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  1. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    It sure is, that's a great cover!
  2. I have the following books up on eBay if interested:
  3. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Here's a good write up about it
  4. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Moyer seems to be doing a lot more appearances so since they are married I'd expect her to come along when she can if theres no filming conflict. I had been waiting for her for years, holding onto that book, checking every show's guests weekly (what I still do) Goodluck!! Just an FYI for all the SOA fans out there....Charlie Hunnam will be at Motor City this year, his last and only appearance was a disaster and they all left early.....jump on this opportunity while you can!
  5. Nothing yet....and if so it's usually a spur of the moment tag-a-long with Steve Lavigne at a small local con with no CGC presence. I would keep an eye on the Granite State Comic Con. I dont know if any witnesses will be there, but I have a feeling they will be trying to get a large TMNT presence with Eastman being there.
  6. That was a fun and successful day!! I'll never forget.
  7. All?? / Most??.... of the regulars here are great people and I am happy I have had a chance to meet many of you in person, and I have had a number of great dealings with many I have not met. Merry Christmas to everyone....if you celebrate that sort of thing!! working on something for issue 100?!?!?!
  8. nriccijr


    My OCD would stare at that 9.2 every day......I'd have to block the grades from my sight.
  9. I wish you could get it without spending $60 on the bundle....that's how they get ya!
  10. nriccijr


    Wow.....that back cover is perfect!
  11. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Ahhh...gotcha....I figured you had it done and just got it back. Congrats anyways!
  12. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Where the heck did Hardy sign???? I have a Mad Max book waiting!!
  13. nriccijr

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Just got this book back.....been waiting forever to get her sig
  14. So I have this magazine which at first looked super crisp. Upon further inspection, the first 2 pages are connected still (siamese pages???) and it creates a crease on the front cover. I looked into this a little and every other copy I could find has this problem. How would GGC grade this? Would it take a giant hit, or be a printing error? The cover creases do not color break, but I would not have it pressed as it would just make the indent worse. I really want to get this magazine signed and CGC'd, but not if it takes a giant hit. Please help!
  15. Is this still happening? What is the deadline?