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    We have unpaid interns to hold each slab on display.  Since light is bad for comics, they mostly sit in the dark.  Come to think of it, there's probably no good reason we make them hold the slabs above their heads.

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  1. I'd say play devil's advocate and brainstorm with yourself. Whether you ultimately think those reasons are good enough is a different topic, but i bet you'll be able to come up with some reasons why they don't. The above answer may come off a bit condescending, but is not meant to be. The answers you come up with yourself are likely to be the strongest argument to you personally, and therefore more likely to provide you with the most satisfactory (even if not satisfactory enough) answer.
  2. If you love a character, that’s certainly one thing if you’re into more investment stuff, look for 1st app stuff under $10 that can pop to $50-$100 with a movie announcement. I’m a big fan of ROI vs absolute profit. But that’s me.
  3. First of all, thanks for posting. Secondly, this is all shocking news, I'm sure its gotta be the first time any of this has happened with any limited comic. Which is why no one could possibly have presented these incredibly plausible theories prior to these posts. Who could have guessed that there's many different types of collectors and dealers, with various collection goals, profit goals, business models, financial situations, and varying opinions on CGC, all of which might be fluid based on the cost, liquidity, and realizeable sale price of a comic. And who could have guessed that c
  4. I think we're at a point where there should be some amount of sample size out there if you look up ebay sold items. Depends on the book, the grade, the market, your own cost/profit preferences. I'd say do your own research and run the numbers against your own risk/cost/financial/collection/profit preferences and see if it works out for you.
  5. For slabs, use gpa analysis, it’s a pay service for raw probably use eBay sold listings these are just guides though
  6. If you can fit them, put them in priority medium USPS boxes. If they are old enough, i think you can ship them via media mail (you should fact check me).
  7. This is a stretch. I am repeating the facts that were presented to me by people more knowledgeable about the situation than me. If i am wrong.... THEN PROVE IT.... otherwise save YOUR assumptions.
  8. You are correct. Many books are deslabbed (and occasionally reslabbed) without notifying cgc of the deslabbing portion. So the census numbers are the ceiling. also there's some lag between grading time and census updates.
  9. Guy after 2nd game of the season: Did you hear about White Sox rookie Mercedes Yermin? He's freaking amazing! He started the season 8 for 8 with a homer and two doubles. And he's a rookie so that means he's only going to get better. I know he can't hit 1.000 the whole year, the averages will catch up to him but I'm sure he'll hit at least .500. Everyone else: You HOPE he hits .500? or you're SURE? Guy: My uncle played 3 years of minor league ball and says this the best prospect he's ever seen, so that means he'll be rookie of the year and MVP at this pace hitting .500 with at l
  10. I’d consider asking Cgc directly, or possibly ccs check the company website for contact info
  11. Generally yes, but make sure they’re all separated and clearly labeled.
  12. That actually makes a lot of sense. Since the beginning that was the main thing that engaged me was the mystery of what he found a case of still sealed. At this point, he could (if he followed all relevant state and federal laws of course) run a contest where you pay $1 or $2 per guess, and you guess what book and how many CGC 9.8s there are. Closest guesser wins half the money, OP keeps the other half.
  13. the newsstand is probably harder to find in CGC 9.8, but i think the non-deluxe version is the rarest in general i think. I'm not sure if it was clearly resolved above, but I'm pretty sure none of these are second prints.