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  1. Black Friday Sales 2017

    So what have you guys found so far?
  2. Long Box Storage Shelving Recommendations

    So measurements put it at 6.5ft long. For shows I think I fit 9 long boxes on a 6ft table.
  3. Long Box Storage Shelving Recommendations

    My math based on average box sizes puts it around 12 boxes a shelf/48 total.
  4. Long Box Storage Shelving Recommendations

    I wonder if they make a five shelf version of those. That would fit about 60 long on it.
  5. What shelving do you use in your warehouse/backroom area to store your longboxes? Im looking for something sturdier than the base model edsols found at Home depot/lowes. Those seemed to bend under the weight after a few months of the long boxes. If you have photos to show off I would love to see your setup.
  6. MegaCon Tampa Bay - Sept. 29-30, Oct. 1, 2017

    I won't set up at any shows owned by this company due to the way they treat their vendors and my past experiences. If I hear in the future they have changed the way they do business I will reconsider but until then...
  7. MegaCon Tampa Bay - Sept. 29-30, Oct. 1, 2017

    I went on Weds. A lot of non-comic/non-collector oriented booths there like Sprint and Gieco taking up large amounts of space. Also based on the floor plan and the emails I received one week before the show it looks like they didn't sell about 15-20% of their booths.
  8. FYI - The Uncanny Xmen 423 is a newstand edition but not the Error edition.
  9. Tampa Bay Comic Con - July 28-30, 2017!

    This definitely was a great show! There are three major shows that take place in Florida and having two of them occur on the exact same weekend definitely affected sales. Another item which affected sales was having a local store with a very large backstock close with the last month and had blown out there inventory locally. Many dealers were there reselling this inventory at rock bottom prices. With that said my sales overall were still great for a major convention!
  10. By The Numbers by PikesComics

    It was a tighter fit then I would have wanted. I ended up getting a smaller warehouse than I wanted as they rented the one I wanted out from under me. I have almost cleared out all the gaming and non comic related stock so I should soon be able to start grinding away on the comics! Two shows coming up next month!
  11. Convention Set-up Question: Extra Tables So the thing I am most dissatisfied with for my convention set up are the extra tables I need to bring to properly do my set up. My current tables which are mostly Lifetime tables all bow under the weight of the boxes I place on them. They also are all slightly too wide (30inch). Does anyone know of a good brand of tables to get to bring to shows? I figure I place around 400-550 pounds on each table
  12. Too many of us were treated very poorly over the last three shows they ran. This is a show that used to sell out of dealer tables by September the year prior. This year just last week they were calling dealers who set up last year but are not setting up this year as they still have not sold out this year. I explained my reasons to her for refusing to do any other Informa show and she stated that she had been told the same thing by many others already that day and was planning on passing on the message to her management. She also admitted that they had already heard this message before from the dealers...
  13. I honestly can't think of one dealer on the boards who used to regularly set up who is setting up this year.
  14. Document Camera for Comics

    I'm betting time it takes to scan is a lot longer than what it takes with this set up. I'd love to see some of your photos from this.
  15. Document Camera for Comics

    Document Camera for Comics Has anyone tried using a document webcam like the IPEVO Ziggi HD Plus Document Camera for scanning comics to sell? Found this article about it but not sure if it would work well: IPEVO Ziggi HD Plus Document Camera