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    We have unpaid interns to hold each slab on display.  Since light is bad for comics, they mostly sit in the dark.  Come to think of it, there's probably no good reason we make them hold the slabs above their heads.

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  1. revat

    rjahn98 Kudos Thread

    Good buyer. Sold him some books, found him easy to deal with and had good communications. Solid all around.
  2. revat

    How come?

    They have a business model. It works for them. They've built want amounts a monopoly for signatures. They could open another stream of revenue, but it would dilute the value of the signature series. They choose not to. I'm sure they've considered it from the economic side. The odds are that they have a better grasp of their situation than we do. And the odds are that they would not share the substance of their analysis with the public. Why doesn't mcdonalds sell pizza? Plenty of restaurants sell burgers and pizza and are successful.
  3. revat

    Shipping france

    I think for US Postal service for one comic, you can probably get it shipped for $12-$15, maybe a bit less. For 20 comics, you probably have to go priority USPS which would cost $40-48. All prices in USD, you can probably research yourself for private companies- fedex, ups, dhl are probably the most commonly used ones in the USA. There are websites for all of them As for the cheapest to do 'big shipping', if you can fill it up its probably cheaper to get a full shipping container on one of those huge shipping boats.
  4. In general, if someone is wondering if CGC performs a service, it would probably be much faster to call/email CGC (who have actual employees that are paid to answer your questions) directly than to create an ID on an internet forum and solicit the OPINIONS of internet strangers who may or may night answer correctly or in a timely fashion.
  5. revat

    Amazing 361

    Well it really depends on your reason for buying. If you want it in your collection, its one thing. But if you're buying hoping to speculate for the future based on a movie appearance, the math is entirely different. Or if its a bit of both, still different. And of course, you need to factor in your 'international' status as well. Being based in Canada, if you're not a pro seller/dealer (or at least semi-pro), it's probably not a great buy for future flipping anymore. Your margins (especially if you end up buying from the US and selling to the US) will be eaten up by shipping/customs, as well as the exchange rate and sellers fees. There's really no reason to tie up $400 for 18 months to profit like $50-100 after taxes. And that's assuming the deal goes smoothly when you buy AND when you sell.
  6. revat

    Amazing 361

    I would say there have been multiple comic movies in the last 10-15 years, that have featured heroes/villains of all levels of popularity. Their associated comic 1st appearances should create enough data points for you to make a reasonable extrapolation for Carnage of ASM 361, in the event that Venom 2 is made AND Carnage will be featured in the movie (for which both seem plausible currently). You can use GPA analysis (a pay service which tracks CGC Sales) to look up the past sales price data, and look up the dates of teasers, trailers, and release dates with previous movies and 1st app comics, and use that data to estimate how much the price may or may not rise (and when). I know that this sounds like a lot of work, which is why people who might have done the analysis and have informed, experienced opinions might be less than will to share the info with internet strangers who might also reasonably be expected to be competitors FOR FREE. Which might also be a reason for an internet stranger to give you less than trustworthy info as well, they may have their own motives. It can have financial value.
  7. my first guess is that its not a comic. And also DH isn't popular enough to dive that deep
  8. This is probably the right answer...but... On the other hand, maybe this is a beloved copy that your dad gave you as your first comic, and you dress like Deathstroke every year for Halloween (and occasionally on Easter), to the point where your family thinks you're strange, and you want to keep and protect it for your entire life and pass on to your grandkids, in which case it might make sense to preserve it in the best possible condition, even if the financial math isn't ideal. Every situation is different.
  9. it also depends on your ultimate goals and costs involved. How much to press? How much to regrade? What is your expected grade (and the value of the comic at that grade) after the press? How confident are you in your ability to grade? Can you afford to tie up your money for a few more months?
  10. I liked season 2. I liked season 1 just a bit more. BUT I actually don't mind if they end it here. You know what's weird? I actually think the Punisher would be a better 'old tv series' where he just kills one bad guy or group of bad guys each week. More episodic and formulaic. But Daredevil Season 3 still better. The great tragedy of these the Netflix Marvel shows being discontinued is that we don't get to see more Bullseye, or Punisher v Bullseye. My Updated Rankings in descending order Daredevil Season 2 Daredevil Season 3 Jessica Jones 1 Punisher 1 Daredevil 1 PUnisher 2 Luke Cage 1 Luke Cage 2 Defenders Iron Fist 2 Jessica Jones 2 Iron Fist 1
  11. revat

    JSC signature opinion

    well the perception is that CGC SS is much more valuable than unverified signautres or COA's or green label comics. BUT that doesn't mean the financial decision is a slam dunk in any one direction. For example if you bought a signed JSC comic for $5 and can sell it for $10 online right away, that might be fine for you. But in some cases in some grades you might be able to get it graded for $20, and net a profit of $10 (as opposed to the $5) or more. But that then you might have to wait 3 months to get the comic graded, and tie up your money for longer, so the extra $5 profit isn't enough for you. But maybe if the extra profit is $10, or $20, or $30, or $100, it will be enough for you. Everyone is different in terms of their preferences. I provided some criteria to help you make your decision, and you are very reasonably asking for others who you presume to be more knowledgeable to make your decision for you, but ultimately it depends on the specific math and your own preferences. If you're hitting green label 9.9's and 10's on relatively rare books, it might be worth it to grade If you overpaid for the raws, it might be a matter of just getting out while you can. If you're hella rich and want to maximize your absolute money (as opposed to ROI) even if it takes more investment and time commitment, then you'll make a different decision. Those are the things I'd consider, but ultimately making the best financial decisions usually involves putting in some time and work. But for the shorter answer: Probably not worth it to grade, and generally not a great idea to buy signed comics (raw or CGC SS) for flipping purposes (getting comics signed yourself is one thing, but buying at full retail to flip is tough road)
  12. revat

    JSC signature opinion

    I would say just do your own research and your own math. I think using 'sold' prices on ebay should give the data you need for the most part. You could also look into GPA analysis, which is a paid service telling you the price history of graded comics. Then factor in the cost of grading (including shipping and insurance to and from CGC), then you can do your own cost/benefit analysis factoring in your own time, money, profit and risk preferences. It might to some extent depend on the book, the grade, and how the sig looks (both quality and placement), as well as the venue you sell.
  13. OK, sorry for the delay, invoices are coming today!!! Mom is doing great - a little scared, a little embarrassed, but no lingering issues. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.
  14. revat

    Batman 181

    I think you can just email CGC directly and ask. They have a customer service department.
  15. sure, take a bunch of pictures, and post them in the "Hey Buddy Can you Spare a Grade" subforum here on the CGC boards. Strangers will come by and offer their opinions. Or take it to your local comic book store, and give the store owner like a dollar or five and have him/her do it.