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  1. I attend every year for the last 9 years. I don't check the boards as much as I used to so shoot me an email: if anyone needs help.
  2. Hey fellow nerds, I'll be at Star Wars Celebrations this year for the entire event (April 10th - 16th) and if anyone needs any help, please let me know. I won't be able to take tons of books that are submitted due to the limited ability of where I can transport and store at the event, but if that changes, I'll let folks know. PM me for my contact info if you need help. Cheers! -Chris
  3. Just listed this item Let me know if anyone is interested and I'd be willing to end the listing, go through Venmo and free shipping to save on costs.
  4. If you have anything you need help getting signed in Arizona, PM me. I go to PHXCC every year (10 years strong this year) and I'll hit up any LCS or smaller CON if it's in AZ (mainly the greater PHX area). I also try to get out to SDCC and Star Wars Celebrations (when it's in the U.S.). A bunch of the other board members and some CGC staff can vouch for me. I know how to crack slabs like and show your books or art work respect when handling them. I'm not a comic dealer nor do I have plans to quit my day job to do this for a living. I just love comics and helping others who share a similar passion who can't attend a con. If your requests are reasonable (ex. a few books here and there for artists or authors, etc.) But I will charge if you want have custom sketch cover requests, need me to stand in long lines and wait hours to get a bunch of celebrities on a book, etc. Because it is getting a little insane now at all the cons I've been too as of recent and from what I've heard what happened last year at Star Wars Celebrations.
  5. Sorry guys, I've been tied up at work and my volunteer gig I do at night. My eBay ID is Jediblizz and I'm open for reasonable offers based on the prices I but up there.
  6. It makes me sick to my stomach that I have to do this as I truly wanted to pass these down to my 9 year old boy when he got older but I can't risk a significant hit to my savings and taxes. I need to come up with some cash to cover some additional attorney fee's I wasn't expecting as a result of my recent divorce. I was debating about dipping into my savings but I not at the cost of what the taxes would be compared to if I sold a few of my prized Star Wars comics. I have a few dozen more and I'll be putting more up if I'm unable to raise the cash I need to cover my expenses. If anyone is interested, feel free to hit me up and let me know what your best offer would be. I have them up on eBay also. -Chris
  7. I will be attending PHCC again this year, so if anyone needs anything, I would be glad to help.
  8. Example: Marvel Star Wars #42 Which would be considered more valuable? This site shows the Newsstand Edition as the variant.