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  1. You know you’re hitting the comic crack pipe hard when you start bulk ordering mylars from eGerger, amiright?
  2. Too hard to pick. They both are comic god artists.
  3. This is why I don’t do the registry, but respect those that do and get the appeal. I keep my runs raw and in mylite2/fullbacks.
  4. Yes. People who care will turn back in old labels for them to be removed from the census, but my guess would be that most don’t get back to CGC.
  5. Read the whole run. The Conquest stuff is so epic. Then you get to Thragg. And then Robot. So damn good.
  6. Also, PSA: The Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus is available for pre-order on Amazon. I have wanted this for years, and the secondary market prices were around $250. I actually ordered this like five years ago, but the order was canceled. Anyway, the price originally was $80 for preorders, but they’ve adjusted it up to $125 (I got in at $80). Take a look see. Contains the whole IG saga with crossover books: LINK
  7. Did ya’ll forget about the best superhero comic in the universe?
  8. And why have we not seen Adam Warlock on the big screen yet? Is he coming in Guardians 3?
  9. and Amazing Spider-Man #253 First Appearance of the Rose Second Black Costume in ASM 8.5 Newsstand $3
  10. Just check in at the end and read going forward. Continual good info.
  11. Thank you, sir. I’m 100% in your camp.