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  1. Didn't realize there was already a thread in this forum. Please feel free to merge or delete.
  2. Let's get this party started guys and girls. Kicking this one off @Bosco685 if it's cool with you. Looks like it might actually happen this time around. Could be slow going news-wise for a while but that doesn't mean we can't get the discussion rolling and have fun. Deadline: Men's Health (weird right? Arnold connection I guess): Texas Monthly (nice tip of the hat to native Texan Robert E. Howard here): Yahoo: So will they go straight for the muscle bound Arnold stereotype, or harken back to the source material and give us a young panther stumbling through early adventures? I certainly hope for the latter!
  3. Technically the licenses aren't "consolidated". Fredrik Malmberg and his production company Pathfinder own the rights to Conan on film. They are the ones who have made the deal with Netflix. As far as publishing rights Conan is now "public domain" so pretty much anyone can produce comics and books based on the character if they so choose. Good news nontheless.
  4. Take the following at 15% off Warlord of Mars #17 NM- $18 (p1) Warlord of Mars #31 NM $10 (p3) Warlord of Mars #32 NM- $10 (p3) Vampirella #26 NM- $18 (p4) Vampirella #33 VF/NM $15 (p4) Queen Sonja #7 copy B NM- $10 (p5)