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  1. How could they not like how that was going....$40k+!!
  2. Is CCS really 55 days?!?!.....that's insane. Anyone sub a magazine recently?
  3. Also a cool #100 Variant...pic from Rich's site.
  4. Who's gonna do it?!?!?!
  5. I have the following 2 items for sale......make me an offer on the TMNT piece! I paid $500 for it straight from Steve Lavigne so obviously selling it for way less than I paid for it!
  6. It is absolutely beautiful and a perfect size IMO. Up there as a grail with my Sideshow statues and Raph page.
  7. I got a bunch of junk in my tru......back seat!!
  8. Do you think someone paid for sign it 10 times at once, at one show, or do you think it is a marker tester book the facilitator is selling? I could see his handlers not being happy with all the marker switching
  9. HAHAHAHAAH oh god that is bad!!! I clicked on the link....I think the "crotch rot" is equally terrifying!!
  10. Up on eBay, $.99 No Reserve