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  1. I've seen this concept talked about on here before concerning comics with some dealers doing it on high value pieces.
  2. Really bumped I missed out on the Marvel Fanfare Doctor Strange Pin-up. 10k was too rich for me but might have taken shot at it if I wasn't paying off something at the moment.
  3. Yeah it's from the first mini series which got released before his first full series. The art it seems was tied up all these years in the collection of the person selling them all now besides a few pages and while it explains some of the price, it can't explain the $16,800 hammer price tag it got. Even with it being from the first issue you had multiple pages from the issue come up for this and the last auction where even the double page title splash sold for $2,400 less than this and it has everything a person would want.
  4. Can anyone explain this one? This would make it the second highest price sold for the Deadpool pages after the first issue cover and even more than the other covers and double title splash pages sold.
  5. I have a mix between specific characters I like and specific storylines/series I read that I really enjoyed or feel nostalgic for. The rest of my pieces that don't fit either category are ones that had art I just really loved that a few times has made me read the material it came from.
  6. The batcave piece I believe is the same one that sold in 2017 for $23,900.
  7. Saw this online and figured this was the best thread for it since people here know how to spot a fake from a real one and if they might know the history of this KISS piece that Simmons believe was drawn by Kirby.
  8. Yeah it's not really possible to own OA of popular manga titles since virtually all artist in the country never sell any of it due to cultural differences. You will of course be able to find some stuff but it won't related to well-known titles, stat reproductions, or possibly pornographic stuff. The only titles I can think of that it might not be like that is the adaption of 'Lone wolf and Cub' by, Miller who's an American and did the art for it, and the color guides to 'Akira' that, Felix sold on behalf of the color artist; another American. Fraud is another thing you'll have to watch out for
  9. Word of advice when it comes to old Pokémon and even Yugioh packs sold by themselves. Another reason sealed boxes are coveted is because it's guaranteed that the rare (holo) pulls are in them. If you buy old packs loose you risk them already having been weighed which is the process where the packs are put on a sensitive scale to determine if a holo card is in them since they'll be a few grams heavier than a standard pack. So when buying them online it's likely that they've been weighed by the seller and that you don't actually have a chance of getting a holo at all with those packs already bei
  10. I was able to win 2 deadpool pages in the auction. I was on mobile and not able to properly tell who was bidding me but suspect it might have been only one other person in the live auction. Makes me wonder what the prices would have been if I or him hadn't gotten into a bidding war.
  11. I was not expecting that deadpool cover to sell for $25k and the double page splash title page for $14k. I was blown out of the water on that one. Those along with the other pages in this auction and the ones from last time make me think this is a deadpool collector with a nice collection cashing out.
  12. You've had the prelim for the pages comeup. I remember Clink having the prelim to page 4 a few years back.
  13. Sometimes I feel like I'm the youngest guy in the hobby and becomes obvious when I can't really talk about this stuff in my peer groups when they ask what my interest are.
  14. Hard to say. The most deciding factor would be how hard hit people were by covid and if the average collector is unable to participate since they don't have any spare funds to use in this auction with the possibility that many of these pieces might even be in auction to raise funds for those who were affected. On the other hand you have plenty of people who are insulated from covid in this hobby like the top 1% of collectors who would still have have funds and were able to for the most part to work from their homes so the high-end pieces shouldn't really be affected since it was a small poo