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  1. @Robot Man that's one heck of a way to finish off the week. Congratulations
  2. As I was posting on the planet thread I realized this thread was in page #3. I found some time to take pictures of a few recent additions enjoy my fellow FH collectors
  3. Here's my #5 she's beat up and missing parts but its mine
  4. Hey @SamPool I bought a 0.5 cgc missing 2 pages and wrap from @Spyder! a year or two ago. I was simply delighted to own a copy of a very tough and expense book. In the back of my head when buying incomplete books my goal is to someday complete it. As luck would have it on pop up on ebay a few weeks back and the rest is history. I'll say say there are some heavy endorphins working when you know you put together a golden age book. I can't explain it
  5. Hi Gang, Looking for low grade copy of Rangers comics 29 and a Planet comics 3(any condition on the #3) Please PM me. Thanks
  6. Thanks Bud. I'm so pumped it's a great feeling completing such a tough book!
  7. Hey Gang finally had the pleasure of completing my Planet #2