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  1. NYCC is over, but I'm not quite done selling art! So I put up a few new pieces in the gallery to give this thread a little life. Check it out here
  2. Four more pieces are up, including a Thanos page from Silver Surfer #34 by Lim and an epic Byrne dps from MTU #53. Follow the link up top to see everything available, along with pricing.
  3. Five more pieces added, including the cover to Captain Marvel #35 for $10,000
  4. X-Men #144 pages - $12,000 for the pair
  5. Green Lantern #29 - $50,000
  6. I'm pulling out some (mostly) upscale stuff to bring to NYCC. Please check out my gallery right here. Trade is always welcome & more pieces will be on the way! I can be contacted at
  7. I believe it was cleaned along with the stat work. Getting that professionally done is not cheap. That said, I thought the price was still in the $650 range. I think you could get Dennis to do the work for under $950, but you'd have to ask him to be sure.
  8. Just wanted to make note of a slight discrepancy in the description of this Adventures into the Unknown cover I have in tonight's auction. The image is listed as 14"x17" because the top stats are professionally made reproductions. In person, you'll see that the image area's more like 20-21". Those of you familiar with the old ACG covers know how big they can be! I believe the work was done by Robert Dennis, which probably cost more than the current high bid. So, I think someone's going to get a good deal on it tonight!
  9. I'm one of the exhibitors at the show and can confirm that the second room is long gone. Believe me when I say it's better this way. I will also say that trade is more than welcome at my table, as well as most others. That said, I only accept trade for something that I'd like to own personally. I'm more of a collector than a dealer. I'm sure the dealers feel the same way I do, although they'll make an exception if you're willing to part with your art at a discount! Keep that in mind when bringing out your trade bait.
  10. I just noticed a splash page from Avengers Annual #1. What a cool image!
  11. I had heard about this changing hands back in '17 from the current consignor. Sight unseen I made an offer, which was rejected. I had kept an eye out for this cover for years; it's a nostalgic fave & Flagg was the hot indy title of '83-'84.The #1 is a noteworthy piece & would be a great addition to most of the 80s collections out there. That said, I don't think I'll be the next caretaker for this one. For some reason I find difficult to articulate, the pics don't wow me. Maybe it's the overlay? I don't know, but I find it difficult to summon up the courage (& funds) it would take to bring this one home. I find that the more I think about the #1, the more I regret passing on the #2 when it was available on CAF for 5k, back in 2012. Maybe I'm just getting old, like Felix & Gene!
  12. The NYC art con is almost here. So here's some more art for sale: The cover to Warlock & the Infinity Watch #1. Price is $16,000