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  1. Unfortunately, yes, you can only request that if you are submitting the book to us for grading. When the graders examine the book, that is when they will research your request and see if they agree and can put that on the label. Thanks!
  2. Hi, if you are submitting for a private signing, we ask you to write the artist's initials all over the outside of the box and we will pull those out upon receipt and get them logged in ASAP. The submissions just have to be delivered by the cut off date and not necessarily opened and logged in by that date. Thanks!
  3. You can, but you will need to complete a separate order for each. You also want to make sure you still list the artist initials on the outside of the box, even if you have a regular submission included. Thanks!
  4. Hi Ed, The invoice in question is with CCS for pressing. Right now, Quick Press is running about 106 business days. Your order has been here approximately 73 business days so it will be a few weeks yet until it completed pressing and then moves to CGC to start the grading process. You can find all of our turnaround times online here. Pressing: CGC Services & Fees | CGC ( Grading: CGC Services & Fees | CGC ( Thank you!
  5. I'm sorry about the delay. I did send a message down and they were supposed to get it encapsulated and out by Monday. I know our slab department is running behind right now so it might have gotten overlooked. I just sent another message to have them locate it today and get it done. Thanks,
  6. Good morning, Thanks for your message. Some minor movement inside the holder is normal and acceptable and would not hurt the book. As far as the bugs go, the holders are not completely airtight so depending on how and where the books were stored after encapsulation, it is conceivable that insects could get into the bags and/or holder itself if they were small enough. We can certainly reholder the books for you and that should take care of the issue but you might want to contact the seller on that since there would be a charge for the reholder option. If you have any q
  7. Good morning, Thanks for your message. I don't know if that can or will happen any time in the near future, but I will certainly pass the idea along to our people that handle the census and see if it is a possibility at some point. Thank you!
  8. Hi, thanks for your message. I will certainly pass your suggestion along! We do normally post updates on our Facebook page but it certainly wouldn't hurt to post the info in more than one place. Thanks so much for your suggestion and your interest in CGC!
  9. Good morning, Thanks for your message. There could be a variety of reasons why one was processed and completed before the other. The packages might have arrived at different times and/or been opened and logged in on different days. They could have been under different tiers which have different turnaround times. If you have a submission number, we can take a look and check the status. Thanks!
  10. Good morning, Thanks for your message. The Large shipping kits are for approximately 11 to 40 books. You receive 4 of the bubble bags and 4 of the "raw books inside" boxes so you should be able to safely fit up to 10 per bubble bag and box. You can watch a video on how to safely pack your books using our shipping kits here: Thank you!
  11. Good morning, Thanks for your message. If you see anything on the census that is incorrect, you can email us the information at: and we can forward that over to the reps that handle updating the Census information. Thanks!
  12. Good morning, Thanks for your message. We can pull a book from an existing order for a signing but there is a $15 charge per book to pull those and you would need to complete a new private signing order form and email us the new packing slip along with the old submission number and which books you want pulled. You can email us at: Thanks!
  13. Good morning, Thanks for your message. We are currently opening and entering mail received the week of 3-15 so if your order was delivered to us on or after that date then it hasn't been opened and logged in yet. You will receive an email once it is in the system and then at that point, you will be able to log into your account and see that there. Thanks!
  14. Good morning, If you have a book that is already encapsulated, you can submit it for pressing and regrading. You can keep it in the holder and we will crack it out here before the pressing process. You would complete your order as you normally would except when you get to the page to enter your book information you can just enter the certification number and it will pre-populate that book info. Thanks!
  15. Good morning, I would be happy to check your order and see what is going on with it. I will just need you to provide the submission number. If you submitted your books just for Modern grading with no other services and they were entered on 12-18 then they should have been completed by now. Thanks,