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  1. 2.0 tops, but what a cache, truly every comic hunters haul. I've done a few "clean outs" only things I've come away with were a mig welder that needed some work, a game cube that didn't work and fear of been infected with some variation of the plague from the nastiness encountered in the clean up.
  2. Looks 6.0-ish, but I'm not sure how much that foxing and dust shadow would bring it down.
  3. Great story on the acquisition. Wish I would have been more insightful back in the 80's when I started collecting to get an AF15. As far as your book, IMO, I would leave it as it is. If it's delicate, I wouldn't press it. I'm not a fan of signed books per se, but if the book has potential of being dubbed as brittle, a signature might help if you decided to sell it. I have a key book (not quite of this caliber) that I became "star struck" or had that "eureka" moment because of the opportunity to own such a book. Little did I realize that a some finger print ink smudges would be detrimental to desirability of said key, but alas, it has become an issue when I present the book for sale. I've been contemplating getting Stan to sign it, but I just don't like the big blob of mess his signature often appears to be. Again, my 2 pennies. Oh yea, grade, I'd go 2.5 - 3.0 on this one.
  4. Given what you've got there I'd go 3.0-3.5. Could change depending on what the spine looks like along the back cover as it's got a bit of a roll. Cool find regardless, nice Tick Dracy you have there.
  5. if it ain't broke, don't fix it would seem fitting.
  6. Those all look toughly graded from where I'm sittin'. GLWTS.