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  1. Good stuff brother - thanks my man
  2. And I didn't know about a new Blair Witch I may be a ***** but the first one scared the **** out of me in the theatre
  3. Dude that is killer!! LOVE THE VINCE PIN - didn't even know they had that (only saw Conquest)
  4. I need one of those RR omni's Great thread GEO!
  5. I vouch for GREEN (enough for me to come out of retirement biotches!!!! )
  6. Time Is Running Out in Kindt’s Dept. H It’s 24 meets Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy—underwater! Matt Kindt returns for an all-new series in 2016. In Dept. H, a special operative takes on the secrets of an underwater facility, but she doesn’t have much time to uncover the mystery. The station is flooding, and she’s only got a few days before it becomes a watery grave. More info here: