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  1. A book club is a good idea. We don't have any that formal but I have gotten a lot of great reading suggestions from the group. We are 100% by the seat of our pants. We tried to do an agenda including presentations for the first couple of meetings but we never stuck to the agenda. One of the things that has helped us is a consistent location to meet. We lucked into a local restaurant that has a back room, full bar and good food. They have us permanently scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of every month. If any boardies are in Tallahassee area on the 2nd Wednesday come by Backwoods Bistro at 6:30.
  2. Well 5 years later and we are still meeting every month. Some of the original members are still around and new members come and go. Some months there might be 8 of us (April’s meeting) and sometimes there are 20 (February’s meeting) but it is always a good time and lots of great discussion.
  3. Thanks for all the comments! I thought a clean might improve the curb appeal but I have the same concerns about it impacting the cover.
  4. I am having a difficult time grading this one. The cover and centerfold are attached and the pages are supple. The spine looks like it chewed on by something.
  5. I picked this up this weekend. Thanks for the grades!
  6. I keep going back and forth between a 7 and 8 so 7.5
  7. Cover and centerfold are firmly attached.
  8. Received my package from @Zalgardos all the way from Germany. The sketch book is great and he included a few nice books to complement it.
  9. Thanks @DR.X the book arrived safe and sound. I have been wanting to read some of these Silver Age Doom Patrol stories.
  10. Starve Vol 1 & 2 $10 Lovecraft HC $10 Deadly Class Vol 1 $5 Ballad of Halo Jones $5 (Alan Moore) Back to Brooklyn $5
  11. Looks like I am after Wolverine180 and three of my top 10 picks are still available! I choose Prize 58; Gabriele dell'Otto Sketchbook 2010 plus variants - donated by Zalgardos