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  1. I have a copy for Gears 4 for sale. This is the digital copy. With it, you can play on your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. It is the Ultimate Edition, so you get the season pass and goodies. It retails for $99, but I'm selling it for $85 75. First take it wins. PayPal payment. LOWERED TO $75
  2. You were saying... http://nerdist.com/meet-the-zombie-parasite-that-mind-controls-you-then-explodes-out-of-your-brain/
  3. One thing that has always bothered me about this show and the comic, was the lack of scientific accuracy (corpses should be completely rotted by now, rigor mortis, etc...) And now, this new theory sheds light into how it's possible for the survivors to continuously be snuck up on by the walkers. Enjoy!
  4. I, and everyone I know all pronounced it as "Knee-gan". I honestly don't see how people could think otherwise. And totally agree, super weak finale. And glad i have my copies of TWD 100 second print.
  5. Yeah. I REALLY enjoyed this episode. It started strong, and kept that pace.