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  1. Nope and I don't think it would get a Green Label. These variants were ONLY made available for signatures. So CGC would see that and MIGHT give them a Yellow Label. But I'm just speculating..... No idea, that info is what we are trying to find out. As for it been green label or yellow ss, not sure. My friend mention they told him green label though but not sure if he called cgc or if the store owner did since he opened it at the shop.
  2. My friend got his from the batman/superman #30 polybag and the ones by Kevin Maguire are also from that series. There's supposed to be an action comics #50 poly but haven't seen anything about anyone getting a signature edition yet.
  3. 3 total on eBay, one of which supposedly sold for $400 and change. On another note, a friend of mine pulled a Henry Cavill Photo Cover signed by Zach Snyder. We've been looking for info/odds on that one but nothing yet.