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  1. You're the reason one of mine didn't get done I've been waiting for this one for about 2years now and I actually didn't get it at this show either. When I came back to the con to grab it from him he was gone. Haha
  2. Did you buy crain's deadpool sketch cover on eBay? Yup! This one too. I was going to bid on the deadpool cover but totally forgot to do it the day of.
  3. Did you buy crain's deadpool sketch cover on eBay?
  4. Haven't seen my sketch covers from eccc yet but here's two published covers I bought. Scott Koblish - Deadpool #6 Matthew Southworth Hardcover #2 cover
  5. That is crazy good. For what it's worth, that would have gotten my vote for the best Deadpool. Aww thanks Steve.
  6. I don't even know if best of the best exists anymore but I really wanted to throw this one on here to see how it compares. Owner: brentio Artists: Felipe Massafera