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  1. Make me an offer!!...tough sig on an old magazine!
  2. It's the back of a magazine called Spectrum. It is a 90s fanzine. Not sure of the issue number, but Xena is on the front. I believe #29
  3. FINALLY got my books back from NYCC & ACE. Did you know the TAT for mags is up to 47!! It took longer than that too! It seems like they let them build up for 2-3 months and band them out in one weekend. Might be the last time I sub a mag as it just takes way too long. Thanks to @Kevlar for the facilitation! I added all the sigs besides Frodo. Monaghan bailed so I missed out on him. I know he is doing a bunch of Fan Expos but I am not going to pay a grading fee again for just him. Was originally planning on getting all the stars on this book...but the end of the show left such a sour taste in my mouth I don't know. I will keep it for now. They did do a tremendous job acting with the poor writing they had.
  4. Will buy raw or graded....I will pay up for this!
  5. Looking to buy a copy of Marvel Obi-wan & Anakin #1 Hastings Variant. Must be a 9.8 candidate and can ship in a cardboard mailer to prevent bending. I have purchased all I have been able to find and they have all come damaged
  6. That's crazy, looks like you hit it just right! I am still waiting for mags from NYCC and ACE. It seems they do them all at once so hopefully we all get ours back by next week!!
  7. Stranger Things CGC SS 9.8 Millie Bobby Brown Signed Photo Variant. Make an offer!! Beautiful book!
  8. Very nice.....I loved the first season. I thought it had great potential then mishandled and sputtered out
  9. IDK about you but the wait for mags is starting to P me off!!
  10. Modern Mags just went up from 37 to 42 days!! Ridiculous....