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  1. I sold that ff annual while back and since replaced with ultra rare Mexican edition.
  2. Hey all looking for low to mid grade of war against crime 11. Send pm Thx
  3. I have two nice VG/fine issues of sorprendente hombre Arana #163 And 167. These are all original art and stories. We refer to these as non canon. These are clean books with nice paper Add something unique to your collection that few others will have or can get Each issue is $200. Shipping $10 usps i use PayPal these are very hard to locate in any condition so act quickly all board rules apply first I take it wins. Please indicate # you want
  4. I still have several of the early 90s Gladstone reprints. I like the format and colors are good. Only issue that sucks is Haunt of Fear 17 (3) because original art doesn't exist anymore.
  5. Not that I find any value in price variants but Don't forget NY world fair 1939.
  6. I love these two classic issues. I have the rare Spanish editions published by Novaro
  7. You could not give this away few years ago. Copies sat on the bay for months. Good luck it is a cool book
  8. The most notorious cover of all time that has Hulk 181 demand levels how many long time EC completist collectors fell asleep at the wheel thinking oh it's cheap and common I will get my copy later ? Then price creeps up and you think oh that won't go any higher I will wait for it to cool off Then few years later you have to anti up Dohhh Here is my copy
  9. Nice pick up. Nothing like owning the originals. And Shock always have good stories.
  10. Here is one of my favorite horror issues Which I have wanted for 20+ years just never found right copy when I was looking
  11. Here is my copy. It is the foreign edition published by La Prensa in Mexico but distributed all over South and Latin America and Spain. The publisher had a bi weekly cycle to keep the press running so was common to merge titles In this case strange tales was included with fantastic four title. They also took some editorial liberty on coloring This issue was given a white background Probably to cut ink cost
  12. WTB crime suspenstories 22 Wtb crime suspenstories 22 grade range 2-4 raw or slabbed considered send pm
  13. Still my favorite Marvel key. I have an ultra rare Mexican edition published by La Prensa. Less than 20 copies are accounted for according to long time collectors from Latin American countries. It is in top 5 most sought after Spanish editions.
  14. Yes brother. Thanks for the reminder. What will be next? ?