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    We have unpaid interns to hold each slab on display.  Since light is bad for comics, they mostly sit in the dark.  Come to think of it, there's probably no good reason we make them hold the slabs above their heads.

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  1. I think you're good mate. I expect this deal to go through, even though it was clearly sold 11 years ago and the price has tripled since then. Either way, you can pm the seller or the buyer
  2. I guess I would say, there's a whole trove of pricing history available between GPA, ebay, and other websites to help you track prices over time. Depending on your level of statistical expertise an the time you spend, there should be enough data about the starting points of the key variants and high ratio variants to give you an idea. Of course, even then you'd still have to pick correctly about which cool cover or rare 1st appearances to focus on. Maybe if you do enough analysis you can find common attributes to help you guess which ones experience price explosions. Of course that takes a lot of time an effort, and you won't know until you're 'done' if it was worth the time and effort. Some people may have some theories, but those theories take time and effort and expertise to explore, and have value that diminishes if those theories are distributed to random internet strangers. Good luck. I'd say buy what you like for now while keeping an eye on trends to see if you can locate any weaknesses in the matrix. Make notes, read up, and take the occasional risk.
  3. File a police report, and/or light him up on social media.
  4. you'd think this subforum would be where people ask questions for people new to comics or CGC, but I guess its also a good place to state opinions that nobody asked you for, here's some from me: I PREFER SARDINES IN MY PORRIDGE. SOMETIMES I THINK I SHOULD USE A BIGGER RE-USABLE WATER BOTTLE AT WORK SO I DON'T HAVE TO REFILL SO OFTEN, BUT THE BIG ONES ARE CUMBERSOME TO HOLD AND CARRY AROUND.
  5. this thread is nearly 8 years old. rules may or may not have changed. I'd consider taking some pictures, getting the dimensions, and emailing CGC directly for your query. And/or checking the website FAQ section first. or separately there's a ASK CGC subforum. good luck.
  6. I think you should start by going to the Cgc registry website should be some directions there
  7. one of my LCS's prescreens them and charges a few bucks more for the extra high grades, but I think only for popular titles. I'm a fan of the service if a subscriber arranges ahead of time to do it, but not so much if they just grade high and put them out on the shelf at extra cost. There are times when ON NEW COMIC WEDNESDAY they have more 'high grade high price' copies on the shelf than the cover price issues.
  8. There are some people that you can subscribe to, who will sell you Cgc 9.8 copies and variants with advance notice. Obviously there’s a premium to be paid but it is an option
  9. I was hoping this thread would be about comics about actual boxing, like Superman v Ali.
  10. I'd take a few pics and email CGC directly. They have a website and employees, and those types of things.
  11. It's not something I was suggesting, I was just trying to understand what was being discussed. This is actually something I've always wondered about. Shouldn't every book graded be treated with the same expert level of care and objectivity? On the other hand, maybe an older or more valuable book should get looked at by maybe one more grader or the best best of the best graders? I don't know what the right answer is, it might be proprietary information that we can speculate on, or maybe it's explained somewhere. Either way, I think it's a reasonable question to ask. But my assumption was for the higher tier and cost was these factors: Insurance, faster grading (not less time grading, but moving faster in the in the queue and administrative processing), an additional grade from a grader (but not necessarily a 'better' or more expert grader), also that it is flagged as a comic that might be used in some type of promotional materials later on.
  12. Don't be disingenuous about it, but going with the lower/cheaper tier is fine if you're on the border. You're literally not a professional grader, that's why you're sending it to them.