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  1. Good morning, Thanks for your message. You can check any book on our Census to see if we have possibly graded it before and if so, how many we have graded of any particular grade. You can find our census here: Thanks!
  2. Yes, books manufactured with extra staples. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I've heard back from the graders on this and, unfortunately, they advise that there's no simple answer based on the information currently out there. They will need some more time and then once all available books are out there to examine, we'll be able to make a determination. Thank you!
  4. Good morning, I checked with our graders on this and they advised that we used to note extra staples on the label, but now we do not. Extra staples have no effect on the final grade in any range, though books made with extra staples tend to be in lower grade due to the overhang that it sometimes causes. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  5. Good morning, I would recommend checking our census to see what key comments and first appearances may be listed for that book. If you do not see a First Appearance notation that you believe should be noted, you may request it. To request a first appearance update or inclusion of other information to the current label, please include a note both on your printed submission form and also attached to the bag of the specific book (post-it on comic bag) and our graders will review and make a determination on that request during the grading process. Thank you!
  6. Good morning, I'm not sure why you aren't receiving more results when you type in the title. When I typed in just Elfquest this is what came up for me: If you can send a screen shot of what you are seeing when you type that in, we can check into it further for you. Thanks!
  7. Jennifer F.

    Shipping Kits

    Good morning, Please email our customer service department with your name and customer number and we can check into the status of that kit for you. You can email us at: Thanks!
  8. Good morning, Thanks for your message. You only need 15 books if you are doing Quick press. You can submit any number of books when doing regular pressing. For Quick Press, all 15 would need to be the same tier in order to qualify for that option. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  9. Good morning, Unfortunately, our office is not open to the public. Only authorized CGC dealers are permitted to set up appointments for our curbside drop off and pickup. If you are a Collector's Society member then you would need to mail your submissions in or you could find a local dealer to bring them in for you. You can find a listing of authorized dealers on our website here: Dealer listing Thank you!
  10. Good morning, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, no, we would not be able to encapsulate your COA. We do not recommend you send in a COA with your book as we do not use them for verification purposes and do not encapsulate them. Also, there is always a chance the COA might get separated from the book during the grading process. Thank you!
  11. Good morning, Thanks for your message. We are currently opening mail that arrived the week of 11-6 so if your package is here it may not have been opened yet. Without the tracking number to verify that it was delivered, the only real option is to wait until we have opened all the packages from around the date that it would have arrived and see if it is entered. You might check with FedEx and see if there is any way they can provide you with any additional information on the package. Thanks,
  12. Hello, thanks for your message. I've forwarded this over to our graders and they are currently reviewing that and making a determination. We'll provide an answer as soon as we can. Thanks!
  13. I am sorry if you were unhappy with our response. Your original message was reviewed by our Director of Operations and the response I provided to you was approved by him. If you would like to speak to a manager, you are welcome to do so. You can email us at or call us at 877-662-6642. Thank you.
  14. Good morning, Thanks for your message. While I do understand your concerns about your books, facilitators work independently of CGC so there is not much we can do on our end regarding this issue. Customers make their own choice as far as which facilitator to use and any issues regarding how the facilitator handles their submissions should be addressed directly with that facilitator. On another note, Chandler Rice this year has been fighting brain cancer and just passed away a few weeks ago. Sharon Rice will be getting back to the business but for obvious reasons may need a little bit of time. Thank you!
  15. Good morning, Unfortunately, it looks like imaging was not requested on your invoice 2579283. You might want to check with the facilitator on that if you had advised them you wanted that service and it wasn't selected. Thank you!