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  1. Hey guys, I thought I would post it in here also. My Gobbledygook #2 cover page is up on eBay and ends tomorrow. I will entertain all offers and pull it down if my number is met. Thanks! Gobbledygook
  2. Well folks the final and biggest piece of my collection is up for sell. I've linked my eBay auction. It's the original cover for Gobbledygook #2!! I'm accepting all offers and will pull the auction if we work something out. Thanks for looking! Gobbledygook #2 Cover
  3. First, I hope all of you are doing great! Long time no see! I'm selling off all my TMNT artwork and was going to give you guys the link to my Gobbledygook #1 and #2 framed with bills of sale! I'll also be listing the amazing Gobbledygook #2 cover page!! Let me know if you're interested on the piece up on eBay as I'm always taking offers and will pull it down. Hope you guys have a great day!! Gobbledygook #1 and #2
  4. I've listed my #1 and #2 issues of Gobbledygook. I've included the auction link with descriptions. Please spread the word and if you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask me. These are from Kevin's personal collection!! Gobbledygook #1 and #2
  5. Follow the link guys great stuff ending in a couple of hours! Thanks!
  6. Great TMNT items ending tonight and through out the week! Just click the link! eBay Store
  7. Hit the link up fellows, great TMNT stuff ending tonight! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
  8. Okay guys, got some KILLER books ending tonight including a RARE TMNT Kevin Eastman collection piece. Please hit the eBay store link above and bid away.
  9. More great stuff ending tonight guys! Please check it out and just a note that next week will feature a piece from Kevin Eastmans personal collection graded!! eBay Store
  10. Just a friendly bump fellows! Clink on the link. Got some killer books ending tonight!
  11. Guys, The eBay store is back fired up! Help me move these books and get some great pieces at great prices! I've put my eBay store link below. Will be listing new stuff every week! ComixFanatic eBay Items
  12. Click on the link guys, great stuff ending tonight and Sunday night!