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  1. Does a comic case need to be broken/scratched for reholdering? For example, just to get a new label and perhaps a new description if restored and some of that is now deemed to be conservation. (Such as an EP to an A2). Does one risk a regrading if grading has become tighter since first submitted? Does the fee for restored books that need a new label (due to new attitudes towards tear seals and reinforcement) increase? Thanks for any insights...
  2. Responder 1: thank you so much for the detailed explanation... Responder 2: thanks for the confirmation. To both: I have such a book and bought it after it was removed from it’s case. The dealer was quite upfront about the book and it’s issues, but never mentioned the fact that it had been graded before. At one point he actually wanted to buy it back. I was only concerned with the possibility of a NG. Always knew it was restored and it’s quite a nice copy which should be worth multiples of what I paid for it regardless of the grade. Again thanks for taking the time to answer my question...
  3. Let’s say we have 3 scenarios. In all instances we have a GA book that looks like a f/Vf 7.0. (Assume book moderate professional rest). 1. An interior story page has 1/3 of a page missing. 2. Same page has the 1/3 piece professionally reattached. 3. Same page has the 1/3 page recreated by a professional. What are the likely grade drops for all 3 and will any get the NG? Thanks for any thoughts...
  4. Now that I’ve sorta relearned how to get a pic on here, I’d like to add my former fave (which I still love): This one scores with Me for it’s beauty and the fact that it contains the 1st appearance and Origin of three Characters that are still kicking around for the better part of 80 years...
  5. Can’t argue that point - they are both awesome covers. But I kinda like the “moth to the flame” theme on # 1...
  6. Great backstory Sharon and a lovely copy to boot... I loved this thread so much, I got excited and posted My fave in the wrong thread. So I’ll try again here with an unenhanced photo from My IPad. I picked this as my new fave based on it’s remarkable breakout this past year.
  7. Sorry for my confusion over the last two posts - thought I was in the “single favorite book” thread. And no, I wasn’T drinking
  8. This is now my favorite after the remarkable breakout over the last year: And this has slipped to #2, but it’s still a thing of beauty...
  9. This is now my favorite after the remarkable breakout over the last year:
  10. I shoulda started collecting these 15 years ago when they were affordable. Absolutely love these covers and the stories were pretty cool as well...
  11. You made Me laugh, Sharon, with that last bit about HOS and SA. I would also include HOM and My greatest adventure in that last group and put Mystery in Space (Adam Strange for our younger members) up with GL, Flash,JLA, If only for the beautiful Infantino covers every month.