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  1. I shoulda started collecting these 15 years ago when they were affordable. Absolutely love these covers and the stories were pretty cool as well...
  2. You made Me laugh, Sharon, with that last bit about HOS and SA. I would also include HOM and My greatest adventure in that last group and put Mystery in Space (Adam Strange for our younger members) up with GL, Flash,JLA, If only for the beautiful Infantino covers every month.
  3. Some of My later ST’s... Most of the Torch books got snatched up over a decade ago. Love those Steranko covers.
  4. Been taking group shots with My new IPad. Here’ some of My early Flash books.
  5. Here’s a Group shot of some of My slabbed collection. All of these were bought off the shelf when they first came out. One of the 123’s is My OO and the other purchased about 10-12 years ago.
  6. He was My favorite artist ever. Have all of his Prince Valiant and Tarzan work in various formats. I’m still amazed that the Feature Book cover is his only single piece of comic book art.
  7. Stumbled in across this very interesting/fun thread And decided to pull My meager stash of GA books. I have few more but they’re mostly insignificant Tracy’s, etc.).
  8. I agree that FF Ann 1 was terrific - loved those early Subby appearances. I also was very fond of the Secret Origins 1 and Strange Tales 1 compilations...
  9. Just saw this. What a fun thread - thanks for sharing...