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  1. It was in one of the first boxes I looked through on Friday morning, along with the #136. Both are a little beat up but still had no business being in a $1 box. I bought about 2 long boxes of $1 or less books on Friday and Sunday. Lots of good $0.50 and $0.25 books on Sunday near the end of the show.
  2. And last, some cool 60's/70's Romance books for less than $1
  3. Some cool Lucio Parillo covers which were all $0.50 or $0.25
  4. Just a sample of my haul from HeroesCon last weekend, starting with the $1 or less books
  5. Here's my copy, not exactly in NM but happy to have it
  6. Back cover to Marvel Age 6, pre-dates Marvel Tails 1, for those interested in such things
  7. Hit the mother load at a warehouse sale this weekend, many that I didn't already have
  8. If it wasn't for this thread I would have passed right by this today while digging through the dollar boxes
  9. Thought this one looked pretty good, so I picked it up
  10. My annual haul at HeroesCon, many that I didn't previously have
  11. I love finding Hughes covers in the cheap-o bins