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    We have unpaid interns to hold each slab on display.  Since light is bad for comics, they mostly sit in the dark.  Come to think of it, there's probably no good reason we make them hold the slabs above their heads.

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  1. Also consider asking Cgc customer service directly via email
  2. For sure you should complain push them to get back whatever you can, up to and including reslab with shipping reimbursement
  3. If for whatever reason you desperately wanted a green label, you could probably ask for it and get a higher grade which ignores the writing. But financially that would not be advisable. With that being said, money isn’t everything and everyone has their own goals and priorities good luck
  4. Just make sure they look absolutely perfect from every angle, adjust the lighting a bit too. and if submitting in bulk, consider the pre-screen Option
  5. Also it could take quite a few business days to process like maybe up to ten when it’s busy
  6. It depends on the event and the facilitator. There may a fee contact your facilitator if it’s a Cgc event contact them and have them walk you through your specific process
  7. This is a great example of why I'm glad there's no forum for this. All there would be is arguing back and forth. Also, most "notation requesters" aren't asking for the good of the hobby, they're asking for personal reasons which no one cares about or greed. What a headache for the Moderators people have and will always disagree with 1st app and cameo definitions (especially since they're super inconsistent AF), and in some cases how many cameos happen before a 1st app. And I don't mean this as a dig towards CGC, its confusing for everyone.
  8. Greetings from Quarantine. If you're stuck at home, I'm looking for Darkhawk oddities. Prices for raw are negotiable, but it is VEEERRRY likely I will pay more than anyone else. For CGC 9.8's White pages, these are the prices I'm willing to pay for Darkhawks. 1. Any Darkhawk comic w/ Mark Jeweler's inserts - I will buy just about any copy in reasonable shape, BUT for a CGC 9.8 I will pay 8X GPA for a normal CGC 9.8. - These are rare, but DO EXIST, and are likely to be newsstand copies that were sold near US Military bases in the 90's. 2. Any Darkhawk Australian Price Variant - I will buy ANY copy, BUT for a CGC 9.8 I will pay 10X the normal CGC 9.8 price. - There is no evidence that I have seen that these exist, BUT there are many Marvel comics from the EXACT same time period that do have Australian price variants. 3. Any Spanish or Italian Darkhawk comic - I will consider purchasing any raw copy above a 9.0, but will pay 5X the GPA price of a CGC 9.8 normal version for a CGC 9.8 version. - These do exist and I own most of them, but I'm willing to upgrade to higher grades. 4. Any other copper age rare versions or variants (not the 2nd print #5, I've got it already) or foreign editions, we can negotiate pricing, but a CGC 9.8 would get at least 5X the normal CGC 9.8 GPA price. - I don't know if any other copies exist, maybe German, French, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Canadian as possibilities in descending order. Other Rules: 1. I will pay for shipping. 2. I will buy up to three copies of any given comic (in some cases less). 3. I will require lots of pictures (unless it comes slabbed). 4. I'm also looking for CGC 9.8 Darkhawk Newsstand (most but not all) issues, for which I will pay 1.5X CGC 9.8. 5. For every 5 comics you sell me, I'll pay you a $5 bonus.
  9. Updated 8/5/20 Newly Added- Superboy 10, Justice League 94 Action Comics 684 3rd print, 686 2nd print, 695-710 (2 versions of 700), 712-715, 718, 722-726 Adventures Superman 498 4th print, 499 3rd print, 508-522, 524-532, 535-540, Annual 8 Animaniacs 1, 2, 4-7, 9-10, 15, 16, 18, Christmas 1 Aquaman 1, 3-9, 21-24 Aquaman: Time & Tide 1-3 Azrael 15, 16, 19, 20, 22 Batman 503-524 (515 has two versions), 526-527, 529, 531 (2 versions)-535, Batman Annual 13, 20 Batman Adventures 17, 18, 33, 35-36 Batman Chronicles # 4 Batman & Robin Adventures 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 Batman Legends Dark Knight 62-63 Batman: Shadow of the Bat 25, 29, 30, 35, 38 ,48, 49, 52-57 Catwoman 5-7, 9, 11-13, 15-19, 31, 32, 36, Annual 2 Damage 0 DC vs Marvel #1, 4 Detective Comics 670-691 (675 and 682 have 2 versions), 694-704, Detective Comics Annual 8-9 Flash 86-102 (100 has 2 versions), 104, 109-110, 114-117 Final night 1-4 Green Lantern # 36, 47-56 (51 has 1st and 2nd print), 58, 59, 61-68, 70, 75-77, 79-81 (2 versions of 81), Green Arrow 110-111 Guy Gardner 15-17, 26 Impulse 3, 10, 14-16 Impulse Annual 1 Justice League International 60-63, 67 Justice League of America 69 4th print,84-95, 97-99, 107-108, 112 Justice League Task Force 7, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 32 Legionnaires 10, 12, 16, 19-22, 25-26, 29, 33 Looney Tunes 2-6, 8-9, 12-15 Nightwing 1, 2 Pinky & Brain 1 Parallax: Emerald Night # 1 Power of Shazam 1-4, 12, 16-17, 19 Robin 3-9, 11-22 (2 versions of 14), 25, 27-28, 30-35 Robin Annual 4-5 Showcase '94 1-10 Steel 1-15, 17, 23, 24, 28-29, 31 Superboy 1-16, 20, 23-24, 29-30, 32, Annual 3 Superboy and the Ravers 1-2 Supergirl (1994) #1-4 Supergirl (1996) #2-4 Superman 74 4th print, 77 3rd print, 85-106, 108-109, 113-118 Superman Annual 6, 8 Superman Man Steel 18 5th print, 19 3rd print, 20 2nd print, 29-50, 52-53, 57-60, Annual 3 Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow # 1, 5 Superman Doomsday: Hunter/Prey 1-3 Superman Wedding 1 (2 versions) Superman Toyman 1 Sovereign Seven # 1 Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? #1 Wonder Woman 82, 84-93, 95-98, 101, 106 * This list does not denote any variances in indices or advertisements that may or may not exist for any given issue, and generally does not designate specific stickered versions. There is some discussion about this somewhere. Feel free to read through that and/or create your own sub list(s) if you're into it.
  10. The turnaround times do change for any number of reasons, that are not always really shared
  11. Whether or not you should buy graded signature series depends on your collection and financial preferences
  12. Sounds like things are popping, I’ll update the master list soon!
  13. To the OP, just to be more clear there’s a difference between “I’d pay market price to get a couple for my personal collection” and “I think this is a good investment which I expect to profit from eventually”. And “this would have been a good investment had I purchased a while back”. Of course those things aren’t mutually exclusive, but are worthy considerations
  14. Reprints! They’re not for everyone, but I have no problem with them. But then the value comes mostly from the sigs. Which I’m fine with too. a lot of people want the sigs, but don’t want to ‘deface’ a valued original classic comic.