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  1. Very nice !! Thank you for sharing I'll take that Jungle 22 page
  2. Hey Jared, I wouldn't say the rarest but definitely top 5 in my opinion @kelholt what do you think?
  3. Thanks Mike I appreciate it. I'm truly happy to own it. 😁👍
  4. Hey gang just wanted to drop in and show you my new book. I'm so giddy right now. This was one of those books that not a lot of folks will understand how tough it is to acquire. I'm not going to hit you with any cgc data because there isn't much I honestly I thought I would of found this book in the next 2-3 years but thanks to the fiction house gods this low grade copy popped up on ebay and I was extremely happy to have won it. I want to thank a few members who I have reached out to educate me on the scarcity of this book. Thank you to @Tsp99 @Drgoldage @walclark and a special thank you to @kelholt for all his knowledge on the book. well here it is I automatically think of this meme when I posted this
  5. Happy Friday Planet Gang 😁 Here are some recent pick ups
  6. I feel that there are a lot of us out there quietly buying up parts. I truly think it will become much bigger than what it is right now. Well I hope it does. imagine going to local comic book gathering and you see table the reads comic book parts for sale and trade I also agree that the green label stigma doesn't help but I feel as time goes by these books ( Golden age ) will become harder and harder to find.
  7. Hello everyone I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted everyone's input on this conversation I was having a conversation with a fellow comic book parts collector. Do you guys foresee more collectors going the route of piecing books together as prices continue to climb and most collectors can't afford certain books. I for one started collecting parts about a year ago and I can't begin to describe how amazing it feels to buy an incomplete book and finding the missing page or wraps to bring back the book back to it's complete state.
  8. Happy Friday! everyone Here's a new addition to the Miamiknight collection 😁😎
  9. open to offers will close this out tomorrow Thank you
  10. Captain Midnight Kit original mailer envelope alomg with the decier pin $175
  11. My apologies it's been updated. I will ship international as well
  12. 4 most Comics great cover Solid G water damage looks like some rust on staples $old