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  1. I'm tempted on those boxes but I really don't need it so I stopped myself I am excited to see what you pull!
  2. Anyone else worried about celebs not doing shows in the future.....or cons just not happening for years? If only the Rona started here 2 weeks later I would have had a bunch of awesome stuff I have my doubts if they will ever get done
  3. Impulse buy.....hopefully I can add the rest if people ever decide to start doing appearances again
  4. If anyone here purchased this and wants to break it up, I would love to buy a page
  5. They are definitely very cool. A few years ago Peter brought out a portfolio to a couple signings full of these including error covers. I only got the Dooney #4 cover (my favorite), but I wish I got many more. They look great framed and display better than a CGCd book IMO.
  6. These look good to me! I had about 10 early cover proofs at one point and the sigs looked similar. These are just earlier styles of their sigs back when Peter did his middle initial. Their early early signs look even more different. I don't think anyone is going to fake an Eastman as he is easily available and the PL looks good
  7. Anyone else thinking twice about buying stuff online? Who knows who is touching stuff!?
  8. Nice grab on that IT book!!! Been looking at it, but have been trying to hold back buying things.....thanks for buying it before me!!
  9. many books I was going to get done cancelled in the last few days....
  10. Planet CC KC cancellation announcement in moments
  11. Sold a Twin Peaks CGC Magazine to Sweet Lou....Nice & easy w/ great communication!
  12. ACE Northeast Boston just cancelled... MF!!!! I was really looking forward to an Ewen/Hayden book