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  1. Thanks for the heads up, not sure how I missed that. Link is working now! Also, today's addition is a Neal Adams Harley Quinn drawing.
  2. After a somewhat gradual slowdown in art purchasing over the past few years, which turned into a complete stop about 10 months ago, I have decided to (mostly) get out of the art collecting hobby. I will likely end up keeping maybe 10% of the collection, but the rest I have decided to part with. I'll be updating a CAF For Sale gallery with new pieces over the course of the next week or two. Will entertain reasonable offers on most pieces. Gallery can be found here: Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello all, These auctions are ending later tonight. The Nick Bradshaw Valkyrie is currently sitting at just $46US and can be found here: The Keith Pollard/Pablo Marcos Vigilante piece is currently sitting at $44US and can be found here: Thanks for looking!
  4. Hello all, I have posted a couple of auctions on eBay as 99c No Reserve auctions. Nick Bradshaw Valkyrie drawing: Vigilante #2, page 3 by Keith Pollard and Pablo Marcos: And, I also have listed an Action Comics and an Avengers Academy page by Tom Grummett, and pieces by Marcus To, Eric Basaldua, Matthew Clark, Francis Manapul, Yanick Paquette, and more. These pieces can be foun
  5. The three 99cent No Reserve auctions are ending Sunday at around noon PST. New Titans #58, page 17. This page has GEORGE PEREZ layouts, with finished by TOM GRUMMETT and inks by BOB McLEOD. This is also Tom Grummett's first issue of New Titans. Currently at just $7.50US this page could still be had at a steal. Vigilante #2, page 4 by KEITH POLLARD & PABLO MARCOS, featuring Adrian Chase, the Vigilante. Also still currently sitting at just $7.50US. And finally, an Animal Crackers Daily from 2-8-1986 by ROGERN BOLLEN, sitting at just 99 cents! A few other pages includi
  6. Hello all, I have recently decided to seriously cut back on the comic art collecting as well as on the collection that I already currently have. As such, I have made a bunch of new pieces available for the first time. So far, I have listed about 35 pieces, with quite a few of them having never been offered before. Most are listed as BIN or Best Offer items. I am open to considering any REASONABLE offers on these pieces. Pieces include pinups/commissions by JAE LEE, ERIC "eBas" BASALDUA, MIKE MAYHEW, TONY DANIEL, GEOF ISHERWOOD, FRANCIS MANAPUL, CHAD HARDIN, a New Avengers double page
  7. Hello, I have posted a page from Tom Grummett's first issue of New Titans, in which he did finishes over George Perez layouts (with inks by Bob McLeod), as a 99 cent no reserve auction on eBay. It is currently sitting at just $4.25US and can be found here: I also have a few more auctions up, including some newly listed pieces. Art includes a Hela pinup by Eric Basaldua, Power Company page by Grummett, a Martian Manhunter page featuring The Pearl by Eddy Barrows, a New Warriors page by
  8. Hello all, I'm holding a quick "Flash Sale" on items in my CAF in hopes of raising funds for the Calgary Expo next weekend. 15% off any art in the "Flash Sale" gallery, 20% off if you are interested in 3 or more items. The gallery can be found here: Thanks for looking!
  9. The 99 cent No Reserve auction for the David Finch Valkyrie sketch is ending Sunday evening. It is currently sitting at just $28US and could still be had for a steal of a deal. Thanks for looking!
  10. Looking to raise some funds for the Calgary Expo in a couple weeks, I posted a David Finch Valkyrie sketch on eBay as a 99cent No Reserve auction. I also have other pieces on eBay, that are not posted as 99c auctions - Tom Grummett Power Company, Tony Daniel Deathstroke featuring Ravager, a couple Lobo pages featuring Indigo-1, and more. They can be found here:
  11. The Tom Raney Medusa & Crystal splash page from Secret Invasion is ending on eBay on Sunday night. It is currently sitting at $89.00US and WILL sell this round of auctions, and could still be had at a great deal. The rest of the auctions can be found here: Thanks for looking!
  12. I have posted a Tom Raney splash page from the Secret Invasion: Inhumans mini-series that ran alongside the main Secret Invastion event on eBay as a 99 cent No Reserve auction. The page features a fantastic image of Medusa wielding her hair as a weapon against a Skrull. This auction can be found here: I also listed a Tom Grummett Power Company page featuring Witchfire, a Dave Finch Valkyrie sketch and more. The rest of my auctions (not 99c NR auctions) can be found here: https://ww
  13. Forgot to post links when I first put the auctions up, but my latest round is ending Saturday afternoon around 3:00pm EST. These auctions include a very nice Nick Bradshaw Medusa piece that WILL cell this round of auctions (currently has a bid at $325US). It can be found here: The rest of my auctions can be found at the link below, and include a Tom Grummett Exiles splash featuring Psylocke, a Tom Raney splash featuring Medusa and Crystal, some Tony Daniels pieces, and more. https://ww
  14. A bit late in the day for a Boxing Day sale announcement, but as stores seem to do up here in Canada these days, I'm going to set my "Boxing Day" sale for a week. All items listed as for sale in my gallery will be 15% until New Year's. Pieces for sale can be seen here, and in a few other galleries in my CAF: Thanks for looking!
  15. Having a sale on items in my CAF gallery. 10% off anything in the gallery below. 15% off if you buy 3 or more pieces. Will likely add at least a few more pieces to the sale over the next few hours Thanks for looking!