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  1. There's a lot of disparaging of copper/modern/bronze collectors and "label chasers" on this board by a couple outspoken old-school collectors. Their opinion seems to be that what/how they collect(ed) back in the day is cool, what/how you collect in 2021 is dumb. Getting kinda tired of hearing it from the same posters over and over.
  2. Anyone have a cool $150K laying around? Head over the Clink for this beauty!
  3. Book cooled off a bit last year after a big run-up in 2018/2019, looks like it might be catching back up.
  4. It's a classic for sure, I put it just behind 227, 244, and 251 as far as Adams Batman covers.
  5. Heritage Promised a grade bump, and they got several on this one!
  6. Berk compiled an incredible 2nd-hand collection, but this looks like it's going to end up being the greatest original owner find since Chuck walked into Edgar Church's basement. Just amazing.
  7. These books were beautiful to start with, and now they've apparently reached their "final resting place" thanks to CCS pressing combined with loose grading.
  8. Agreed, the big difference being the most sought after SA books feature characters still relevant today. This is also true for some of the GA books (Supes, Bats, Cap), but I doubt GA books without that connection will keep up with those that do and with the Silver books that are so relevant today. All the key GA books are less than 25 years older than the key SA books, as time rolls on the relative difference between the two ages shrinks and the demand is definitely skewed towards Silver.
  9. Thanks for the seamless transaction Chris, always happy to welcome Neal Adams' fans to the boards!
  10. Sweet copy! Rumors of him appearing in the next Dr. Strange movie have this book picking up steam.