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  1. Just one book for sale! Crimes by Women #10 CGC 2.5 OW Pages - Used in SOTI! Asking $360 USD SHIPPED (Canada or USA) Standard rules applies. First "I'll take it" gets it. PM if you wish. PAYPAL prefered!
  2. Had a similar thing happen this last weekend at a flea market. I fellow JUST beat me to a booth that was selling comics by the quantity, not individually priced. Saw him with a beautiful stack of late silver, early bronze age stuff in really great condition. Told the guy he picked out 44 book, and the seller didn't bother to look at any of them just said $120. I kept my mouth shut, waited for him to finish up then I went digging through the boxes and grabbed some things for myself. Would be quite asinine for me to raise a stink or say something!
  3. Personally I'd really love to see more ensemble action movies. As "meh" as all the Expendables movies were, they were pretty fun because of the cast. I feel the same way about the Fast and the Furious franchises now as well. Its the ensemble cast that really makes a big action movie feel pretty fun.
  4. As someone who had never submitted on their own, always through a friend or a store I agree. I would be way more inclined to send off a shipment if I know the total cost of what I was sending in. There's too many what if's and variables especially with the exchange rate as too how much it'll cost me at the end of the day.
  5. Picked up a copy at my LCS. I honestly mostly use it as bathroom reading material. Fun to read the articles, and learn new 1st appearances etc.
  6. I did not. Saw it in an IMAX theater in Canada. The way they had the seats set up was 2 filled seats, 3 empty seats, and every other row was empty.
  7. Not a damn thing. Does anyone know if CGC takes pictures of books they receive at all?
  8. I know a few people in Canada who have received recent submissions back and the shipping has gone from around 80-90 USD up to 180USD
  9. Personally, I love reading the articles. As for prices, I love to use it when buying, but pretend it doesn't exist when selling haha
  10. @Fantastic Thor Found out who beat you on this book :P
  11. Hey guys, Decided to sell my Active Comics #8 Don't think I need to say how incredibly tough these are to find. She's got a few flaws to her, but is overall a beautiful book. Flaws - Some of the inside pages have been colored in (as per the pictures). The Centerfold appears to be detached. Someone bound the centerfold with two bits of string (as per the pictures). Some staining. Single staples still holds the books together very nicely. Cover is attached. No major tears or pieces missing. Gonna be asking $385 USD I'm shipping out of Canada, so shipping to USA w
  12. Got an autograph from J Scott Campbell at Calgary Expo a few years ago, he was short, and powering through the line ... unless it was a female fan, definitely paid more attention to them.