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  1. Couple of recent sales of the variant in 9.8 - around the 2k mark. Blue label 9.8 SS 9.8
  2. Just picked Batman #49 and Catwoman #1 today. I am a big fan, always pre-order his books sight unseen.
  3. Yep, it's like a low print run copper key that happened to come out in the modern age.
  4. Love your sales threads Robot. Even when I'm not buying it's a spin of the wheel with every refresh to see what cool stuff you're gonna offer up.
  5. Got a nice deal on the Strange Adventures at the flea market. It's a beater but I didn't own a copy so why not. (I didn't pay sticker)
  6. Greg Rucka (Stanley "Artgerm" Lau as well on the Wonder Woman) Geoff Johns
  7. Me too. The backstory was great. It's a slow burn waiting for monthly / bi-monthly releases but man I love every issue so far.
  8. Yea they have perfect positive feedback over 1k so I don't think it's a scam. I suppose the only way to know for sure is accept the offer and see what happens. If ebay charges the wrong shipping I can ask the buyer for extra for shipping. If he refuses lesson learnt I guess. I have only begun selling as a long time hoarder and my first sale to the U.S. Update: Accepted the offer and shipping was the correct amount based on the zip code, not the amount shown on the app's best offer received screen.
  9. Yea I am leaning towards the system pricing it based on destination but I just wish it would confirm that for me before I accept. Would not like to eat the costs and lose half the value of the offer. The shipping stated on the offer is only in the app as well, I don't see it on the desktop site. I wonder if it is just a programming oversight on the app and pulling from the listing using my current ip address.
  10. Quick question regarding selling. If I receive an offer for a book and the buyer enters the location, does it guarantee they chose the right shipping option? I have two prices, one for domestic and one for U.S. and on the offer page it is showing the Canadian shipping cost and on the confirm offer page it is showing a US zip code as the location but doesn't display how much shipping they will pay. These screenshots explain my confusion. $5.99 is the domestic cost to Canadian buyers.
  11. I think people are assuming that Carnage merging with Osborn is the root creation/precursor of Red Goblin. It's also the first time they've merged, two super villains merging is cool in itself.
  12. I'm not ordering this book however I have ordered from these guys in the past (Venom #1 Dell'Otto), so I will throw in my experience FWIW. This isn't a direct reply to anyone. I ordered a set of the virgin Venom #1's a couple years ago from Frankie's. My order showed up a few weeks after most people and it had some damage to the virgin cover, it was probably an 8.5 / 9.0 at best iirc, might be off a bit it's been a while since I looked at it. The trade dress copies were NM. I didn't complain or ask for a refund since it was a PC book anyways. Them's the breaks I figured. Not even two weeks go by when another package shows up, this time from Simon Payne, all the way from the UK with a mint copy of the virgin cover. I couldn't believe it but it was marked as "gift" and I am guessing that people who they realized were shipped a less than NM copy of the virgin from the original preorder "available for sale" pile were put on a list for the backup copies. I don't speak to them or know the print runs or business practices. But I will share this experience since it was a positive one and I will always commend good customer service above all else. That's just my experience from this group. Take it for what it's worth.
  13. I get a much different result when I click on "most recent first" instead of highest price.
  14. Apparently this is the stock Unseen 10 img for most of the internet. It's a pedigree copy in its own right now!