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  1. Hi, I have a few pieces in the current focused auction ranging from Dave Stevens to Somin Bisley. If interested have a look. Doc Savage and the Shadow prelim by Dave Stevens (is framed) Moon Knight #1 Vol.7 pg.12 half splash by Declan Shalvey DarkHawk #21 pg.28-29 Double page splash by Mike Manley Super-Villian Team-Up #3 pg.26 by George Evans (Fun Doom dialogue) 2000 AD #585 Judge Dredd: Bat Mugger Title Splash by Alan Davis (In color and big) Detective Comics #598 pg.21 by Denys Cowan (Part of the "Blind Justice" story arc) ROM Spaceknight #11 pg.15 by Sal Buscema (A --script is apparently in the works for a movie) ROM Spaceknight #14 pg.6 by Sal Buscema Halo Graphic Novel pg.48 by Simon Bisley
  2. DeadpoolJr.

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    $12 dollars short of 9K. I think the main issue people might have had was that the head was a stat even though it was still actual art and not a reproduction one.
  3. DeadpoolJr.

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Me too would be a pure nostalgia buy if I went after it. Remember watching it when I was younger along with a few other cartoons. I actually regret not going after a lot of Samurai Jack pages from issue one that adapted the first episode that sold a while back.
  4. DeadpoolJr.

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    Thought the stuff I liked had some decent results, namely the cover to Scalped #1 and the Spider-Man Blue page which I would have like to make a run at if I wasn't on a selling spree at the moment.
  5. DeadpoolJr.

    Show us your personal artwork

    Drawing I did of Venom from a youtube tutorial a few weeks back. Was my first time trying inks.
  6. DeadpoolJr.

    ROM the Spaceknight

    That page wasn't offered as part of the ones put on sale. Out of the 19 pages only 11 or so were put up.
  7. DeadpoolJr.

    ROM the Spaceknight

    Not sure if you saw it or not, NoMan but it turns out the original art interiors to issue 1 was owned by Sal Buscema all this time and he just never sold them. Two groups were put up on his agent's site after page 2 from the first issue sold on eBay. I think they all sold already though.
  8. DeadpoolJr.

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Living in New Jersey I feel your pain.
  9. DeadpoolJr.

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    This year has been very good for my core collecting focus. Deadpool Vol.2 #15 Cover Deadpool Vol.2 #35 Cover ROM Spaceknight #75 pg.19
  10. Got to make some money for what I'm eyeing at Heritage so I've actually decided to let some pieces go which I never thought I would thinking of myself as a blackhole collector. Please feel free to contact me here or on CAF if you have any questions, whether it be price negations with offers or time payments. Personal checks, PayPal, Cashier's checks, are all fine. (NOTE: I will not do friends and family for PayPal) Shipping is $25.00 with USPS signature confirmation unless otherwise stated with the difference being refunded if it cost less. Those outside the continental US please PM first for an estimate. Buy it nows with posted in the thread trumps any ongoing negotiations via PMs. Payment is expected within 7 days after the deal is made unless otherwise arrangements have been made. I will not sell to those on the HOS or probation lists. Thank you! And please feel free to PM me with any questions you might have. Asking- Joe Kubert GI Combat #276 Cover- $4350 Jack Kirby Kamandi #33 pg.7- $2500 George Perez New Teen Titans #20 pg.7- $1150 Alan Davis 2000AD #585 Double Title Splash- $950 (Will cost more to ship) Dave Stevens The Savage and Doc Savage cover prelims- $650 George Evans Super-Villain Team-Up #3 pg.26- $550
  11. DeadpoolJr.

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Finally got around to posting some pieces I've gotten through the months on CAF. Figure I'll post them here too. Beast of Burden #2 cover. The saddest but also my favorite story from the series. I also think it's the one people recall the most from it. Taskmaster splash. Sadly its only inks on bluelines. I bought this not realizing that. It's also pretty small at only around 12'x8' since the artists were on a deadline. I still love it though, inking is still an art and I mean just look at that Taskmaster. Page from Halo: The Graphic Novel. More of a nostalgic buy since I don't usually buy something like this. The colors really pop in person. Double Splash page from DarkHawk #8
  12. DeadpoolJr.

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Yes, Cool Lines for a while now has been known to be adding stats to pieces and not just overlays to art pieces. Even doing it to unpublished pieces and other things they can pass off as covers. When this has come up on the boards it has been widely agreed upon to be damaging to the art.
  13. Probably hard case because it's Star Wars related but I'll do it anyway. Looking for the character pin-up used in Return of the Jedi #3 by Rick J. Bryant of the Scout Trooper. This has always been my favorite of the different imperial trooper type and thought that if I owned one Star Wars piece featuring my favorite trooper it would have to be this.
  14. DeadpoolJr.

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Hard to say. I know that Liefeld himself has been talking about the page and giving updates on the price from his Twitter account. For Renolds, I would guess it comes down to if he really is a big fan of the character to that extent. He originally got introduced to the character while Blade was being filmed for reference material from my understanding so even though he does have the money and likes the character, it doesn't mean he has the nostalgia component which often drives people into spending these large sums of money that they knew from their youth. So even though he can probably afford it, it comes down to if he actually thinks it's worth it. You can have the money but not the collectoring mindset whihc is really the thing you need to justify the price and spending.