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  1. - Payment is by Paypal only. - No HOSers or anyone on probation. - Worldwide Shipping, No Returns - Shipping is NOT included and will be the EXACT cost via First Class, Priority Mail (if book is over $80), or USPS First Class International for international buyers. - First gets the book(s) and trumps current PM conversations. I have the following TMNT books for sale. Please see pictures for condition and ask if you want any additional pictures. These are DIFFERENT than some of the ones on eBay, and are currently only listed here. IDW #1 Detroit FanFare Blank Variant w/ Peter Laird Head Sketch - $100 (I will throw in the bottom 2 signed Kevin Eastman books for free!) IDW #55 - Team Eastman Variant Signed By Kevin Eastman IDW #60 - Team Eastman Variant Signed By Kevin Eastman
  2. Got this on eBay.....couldn't resist!
  3. Ahh...there is it! I was wondering who got that one! I am guessing that is what Steve was selling recently, but didn't go into detail what he was selling? Too bad Pete wrote on such an iconic page...but I guess it was a gift so... What happens when you own every page from 10?!?!!
  4. If we want to encapsulate our belongings in hard plastic we have every right to. No one should tell us what to do with our funny books.
  5. Well here it it in my hands today. I am very excited to finally own an early E&L page (with a turtle). I have been struggling with the decision to buy one for a while, but as the pages I liked started to sell I figured YOLO and got up at 2am one morning and pulled the trigger. One of my favorite themes in the series is Raph's internal struggles so I went with this one, plus I like the background and toning.
  6. Nice...congrats!! Be careful when you buy the 2nd print. I got them in the clearance section of B&N around Christmas for $10. They were not shrink-wrapped (like my first edition was....great book by the way) and when I got home there were no comics in the back. If you want one, go to the store and cherry pick the best condition comic.....or at least make sure it is there...but please do not steal them!
  7. LOL yeah I know I know.....that was a touch decision to make!