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  1. sold! and thanks for the wishes!
  2. Hey guys got laid off of work, so im getting selling this off. Rules No probies or HoSers US only for right now Payment Paypal first I take wins on to the statue 170 shipped
  3. Hey guys needing some extra cash since i got laid off, so i am selling my chew #1. Rules: 1: no HoSer or prob 2: US only please 3: payment paypal. Alright heres the book. Asking 330 shipped
  4. Think shipping would cost a pretty penny to send over there 150 shipped
  5. Hello all I am moving and getting rid of some stuff to off set my cost. Rules PayPal for payment No probies or HoSer U.S. only for right now. Alright well here is a pic of the bust( grab it off the internet don't wanna take it out of the box will do if needed) http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a42/darktoon32/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpslc3lcmmt.jpg Asking 180 shipped