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  1. Those were my Wonderworlds, thanks and enjoy guys! The #3 was my first early Fox purchase after chasing the Rulah/Zoot/All Top books.
  2. Had the AMF 2/5 for awhile before selling to GAtor. This one remains in the collection.
  3. Yeah, but where's the drama in that?
  4. This would look great in a green qualified label, must be tempting to crack it out and clip a coupon
  5. It seems mostly probably true that buying on HA just got mildly more expensive. The bid increments are fixed so I don't expect the average collector, savvy or mathematically literate they may be, to be able to reduce their pre-BP bid the same amount to offset. Maybe on some items, but not on most contested auctions.
  6. I bought a bunch of Zoot and Rulah issues to start. Maybe 6 or 7 from three different sources all in the same week. Got hooked!
  7. I never understood why they call him the Green Mask
  8. This is my highest, I am more of a mid-grade collector.