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  1. This book im not sure about so the price is negotiable. Marvel's Greatest Comics Fantastic Four # 52 CGC 9.6 Last sale was $382 my price is $200 (again, not sure about this one so im really open to offers)
  2. Hello. Been a while. If they still exist, no probation/HOS. Shipping is included in the price and is priority mail. Prices are not firm. First wins. Sold
  3. never done this but would do it if I felt I needed to. local show here a few years ago and an older guy came in with very nice stuff. was sold for cheap. should have interrupted the sale but waited like a dummy. missed out on seriously serious money. look out for yourself jsj. I might hit Chicago this year. lets do something. also, if it happens to you, throw them hands.
  4. you would only get 50% off for the first 6 months, then it drops to 35% if you are only ordering that much. lots of comic shops that order a lot give 35% off or would give 35% off if you ordered that much anyway.
  5. if you want. you can order what you want, just have to make the minimum of $450 a month. But I actually know a former owner that orders just supplies every few months and doesn't ever hit that but yet still has his account.
  6. you can order 1 of something. minimum order is $450 retail a month.
  7. yeah. you used to be able to get a diamond account for online but now you need a storefront.( I think. 50% sure, lol) when I got mine, they needed pics of the storefront and inside of the store, business license/tax id, a copy of the lease agreement, and a copy of business account from your bank. minimum purchase a month is $400 or 450, or something around there. can't remember. I do know some guys that had stores before but don't anymore still have a diamond account they use regularly.
  8. yup. Chicago looks like it's already open on setup day with all the people looking through boxes and buying stuff.
  9. yea I switched to chrome and it worked. this should be fixed. I was using internet explorer.
  10. Anyone else not able to complete the online submission form since they added the "Mail in to Headquarters"/"Drop off at a show" buttons? I'm trying tonight and can't seem to get the form to go past the first page of selecting a service. anyone else having a problem? ps. and cgc if you are reading this, also fix the print packing slip page. sometimes it doesn't show the books in the invoice and just shows the amount owed. have your web guys do it, and have them do it more than once. fill out a submission form online all the way to the end and print the packing slip. sometimes books don't show up, just the invoice amount. I can already see them trying it only once and saying there's no problem. tell them to do it until they get the error. it happens to me so it has to happen to other people as well. I got a call from receiving and they wanted to know the list of the books because they weren't on the packing slip. I figured you could scan the barcode but that's not the way it works I guess. hurry and fix this please. I want to give you money. please make it easier for me to give you money.
  11. all books sold have been shipped. I think. except brock's(ill send you a pm) let me know if none of you get your books by sat.
  12. Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 1 CGC 6.5 $950 Sold removed Amazing Spider-Man# 45 CGC 9.2 $320 Amazing Spider-Man# 23 CGC 9.0 $1100 Amazing Spider-Man# 40 CGC 9.4 $1450 Sold batman # 134 CGC 4.5 $100 Batman #127 CGC 6.0 #130 Batman #126 CGC 2.0 $60 Amazing Spider-Man# 44 CGC 8.5 $200 Sold Amazing Spider-Man#15 CGC 6.5 $600 Amazing Spider-Man# 16 CGC 5.5 $380 Amazing Spider-Man# 38 CGC 9.4 $700 Amazing Spider-Man# 58 CGC 9.4 $400 Amazing Spider-Man# 59 CGC 9.4 $400 Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 3 CGC 9.4 $900 Batman # 130 CGC 5.5 $140 Batman # 131 CGC 3.5 $50 Batman # 139 CGC 2.0 $250 Detective Comics # 289 CGC 5.5 $40 Amazing Spider-Man# 32 CGC 9.2 $450 Amazing Spider-Man# 31 CGC 7.5 $300 Sold Amazing Spider-Man# 29 CGC 8.5 $410 Amazing Spider-Man# 22 CGC 6.5 $120 Amazing Spider-Man# 33 CGC 8.5 $300 Sold Amazing Spider-Man# 56 CGC 9.4 $360 Amazing Spider-Man# 20 CGC 6.0 $400 Amazing Spider-Man# 35 CGC 8.5 $190 Amazing Spider-Man# 52 CGC 9.4 $800 Amazing Spider-Man# 99 CGC 9.2 $120 Amazing Spider-Man# 17 CGC 6.5 $320 Amazing Spider-Man# 47 CGC 9.4 $450 Amazing Spider-Man# 49 CGC 9.4 $575 Amazing Spider-Man# 50 CGC 9.0 $1750 Amazing Spider-Man# 55 CGC 9.4 $610 Amazing Spider-Man# 48 CGC 9.0 $250