000 Dark Claw Book of Shadows The Blue, the Grey & the Bat Knight Gallery DOA Bullock's Law Ego Gauntlet I, the Joker Scottish Connection Death of Innocents Joker's Apprentice Poison Tomorrows Full Circle Bloodborne Room Full of Strangers Mitefall Faces Penguin Triumphant Bane Mr. Freeze 2 Face Strikes Twice (golden age collection) Featuring 2 Face & Riddler (collection) Annual 1 (reproduction) The Golden Streets of Gotham & Aliens 2 & Deathblow Batman Family (02 mini) Tenses Nevermore & Planetary: Night on Earth & Joker: Switch Arkham Asylum (03 mini) Box: 8 7 Batman Family Gotham Kinights Batgirl Batgirl Special & 03 mini Birds of Prey Box: 9 8 Black Canary Black Condor Blue Beetle Booster Gold Captain Atom Catwoman: 1st & 2nd series Box: 10 9 Chase Checkmate! Chronos DC Comics Presents ... DC One Million DC Challenge Eclipso Box: 11 10 Demon: All series & minis Doctor Fate: All series & minis Firestorm Guy Gardner Box: 12 11 Flash: 3rd series Gotham Central HERO Millennium Editions Box: 14 12 Green Arrow: 1983 mini series & 1st series & 2nd series Box: 15 13 GL Quarterly Mosaic Emerald Dawn 1 & 2 & other mini Green Lantern: 2nd series Box 16: 14 Green Lantern: 2nd series (continued) Impulse Box 18: 15 Hourman Huntress: series & mini Hawkman: 2nd series Hawkworld Hawkman: 3rd series Hawkman: 4 th series Box 24: 16 LEGION/REBELS Nightwing Mister Miracle Orion Power Company: series & mini Resurrection Man The Ray: series & mini Box 25: 17 Martian Manhunter: series & mini Robin: series & mini Spectre: 2, 3 + 4 series Secret Origins: 2nd series & specials Showcase: 2nd series Power of Shazam Starman: 1st & 2nd series Box 27: 18 Supergirl: 3rd series Superboy: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & the Ravers Steel Box 29: 19 Suicide Squad 1st & 2nd series Warlord Young Justice Box 31: 20 Wonder Woman: 2nd series Box 32: 21 Young Allies Blue Devil Who's Who & updates Action Comics to #660 (diamond starts) Superman / Adventures of .. Superman prior to # 424 Adventures of .. 424-473 (diamond starts) Box 35: 22 Man of Steel: mini series New Superman: # 1-50 (diamond starts) Year 1991 Year 1992 Year 1993 Year 1994 Box 36: 23 Year 1995 Year 1996 Year 1997 Year 1998 Year 1999 Year 2000 Box 37: 24 Year 200 (continued) Year 2001 New Superman: #176-226 (ends) Man of Steel" 120-134 (ends) Metropolis: mini Gernerations: 1, 2, 3: mini Supermen of America: mini Superman: Secret Years: mini World of Krypton: 1928 mini Phantom Zone World of Krypton: 1988 World of Smallville:1988 World of Metropolis: 1988 Metropolis SCU: 1994 Star Corps; 1988 Superman: Secret Indenity Superman: Birthright Superman: Strength Box 38: 25 Adventures of ... / Superman # 598 - (diamond ends / returns to Superman on #650) Action # 785 (diamond ends) Various Superman Minis & One Shots Guardian of Metropolis: 1994 A Bizzarro Vs. Terminator & Bugs Bunny & Gen 13 & Savage Dragon & Savage Dragon: Chicago Superman Monster War of the Worlds A Nation Divided Doomsday Doomsday: Wars Superman Inc. Last God of Krypton The Odyssey Under a Yellow Sun Superman's Metropolis Distant Fires Vs. Predator Last Son of Earth Mann & Superman At Earth's End Where Is Thy Sting Shogun of Streel & Madman: Hullabaloo World's Finest: 1986 World's Finest: 1999 WF3 World's Funnest Elseworld's Finest Superboy's Legion & Darkness & Thundercats Kansas Sightings Dat of Doom Last Stand on Krypton & Aliens 2 & Trazan Blood of My Ancestors & Shazam: First Thunder Superman Returns: Prequel Young Heroes in Love Batman Adventures: 2003 Batman Strikes Box 40: 26 Legacies – Mini 2008 Last Family Krypton Mini Red Circle - Crusaders Red Circle – Web Red Circle – Shield The Mighty – Mini 2009 Booster Gold – 2008 Brave/Bold – 2008 DC Legends – 2007 Wonder Woman – 3rd Series Zatanna Box 41: 27 Arak, Son of Thunder Plastic Man: 89 mini series New series (05-06) Breach Bloodhound Monolith Zodiac Box 42: 28 Solo Superamn/Batman Outsiders 2003: 2nd Series Outsiders: 3rd series Outsiders 2007: 4th series Checkmate 2006 Jonah Hex 2006 Box 43: 29 Legends The Weird Invasion! Millennium Armageddon Blood Bath Zero Hour Underworld Unleashed Final Night Genesis The Kingdom Day of Judgement Sins of Youth The Sliver Age Haven DC 1 Million Real Worlds The Law New Year's Evil Tangent Comics World @ War Last Laugh Girl Frenzy J Schwartz Tribute: DCCP Hero Hotline OMAC: Bryne Flash & GL: Brave & Bold Box 44: 30 7 Soldiers: Morrison Identity Crisis Infinite Crisis Day of Vengence OMAC Project Rann-Thanagar War Villians United Battle for Bludhaven The Spectre Return of Donna Troy New Frontier Trinity Vigilnate: 06 mini Lex Luthor: 05 mini Space Ghost Jack Cross Rose & Thorn Son of Vulcan The Question: 06 mini Sgt Rock: The Prophecy Return of Adam Strange Dead Shot: 06 mimi Challengers of the Unknown: Chaykin Enginehead Human Defense Corps Forever Maelstrom Gotham Girls Light Brigade Lab Rats Just Imagine: Stan Lee Dc 1st: 02 mini Guns of the Dragon Enemy Ace: War in Heaven Adam Strange: 1990 mini Red Tornado: 86 mini Relative Heroes Box 45: 31 Preacher Beware the Creeper: vertigo mini The Filth American Century Weird Western Tales Weird War Tales War Story: various Kid Eternity Angel & Ape Rifle Brigade Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollocks Engima Extermists Outlaw Nation Transmetropolitan Sea Guy We Other Side Zatanna: Box 46: 32 52 52:Crime Bible 52: 4 Horsemen Countdown Countdown: Lord Havok " : Areana " : Mystery " : Search for Ray Palmer " : Specials Aquaman: 4th series Firestorm: 2nd series Trails of Shazam Shadowpact Box 47: 3 Warlord: 06 series The Next Shazam: Monster Society of Evil Secret Six: 1st series Suicide Squad: 08 mini Conor Hawke: Dragon's Blood Rush City Metamorpho: Year 1 Black Adam Doom Patrol: 4th series Blood of the Demon: 05 series Death of the New Gods Wonder Girl : 08 mini Batlash Metal Men: 08 mini Creeper: 06 mini Amazons Attack Mystery in Space: 06 mini Tales of the Unexpected: 06 mini Omega Men: 07 mini Omac: 06 mini Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters: 06 mini " : 07 mini Martin Manhunter: 06 mimi Helmet of Fate: 07 mini Box 48: 34 Trinity Superman Confidential Capt Carrot: Final Ark Retro: 2011 mini Power Girl JSA: 2nd series JSA vs Kobra JSA Allstars THUNDER Agents Box 49: 35 Wildstorm various Stormwatch Legend Thunder Agents Tom Strong Power Girl Flash: rebirth Flash 5th series Box: 51 36 Boys & Minis Northlanders Joe the Barbarian Army @ Love Army @ Love: Art of War Haunted Tank: 08 Astro City Box: 52 37 Authority – All Lobo: Series & minis Deathstroke Box: 53 38 Fables Cinderalla Fairest Box:54 39 Batman 66 Harley Quinn + Power Girl Jimmy Olsen + Bizzaro Batmite GL rebirth Rebels 1 + 2 8 add’l boxes of unsorted
  9. I purchased the rest of this collection. While the list numbered 60 boxes he kept 13 boxes so i ended up with 47 boxes. The final price included the two steel shelves he was storing the books on. The books have been moved to my storage unit and I have started organizing. About 8 boxes of recent stuff were not sorted. How do some of you pros handle a collection like this? Do you submit the better books to CGC or just cash out as raws? I am setting up at two small shows this summer. Due to vehicle space I am limited to 12 long boxes.
  10. Picked this up today. Let me know what you think. Thanks