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    We have unpaid interns to hold each slab on display.  Since light is bad for comics, they mostly sit in the dark.  Come to think of it, there's probably no good reason we make them hold the slabs above their heads.

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  1. You can probably contact Cgc directly and they can direct you to the specific legal language you’re looking for.
  2. They might return the certificate to you if you’re lucky. But yah they don’t use it, and they don’t authenticate anything.
  3. Everyone has different preferences. Do some research and decide what works right for you and your books
  4. If you want even remotely reasonable answers about condition, take them out of the sleeves and take some pictures, carefully of course. if you’re the kind of person who thinks just because you put them in a sleeve right away the books are automatically in pristine condition, you are absolutely wrong, and probably don’t understand enough about comics to be doing Cgc submitting yet (unless money means nothing to you, in which case congrats!). Check the book for damage and estimate the grade yourself. scuffs and markings and corner damage can be deducted, unless the grader believes th
  5. Depends on the cards, the conditions, your financial situation, your collecting goals, possibly your geography. you’re basically asking “if I’m opening up my first restaurant, do I need apples?”
  6. I wouldn't be concerned yet. They could have a holiday backlog either way, and with covid plus holidays, they could be short staffed or have other issues that make various internal processes somewhat slow (less people working in the same area, less people with access to certain workstations or computers or shipping supplies, etc). They could have been extra ineffective at work on the capitol assault day (distracted), all kinds of stuff. But doesn't hurt to email them or call in and ask about your order.
  7. The answer depends. If you're selling superkeys vs high grade commons vs minor keys vs a combination of all of the above it could change the answer. If you have some superkeys you might be able to negotiate terms. Some companies pay faster, some companies net higher returns for some categories than others, but even they have different payment structures for fees. The main auction houses are heritage, mycomicshop, comiclink, comicconnect, and pedigree (a lot of people think poorly of the owner of that website). GO to each of the websites and compare your books against sold pri
  8. If you think these are valued at $50 each in those, then you probably wouldn't mind buying them at say....$30 each to make an easy $20 per.
  9. i would say most of these are not worth grading (for someone inexperienced), unless they are perfect in every conceivable way to your eye, exterior, interior, no bends, tears, folds, creases, spine tics, markings stains, fingerprints or any other blemishes. The value difference between a CGC 9.8 and CGC 9.6 is DRAMATIC. You can sell them in lots or individually on ebay, but for this size collection you'll probably do better selling here on the boards. Price and grade each book individually with a few good photos. Check out the sales forum to look at examples of sales threads.
  10. Depends on the comic and your own specific comic preferences. use eBay sold prices as a rough guide to pricing and do your own math of slabbed vs raw. Make sure you factor in all appropriate costs good luck
  11. I’m not saying there isn’t merit to your proposal, but the among other things there would be a major concern with consistency.
  12. The answer may also be dependent on the brand of comic or the era of the comic
  13. There’s probably some very individual specific math someone needs to do based on their own situation to decide if London or Florida direct makes more sense