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  1. Maximum rate of 28%. Will match your marginal rate if lower, as I understand it.
  2. I sold my Saucy Movie Tales collection for the opposite reason, not wanting to be caught alive if they found out!
  3. Here's a gently used set of Golden Age Gerber Photojournals. The books are in pretty nice shape, some wear on the covers which shouldn't detract from the enjoyment of these books. I'm asking $65 shipped in the US. PayPal only. Let me know if any questions!
  4. Hi, I am selling two books together. Bookery's Guide to Pulps (reference and price guide), and Windy Cindy Pulp Stories #16 (contain pulp-related history, picked up a few years ago when I visited the Chicago show). Nice condition, very lightly used, just some shelf wear. PayPal only. Asking $25 shipped in the US. Please ask if any questions, and thanks for looking!
  5. Egyptian Queen painting already at 2.1M. Wow...
  6. Those were my Wonderworlds, thanks and enjoy guys! The #3 was my first early Fox purchase after chasing the Rulah/Zoot/All Top books.
  7. Had the AMF 2/5 for awhile before selling to GAtor. This one remains in the collection.