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  1. Hit a nerve? Please tell everyone how this doesn't describe exactly what you are doing. free·load·er /ˈfrēˌlōdər/ noun INFORMAL•DEROGATORY a person who takes advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return. You said that you may only have 2 more months to live with your parents. Are you finally moving out on your own; if not, what are your plans between now and then? Or are you just looking for sympathy points?
  2. So now it's your moms fault that your stuff got ruined? Yeah, I can see that. She bought you a gift and gave you a place to hang it in her home, that she allows you to freeload, I mean reside at. What a terrible person she must be. I wish your parents would read some of the things you say about them. Hopefully if they did, they would immediately toss you out on your ear, slam the door and change the locks. It's too bad your parents don't own a castle with a moat. If they did, instead of the basement you could live under the bridge. You'd fit right in.
  3. If that card is simply a debit card tied to your bank account, then I was wrong to assume that you were getting another credit card. That said, even after four years, it never ceases to amaze me how you strategically pick and choose which questions or comments to respond to while ignoring others. Of course taxes are paid, and nobody except the government likes it. The government also does decide what to do with that money. No argument on either point. However, what gives you the right to accept that same money in the form of social assistance to pay your living expenses and then turn around and spend whatever other money you can come up with on comics, toys or whatever? You're on social assistance because you are unable to support yourself, correct? That means that if you weren't receiving government assistance, any money you had, that right now goes to comics, games and cryptocurrency, would have to be spent on living expenses and basic necessities. You say you've had plenty of jobs, maybe you have, maybe not, but how long did you actually work at any of those jobs? Since you've brought it up twice, I never asked what your plans are for this year, and I absolutely believe that you can continue receiving social assistance while doing nothing, because that's exactly what you are doing. If you were actually trying to find a job for as long as you say you have, then one of three things is taking place: 1) you're not really looking for a job; 2) you make a terrible first impression and/or your resume tells prospective employers that you are not someone they want to hire, or 3) you really and truly are unemployable, which your lack of grammar, hygeine, comprehension and common sense most likely contributes to. Because the cold, hard truth is that nobody, but nobody can possibly look for a job for 4 years and not find one, or at least one they will stick with for any length of time. It's hard to believe that in the four years since you started your journal, you have gotten exactly nowhere, unless you count your foray into the elf sex realm as a rung on the ladder of sucess. You're still living with your parents, still don't have a job and are still losing money with your comic and game flipping. By the way, since you ignored it before, I'll ask again: How much do you owe on your credit card, are you making the payments, and if you are, where is the money coming from that you are using to pay them?
  4. Okay, so here is essentially what you are telling everyone, primarily all the Canadian taxpayers who are currently paying your way for you: "I don't care enough or want to work hard enough to get and keep a real job so that I can, you know, actually support myself. I would much rather have YOU, the taxpayers of Canada, through the income tax that YOU pay on money that YOU worked for and earned (and I still don't get why you people actually do that, but I'm working on it) pay my living expenses for me, you know, the not fun stuff like rent, food, etc. That way I can use whatever money that I can scrape together through my various "enterprises" to buy the fun stuff, like comics, games and investing in cryptocurrency, because, you know, IT'S MY MONEY and I can do what I want with it. That's why I don't "invest" any money I can't afford to lose, because it's really YOUR money. To sum up, I'm perfectly okay with YOU going without things you may want, but can't afford or do without because you actually pay taxes so that I can use YOUR money to pay my living expenses so that I can use MY money to buy what I want." Next, I'm sorry that your games and toys were destroyed. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and I doubt anyone else in this community would either. But if you had a safe place to store your comics, away from the construction, why didn't you put all of your stuff there? I know you said you covered them up, but that stuff shouldn't have even been on the same floor where the construction was taking place. I'm also sorry your dad said what he did to you, but, take a step back, clear your head and look at it from his perspective: He has a son (you) who is 26 years old, hasn't had a real job for several years, and his only ambition in life seems to be being a wheeler-dealer in comic books, games and toys. Add to that the fact that in four years, he has not only made overall no profit, but has lost way more money than he has made. Can you see how your dad might not be very enthusiastic or sympathetic about your comics, games, toys, etc.? Did I understand correctly that you are you actually getting ANOTHER credit card? Are you truly insane, or do you just believe that that no matter what asinine things you do and situations you put yourself in, that someone will always bail you out? You already said that you maxed out your original card, and now, for one reason or another (none of them even close to legitimate), you either can't or won't make the payments. How is that situation right now? Are you making the payments, even if only the minimum, and exactly how much do you owe on that card, as in what is the current balance? I can't understand why anyone would extend you credit if you're refusing to pay what you already owe, but I hope that you don't actually believe that you were offered that card because you have a good credit rating. First of all, 591 is not a good credit score. Second, credit card companies strive to extend credit to those people who should absolutely not be using it (like you). The reason is simple; those are the ones who can't afford any or all of the extras (non necessities) that they want, so they use credit to buy the things they want but can't actually afford. Before long, the card is maxed out (sound familiar?) and they are then stuck with a debt that they only make the minimum monthly payments on. By the time the debt is paid off, if it ever is, they will have paid way more in just interest than what they charged on the card in the first place. That's how credit card companies stay in business. What is the interest rate on your new card? I'll bet the number has a 2 in front of it, and if it doesn't it's real close. Please explain why you think getting a second credit card is a good idea when you can't or won't make payments on your original one? Finally, is the social assistance/welfare system in Canada, aside from those individuals who really need it (not you), essentially a get out of jail free card for anyone that is too lazy to get a job (like you), or have you just figured out how to work the system? Here in the US, if you are receiving welfare payments, you not only have to actually look for a job, but you have to document and prove every potential employer you talk to or interview with. In Nebraska where I live, you have to make at least 5 job search contacts every week and report these to the state. If you don't document your contacts each and every week, or you lie and say you made contacts that you really didnt and they find out, you immediately lose your benefits. In addition, if you refuse an offer of employment for a job that you are qualified to perform, you lose your benefits. It's sad to say this, but it seems like in Canada it comes down to a matter of pride, and it's pretty evident by now that you just don't have any.
  5. Here's a question for you, Gabe. You've been flipping comics for what, 4 years now, or around the time you started your initial journal. Are you saying it never crossed your mind, in 4 years, to ask your LCS what their slow months are? For the sake of any new readers who may not have followed your initial thread, could you please explain how you can justify not having a real job, collecting social assistance/welfare and at the same time spending ANYTHING on comic books, video games or ANY kind of "investment", while the taxpayers of Canada foot the bill for your living expenses?