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  1. I had heard about this changing hands back in '17 from the current consignor. Sight unseen I made an offer, which was rejected. I had kept an eye out for this cover for years; it's a nostalgic fave & Flagg was the hot indy title of '83-'84.The #1 is a noteworthy piece & would be a great addition to most of the 80s collections out there. That said, I don't think I'll be the next caretaker for this one. For some reason I find difficult to articulate, the pics don't wow me. Maybe it's the overlay? I don't know, but I find it difficult to summon up the courage (& funds) it would take to bring this one home. I find that the more I think about the #1, the more I regret passing on the #2 when it was available on CAF for 5k, back in 2012. Maybe I'm just getting old, like Felix & Gene!
  2. The NYC art con is almost here. So here's some more art for sale: The cover to Warlock & the Infinity Watch #1. Price is $16,000
  3. The Doctor Strange is a recreation.
  4. Quick preview pic before the show. Anything not previously listed will be priced tomorrow.
  5. I'm Dan & my table will be right next to Brad's, across from Jim Warden. Feel free to stop by and say hi.
  6. The NJ art con is coming this Sunday & I'm pulling out more stuff for sale. I just posted a great Perez Ultraforce cover ($4000) along with something extra special: a vintage CC Beck Captain Marvel cover ($38,000). Feel free to drop by my table and check them out in person!
  7. Just Added Cerebus #2 pg1 ($3200) & Preacher Ancient History TPB cover ($14,000)
  8. One week to go before the NJ show, so it's time to post some more art. I've just added three pieces to my for sale gallery with more coming later. So far, I've added the cover to Prime #10 ($2500), promotional art for Superman/Doomsday Hunter/Prey (ON HOLD), and a page from Uncle Sam #1 ($3500).
  9. Only one new piece added to the gallery this week, but it's a doozy! The dps from Marvel Team-Up #53: John Byrne's first published image of both Spider-Man and the X-Men for Marvel comics. Price is 55k
  10. The latest round of auctions are in the books & the NJ & NYC art cons are closing in. So it's time to crack open my portfolios and post some art for sale! I'm only posting a few pieces right now, but more will be added in the weeks to come. Everything for sale can be found right here. Highlights so far: Alex Ross art from Astro City #1 $2200 Bolland sketch $3500 Captain Marvel #35 $12,000 Death of Captain Marvel page: SOLD I can be reached directly at with any questions/inquiries. -Dan
  11. Thanks for posting some examples from the collection, OW. Would you happen to know the board & image size? Also, I'd like to throw my 2 cents in regarding Byrne's use of marker: As far as I know, most any page from the early 80s on that has Byrne credited with pencil & inks is bound to have marker on it. There are many examples (pages & covers) that were done with a fine tip marker & a sharpie for large black areas. For better or for worse, it was part of his process. Any collector that can't deal with marker shouldn't collect that stuff. Personally, I judge it on a case by case basis. I've seen Byrne covers that showed too much fading for me to be interested. The Cap #290 that just sold on Heritage comes to mind, as does the PPSSM #101 that they sold a few years back. But I've purchased Byrne marker pieces where the blacks are still very crisp. Check out the She Hulk #2 below. 30 years old & still as pretty as ever! It's only had two owners since it was originally sold in '89 & we both took good care of it. That makes a huge difference in the marker's lifespan. India ink will age better than marker in the long run; but if a quality marker is used & the piece is kept out of light, I don't worry much about future fading. Below I've posted a pic of the cover to FF #257, along with a standard board cover for size comparison. You'll notice that there is some slight fading in the background by Galactus's jawline. In the six years that I've owned it, there has been no additional fading. I spoke about it with a collector who owned it 15 years before I did & he said that it was like that when he got it! And yes, he kept it in portfolio away from light & heat.
  12. A boardie started a post to point out that his Byrne FF page was done on larger board. Since it's coming up for auction, the thread was moved to the marketplace. But it got me wondering about how many big Byrne FF pages exist. As far as I know, six of his covers were done large, but does anyone know how many interior pages were oversized?
  13. Bummer, Bob. Especially about the Camelot 3000.
  14. I always enjoy these big auctions. 2.7 million dollars on 50 lots! A very bullish indicator for the hobby. That said, I can't help but notice that a lot of the 70s stuff under preformed compared to expectations (DD #157, Ms. M #4, AV #105, FF #154). Are the collectors in their mid 50s tapping out now?
  15. $6555 for the Gammill Action cover. I'm happy to see an underrated artist getting proper respect for a change!