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  1. Do you get a tick if you cancel and the bidder doesn't approve it? I am trying to thin things out so I'm not selling at all except for my purges every year or so. Hope all is well!
  2. Some weird stuff going on here. This is the only CGC book I've sold in a year. Do these people have something against CGC? The winner is the only one of the 3 involved on the list so far. They may all be the same people. I posted a book to make offers. Got 2 low-ball offers both from Tampa (giants8962 and mamcs-1). I declined both because they were so low it's not even funny. I got a 3rd (Loganx2317-9) where the guy was actively messaging with me and sending offers. He finally accepted one (a good offer) and then nothing for 2 days. I looked into him and searched his name on Google and bo
  3. Just saw the cover for 34 on Comic Link...Good Luck!
  4. Good thing I searched this forum...I had a funny feeling when the guy's name was "James Bond". He was very very quick with his counteroffers, finally accepted one....then never paid. Looks like I have to play the 6 day waiting game to relist.
  5. I was thinking of making a vinyl 9.8 decal to put on my non-9.8 slabs just so everything looks uniform I wish CGC would just have an authentication service and you could chose to have it graded or not.
  6. So with getting the above book back I have some mixed feelings that have been bubbling about SS for a little bit...wanted to see what other people think. To preference things I have some OCD when it comes to quality, imperfections, and wasting time/money. I think I am going to stop sending in my own books for SS. I will only be buying books already done, or ones where I can pay for a 9.8. I have gotten much better deals on eBay for books that are already done, and I can see signature quality, placement, and grade. Even if the day is not great, I think I would rather pay up for a book
  7. I just got this back... the 9.4 baffles me...was expecting a 9.8 and I had it pressed too just incase. I love the sigs and the book but this will kill my OCD
  8. Looks like a Michael Dooney.....I've never seen his full signature before though
  9. Stan also sold these at cons as I have a Yellow Label one. Personally I'd leave it raw. I don't think you'll get the $$ back in value that you will be putting into it.
  10. Just got this in the mail...could not be happier!!! Waited what seems like forever to get this done!! SO happy with the grade, placement & signatures!!
  11. Just got this in the mail...could not be happier!!! Waited what seems like forever to get this done!! SO happy with the grade, placement & signatures!! On a side there anything more exciting that opening up a package and you have no idea what the grade will be or the placement and quality of the sigs?? I love/hate it!!
  12. Wow....congrats!! I hope my Anakin / Obi-Wan comes in soon!
  13. How do we feel about our Ray Park books today?? Do we sell them?
  14. I'm tempted on those boxes but I really don't need it so I stopped myself I am excited to see what you pull!