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  1. Weiss Auctions Feb 14, 2018

    I think you can find a few of the Kubert covers from their previous auctions being resold on comicconnect.
  2. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    Maybe just a little.
  3. 2018 Collecting Goals

    Much hasn't changed in my want list, besides trying to only go for a few nice pieces a year now, which means I'll likely only be getting maybe 5 pieces if not less which is what it will probably be. I'll just be bumping my want/looking list thread, but it seems auctions are how I'm finding more of the pieces I want now. I'll also be trying to make friends/connections in the hobby which is also part of the fun of it all.

    Moon Knight commission by Jeff Slemons
  5. Was able to save up some funds again, and luckily didn't go after in the recent auctions, so I'm bumping this.
  6. 2018 Collecting Goals

    Sticking to my original goal, as listed before. Missed out on some stuff, but also able to grab a few things. As for the highlights this year... -I was able to get 2 ROM pages, -The cover to my favorite story to a particular series, that I haven't posted -One of my favorite pages from Boba Fett, Agent of Doom, which was a major score me personally -Another cover to a more well known series also not posted. Am done for the year, and hoping to add some things in 2018.
  7. A lot of that artwork on his site though was sold privately before being made public though to a group of collectors by invite only. Besides the sketches, and prelims it's hard to say if those sold pages would still be marked as such if not for that small group.
  8. Cadence Comic Art - Holiday Sale Started

    Hold on I just check my paypal history since I bought one of the pieces that was the same price, and confused it with something else. My bad.
  9. Cadence Comic Art - Holiday Sale Started

    Interesting, I noticed that some of the pieces I had my eye on had their prices raised, before being discounted, along with those that had already been on sale where it would of been cheaper to buy them at their original price with the sale , then now even with the new discount applied. And this was only around a month ago.
  10. Conan the Barbarian #1 Club

    Looks like I'm out of the club. Sold my copy, but will hopefully replace it eventually.
  11. ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    Have you thought about making a WTB post? If you're willing to offer FMV according to GPA, or even a little bit over like your post suggest, I would think you should have some people contact you. You also could go the route of looking at current, and upcoming auctions that aren't just on ebay,
  12. ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    I feel kind of odd actually being the one who started this thread, since I sold my copy a few months back. It was only a 7.0, but it felt weird letting it go. I was able to make a profit though from when I bought it on Ebay years ago so not all bad.
  13. # of whales with unlimited funds

    Is anybody else waiting for this collapse to occur so they can buy a few pieces on the cheap that they couldn't afford before? On a more serious not, does anybody remember if the comic art market experienced a collapse in the 90's during the same time as the comic market did? Were they considered distinct markets back then, where the flippers, and speculators that contributed to the comic crash also spread to OA? I've seen some people here talk about the dramatic price increases OA has experience in the last decade which makes me wonder how many have joined it's ranked only to flip it later on, where as back then OA didn't bring as much in a short hold time, as speculating on comics did.
  14. A Simple Discussion on Walking Dead Original Art Prices

    This, you're a stronger man, than a lot of us here, if you can resist. Many of us have lost that battle plenty of times.
  15. Comicconnect November 2017 auction

    Some really nice pieces. Seems like the perfect time to attempt to add my first WD piece.