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  1. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    Thanks, and really hope you're right!
  2. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Happy to finally add a Cam Kennedy Boba Fett page to my collection.
  3. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    I was really sad a few months back when I went after a restored copy, bidding the highest I had ever on a book (5 figures) and still missed out. The price going for more than the person I talked to about it thought it would for the grade, and issues. I also sold off a part of my collection to pay for it which really sucks. I'm hoping prices drop-off down the line, not to resell, but because I really want to own one in decent condition. I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on something so torn, and beaten up for what I could get at the same, or cheaper price.
  4. Hi all, decided to update this again since I lost out in Heritage, and wanted to see if anybody refilling their wallets might have anything of interest to me. I've also gotten some leads, and would like to thank @Panelfan1 for that. I've also updated the list above with more things I would like to acquire including specific pages with pictures of them attached. This is in hopes that if I include the more things that interest me the greater the chances something should get caught in my net. As always if you have any of the things I like please PM so we might be able to workout a deal. Thanks.
  5. Heritage Summer Auction

    The consignor must be happy for sure.
  6. I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)

    Here's a prelim for "The Savage & Doc Savage" I picked up a few months back. Was really happy to get it, and to actually own a piece done by him.
  7. I did respond to you. You offered me story pages from a book, not a pin-up which I specify above as what I'm interested in. I responded to you through PM saying thanks, and that if I had any interest in those pages I would let you know.
  8. Probably. Though I don't have any experience myself, I could see a person owning a page or two of a book someone else is trying to complete, and not selling it simply because they want to keep the pages fro themselves. Another scenario which I'm sure has happened a few times is when a collector is known to be trying to assemble a book others might go against him to get pages so they can sell it to him at a high price, or as trade bait for something they want that the collector might otherwise not sell.
  9. Shhh! I was hoping no one would notice that. Thanks for the heads up though
  10. Many views, but only a few replies Come on people! Don't you at least like money enough to hear my offer?
  11. [CLOSED] Clink auctions

    Giving a bump. Art ending today, and tomorrow.
  12. The Official Commission Collecting Thread

    Congrats, that's a lovely piece!
  13. The Official Commission Collecting Thread

    Thank you. The artist is Jeff Slemons, and was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him. You can find him on comicartfans.
  14. Currently have a few pieces for sale in the latest Clink auction in order to found something else. Thanks for looking. Moon Knight Illustrarion by Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Illustration by Dan Adkins - Wolverine Deadpool Illustration by Marco Marz - TMNT #37 pg.10, and pg.18 by Rick McCollum - Y: The Last Man #6 pg.17 by Pia Guerra -