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  1. Decided to try a new method for selling comics. Please check out and follow our new Instagram sale pages: @fivedollarcomics @tendollarcomics @cgcforsale @10to50comics @pikescomics
  2. Does anyone have any experience selling on any these websites? If so did you have any good results? Hoping one of these might end up being a good alternative or supplement to Ebay.
  3. Definitely one of the best true comic book shows in Florida!
  4. Have you ever tried to rebag and board 80 long boxes? So I guess this leads to the next question. When we are saying bag and board are we speaking brand new bags and boards or whatever they have been in for last twenty years?
  5. Not many great stores in Miami. Most the amazing stores are in Ft. Lauderdale such as Past, Present and Future Comics and Tate's Comics. Definitely worth going to both. The West Palm Beach is the best of the PPF stores for silver keys but they all have their fair share.
  6. I usually only bring low end books when I do 4+ booths at a show (400sf). I've mostly switched to doing $2 books but I have them all in order and bagged and boarded making sure all older bags have been replaced to give a uniform presentation. Victory Comics does a great set up using this methology.
  7. My question is what does a person expect to find from a comic in a dollar box organizational and presentation wise? Do you expect the books to be in alphanumerical order? New bags and boards? I find for myself that the labor cost to put your dollar books in complete alphanumerical and not just sections is just not cost effective let alone put them in new bags and boards.
  8. So what have you guys found so far?
  9. So measurements put it at 6.5ft long. For shows I think I fit 9 long boxes on a 6ft table.
  10. My math based on average box sizes puts it around 12 boxes a shelf/48 total.
  11. I wonder if they make a five shelf version of those. That would fit about 60 long on it.
  12. What shelving do you use in your warehouse/backroom area to store your longboxes? Im looking for something sturdier than the base model edsols found at Home depot/lowes. Those seemed to bend under the weight after a few months of the long boxes. If you have photos to show off I would love to see your setup.
  13. I won't set up at any shows owned by this company due to the way they treat their vendors and my past experiences. If I hear in the future they have changed the way they do business I will reconsider but until then...
  14. I went on Weds. A lot of non-comic/non-collector oriented booths there like Sprint and Gieco taking up large amounts of space. Also based on the floor plan and the emails I received one week before the show it looks like they didn't sell about 15-20% of their booths.