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  1. jop, haven't seen you here (I've been more or less MIA here), but sorry to see you are leaving the hobby, but it's for good reasons. I think you got the real answer for your question but wanted to wish you best of luck, and if things get better in the future there's nothing preventing you from enjoying the hobby, regardless of capacity and resources. We've all had to "adjust" at one time or another. Good luck! Banks have to report this if you deposit it in amounts > $10k, right? Which might get other probing eyes....
  2. Aw man..... My wife just told me about Debbie Reynolds. Something about stress about her passing.
  3. Not to bring up the member berries (South Park reference), but yeah, that was a very special time in my life too. And let's not forget about the comics... Buzzetta, my ranking is similar as well. I loved the fact that it was an adult-like version of a Star Wars movie---and they took risks. Yes there were some problems with character development and pacing but I forgave that for the risks they took. I for one appreciated it after the copy/paste debacle of Force Awakens.
  4. the market doesn't accept extensively restored books at the value IGB was expecting. Grading companies brought out the spotlight for those trying to fly under the radar...people do in fact prefer non-restored to restored, except in cases where it makes financial sense. Economic theory still applies.
  5. There's a back story about which I'm clueless, sorry. That story involves the people and personalities underlying the cause of action (or allegations, anyway). But on the surface there is a company that restores the top key comics into "9.4" graded condition. Some have called them "Frankenstein" books because constructed from different parts to create a monster. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Detective-Comics-33-CBCS-9-4-Restored-WHITE-Pedigree-Single-Highest-Graded-/141860053585?hash=item210784a251:g:KlsAAOSw5IJWezps&rmvSB=true There was a long thread about one such comic, that evolved into a general discussion of these 9.4 books in general (see op for link). Here's one they sold most recently: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Strange-Tales-110-CBCS-9-4-OWW-Slight-Professional-1st-Dr-Strange-Not-CGC-PGX-/142122334957?hash=item211726baed:g:iL8AAOSwknJXyvGV The seller of that comic is one of the plaintiffs, understandably aggrieved because they don't seem to be able to sell these "comic books" for the same coin as before people began to more thoroughly question how much is original comic and how much is restored? Which in turn would probably erode its ability to find new clients for the "upgrade" resto to a 9.4. This is america so they gotta sue *somebody*. Thanks, b/c I don't come here as much anymore. Surprised to see this (and not) at the same time. Just a matter of time for someone to poke at the giant.
  6. May the Force be with you, Carrie. Bad year for Star Wars fans, Kenny Baker in August, Carrie Fisher in December....
  7. Totally agreed. PITA to find in high grade. I think I only have a 9.4, which is a 9.0 given today's rage to press.
  8. I seem to remember that Dr. Graves was mostly a host character, right? Dr. Spektor is the main character in this book, sort of like a proto Fox Mulder or Carl Kolchak. Most of the stories are pretty good. Jesse Santos is a Filipino artist who draws in a style somewhat similar to the other BA artists from the Philippines. And the Gold Key painted covers are usually pretty cool. Graves actually participated in the stories, not a host. Although later I believe he did become just that.
  9. I've never read any of Dr Spektor...I'm guessing it's a lot like Dr. Graves? I've definitely grabbed many of the Charlon and Gold Key Ghost titles.
  10. Third Edition finally was mailed to me via Amazon. Anyone else got theirs yet? Any thoughts? I missed previous years so this will be the first edition I will be reviewing since that ill fated first edition.
  11. bronze_paradise isn't selling. I've already asked . If you want to see pics of most of my collection, go check out my sets on the collector's society. I do need to scan/rescan them and finding time is a bit problematic.
  12. This probably speaks as to why I don't buy at shows. Not sure, had some locals that share comic collecting interest but just didn't connect with them on a regular basis b/c I have to travel a ton and spending MORE time away from family on weekends doesn't sound very wise to me. Is it also a problem of a lack of new blood...is the old blood just turning in the towel?
  13. Cool, another bronze horror enthusiast! Join us over at the thread....it's my exclusive collecting specialty! I tend to prefer DCs myself, but have dabbed into late Silver/early bronze Charltons as well. A ton of Marvels are reprints and not necessarily to my taste, but I love Tomb of Dracula. I've stayed away from magazines, but Creepy and Eerie have hardcovers being printed now and can get them very economically. Want to explore the stories without much cost? DC did a number of the titles in "Presents" format (b/w). Or you can go nuts like me and go for the CGC gusto in high grade. It's been a great adventure, and after 15 years I'm still not done.
  14. Nice books, bronze_paradise and others. Need to get my scanner cranking for my latest macabre monster pieces.