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  1. i feel we missed out on an amazing JL movie with the way he been releasing photos and behind the scenes.
  2. they can go in so many different directions, I would for them to dive deeper into who send Ghidorah. which would be a perfect way to introduce Planet X race that rules over many different planets.
  3. I love it seen it twice already and planning to see again this week. the movie felt like an old Godzilla movie just with a bigger budget I never expect an Oscar type writing when it comes to these movies. it was a better story than the last Pacific Rim movie the only weakness it had was the human side of the story. now I can't wait to see where it goes with Godzilla vs Kong and hoping we get more information and maybe a teaser at SDCC.
  4. hope it turns out a little better than the second film maybe even match the first film.
  5. at least they have one movie under their PlayStation originals belt. if they can make a mix of movies, TV shows it could work for them.
  6. yes, I also think the other guy in that fight was also in the raid.
  7. I just loved the movie we can say Trilogy Chapter 1 is done can't wait to see were they go both in action and scale.
  8. for the fact that the character is so unknown outside of the comics readers and still perform this good is the greatest thing that can happen to comics books movies.
  9. I think I like this season finale better than the last couple of seasons. it pulled on the heartstrings in all different directions with some foreshadowing of what to come in the future. I do think they need to change the way they do these seasons going forward maybe have the first half lead up to the crossover event with small teases for the villain in the second half.