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  1. comic-insider/enthusiasts, ...The difference between Fish Police #1, and Fish Police #1 is.. that the first state, of the First Printing .. (.., apparently, for .. a couple of thousand copies, according to STEVE MONCUSE, himself. I asked and HE told ME, THEN, in the 80s. He worked at Comics & Comix, on Telegraph Ave., in Berkeley, at the time, and I was there 4.5 times a week.) HAS more RED INK, which was reformulated, later, to reflect the BLUE Steve was going for! He
  2. {... finally captured these ifcs, with this iP.} So, I figured I would tip-off The CGCCS. These two 2. (i.e., Two) comic books, by S. Clay Wilson, publ. by Keith Green, in 1975-6, have identifiers, namely price, that determine .. “State”. I mean first state, compared to first printing. Two States are: 1) printed .75 cent cvr. price, ifc. 2) printed, corrected/written-over, hand-written, “$1” price, ifc. ... more on these later. Good Luck, Happy Hunting, and .. shiitake mushrooms are anti-viral!
  3. _cantwh8C?

    day 1

    Wow! ...looks .. 'Gr-r-r-reat! Thanks for sharing(!) [,...and HAVING FUN]. Happy digging. (Simply capture an image. 'Title' and 'Issue #' AUGHT.. to do, then look up the details later.) G'''night... and SWEET DREAMS.
  4. Dear Sir, Madam, (Mollie Davis), I am writing to you again, but I'm not sure IF .. I wrote to you before requesting this COMPETITIVE SET. Nevertheless, .. I AM writing to request that you .. 'PLEASE, pretty please', add .. 'BEST BUY COMICS' .. as a competitive set. {There are three different editions/PRINTINGS .. [: a .. $1.00 cover price, WITH INFINITY cover*, a $1.25 cover price, WITH INFINITY cover*, and a $2.50 cover price, NO infinity cover**], with THREE PRICES, & two DIFFERENT COVERS.} Thanks, in advance, for
  5. Thanks, in advance, heaps, TG HNN CS Rex. I am not sure....; this may need to be resubmitted. I was wondering if.. you could add.. Best Buy Comics (Apex Novelties, 1979 and .. 1st has 1.00$ cover price, and 2nd has 1.25$ cover price, both with the infinity cover, and .. the 3rd printing is a different cover, with a 2.50$ cover price, and is published by Last Gasp Eco Funnies, This book is only one book and variants. Please keep in mind that there must be an issue two (graded), at least, for us to build you a set. Here are the guidelines: , and .. would
  6. ..., or please welcome, here's, .. The third 9.8.. of R. Crumb's Best Buy Comics....On my last invoice, 12043070ab, I pulled 3 9.8s.... The 2. No 2, (2 #2, (Keith Green/S. Clay Wilson) Modern, 1204307010, 9.8, WHITE, (CGC Book 137)) was one, and.. Mr. Natural No 3, (Mr. Natural #3, Kitchen Sink Enterprises, Modern, 1204307011, 9.8, WHITE, File Copy, (CGC Book 138))was another, but THIS ONE.... isn't showing now, but.... *** This one has an infinity cover, and got FILE COPY status, as well. Of course, if it weren't for Don Donahue, himself, I wouldn't be with this book. It.. IS.. a.. FILE