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  1. Got a batch of HG Marvels up on ebay currently, mostly Bronze Age but some Silver Age and all with no reserve. Spideys, Hulks, Caps, Avengers, etc. Click here to peruse my listings!
  2. Just 2 books today, unless I list more than 2 books then there will be more than 2 books today. I accept PayPal, checks, Money Orders, and ship via boxed USPS Priority Mail. 1st in the thread or via PM wins. House of Mystery 176 CGC 9.2 White Pages, Neal Adams cover $195.00 Perfectly centered copy, just a beauty!
  3. So true...it's a major headache to deal with the estates of loved ones. Estate auctions, selling homes, cars, and all the detritus of a long life take a lot of work to sell, donate, etc.,. However, it's worth noting that if your heirs sell your books after you're gone they do not have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation. For old-time collectors that paid nickels on (today's) dollars for their books, this could be a substantial savings if we're talking about a small number of high-$ books.
  4. Would be amazing to see, and likely the most valuable Cole book in existence. Think Fishler might have it? I believe at one point he had several of the Church Suspense books.
  5. CPR jumped the shark when CGC itself began doing the pressing, cleaning, and subsequently grading their own work. Doubt it would have caught on if they decided they didn't do a good job. Nice gig if you can get it.
  6. Got ~50 no-reserve auctions running up on ebay featuring various and sundry HG DC Bronze - Bats, Supes, Horror, Adams, Wrightson, Wonder Woman, War, and more. Click here to peruse the books!
  7. I don't think you get what this list is about....calipayfast was the victim, not the perpetrator (relative to the intent of this list). What kinda sucker gets on this list anyway!?!?
  8. This book has definitely cooled off the last few months, there are a couple nice 9.4's available in the marketplace right now with no takers. If AF 15 and Hulk 1 can stagnate for years (like they have been currently), a book as plentiful as Hulk 181 isn't immune to a price ceiling/retraction.