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  1. Yeah it's sad, reminds me when I saw some John Romita Spider-man drawing for trading cards drawn on standard boards at auction. I later saw them on sale and cutup to be sold individually. At least it means people might be able to afford a nice page and can always hope someone is willing to try and put them back together later on.
  2. Pretty interesting to see how many people here seem to live so close by each other. You have the Chicago group, California people, and the East coasters who live NYC or Bergen county.
  3. I've bought an item framed from them before and they gave me the option of them removing the item from it before shipping it if I wanted. I did because I didn't have a place to put it and would take up space that way.
  4. Is this really a secret? I thought it was well-known that porn or at least "sexy" commission work was how a lot of artists made money. Even this tweet about furries is a well-known internet meme since people know they'll spend a lot of money on what are while fetish drawings, are still simple for an artist to draw. It might be because this forum only has experience with mostly comic published artists but with the rise of the internet you now have a way for many people of different skill levels to advertise their work with a subset of them being almost exclusively NSFW artists or at least open to it. Especially for digital artists which seems to be becoming the new thing. Artstation, Deviant Art, Pixiv (Japanese), Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and then just exclusively NSFW sites is where you can find a lot artists advertising their services some more famous and better in skill than others and almost always stating if they do NSFW commissions and if so what they are and aren't willing to draw. I can find artists who have done professional work for game studios and movie franchises on these sites who are willing to take commission work for example. It might cost a lot, but just being able to get them is still amazing. Comic companies are starting to do this too for things like covers. I remember looking for an artist to do a commission that wasn't comic related and actually had a hard time finding artists that didn't do furry or NSFW art when I used the commission open hashtag on Twitter. Lastly you have those artists who are famous or at least have a big following for their NSFW work which can make them thousands through patreon and being able to charge a huge amount for their commission slots.
  5. I remember that page from a few years back with it being offered along with a few other X-Factor DP pages. They sold much cheaper back then.
  6. A lot of my wants are basically to pieces I sold like Sienks Moon Knight and John Buscema. Would love to add a A+ panel page or cover of early Darkhawk by Manley and Marvel Fanfare pin-ups when I can afford it. Was finally able to add a Spidey page to my collection this year at least.
  7. Hello, the Wendy twitter account unveiled an rpg book they made and would like to get a physical copy of it. Apparently the account said they will only have them available at NYCC and was wondering if any boardie going will be willing to get one one and ship it to me. I will pay the cost of of shipping and the book of course and have no problem paying a fee to the boardie that does it for me. Please DM me if interested. Thanks
  8. Finally able to add a Spider-man related piece to my collection along with some Moon Knight too which was the draw for me. Also my first art purchase from comicconnect. The Spectacular Spider-Man #23 pg.23
  9. Whoops! Looks like I was a little late with updating this like I said I would. Better late than never though! Like I mentioned in the previous post a lot of stuff has happened to me both in my personal life and in my collecting world. I'll start with the collecting part, I mean isn't that why we're all here? Around one year ago I was offered a chance at what I consider a grail piece for me- an original art piece to be precise. It was something I never thought I would actually have had the opportunity to buy which made it all the more amazing that I had even been offered it with it not being swallowed up by a bigger more well-known collector who usually land these type of pieces before they even hit public auctions. And what was that mystery piece, you're wondering? The complete OA interiors to ROM Spaceknight #1. I wasn't able to buy all of the pages but I was able to get first pick and got what I think were some of the best pages in the book if not the whole series. (Pics at the end) How did this come about you might be wondering? Well as it turns out Ebay still has some interesting auctions from time to time. This one being for second page in #1. At the time I thought I would never get a shot at owning a page from the series again and knew I had to get it at any cost... which I did. To my surprise I got an message from the seller asking me to call them at the number they left a little after the auction had ended. Calling them I met a person named, Scott who as it turned out to be was the owner of Catskill Comics and the art rep for Sal Buscema, the artist for almost all of the ROM comic run. It turned out Sal had actually had the original art interiors to the first few issues of ROM all this time and had decided to sell them with the page on Ebay being to get an idea of market value to price the rest at. He had asked if I would be interested in buying the rest of the book since Sal wanted to if possible to keep the books together which I thought was cool of him. I couldn't afford the asking price of 40k though which meant that the book would need to be split up since I didn't want to give up on the page I had won on Ebay already. I was able to workout a deal with Sal and Scot which allowed me to pick out some of the pages I could still afford from the book before they were made publicly available. To afford them however I needed to sell a large part of my collection which included some pieces I never thought I would sell. This was an important lesson I think all collectors need to deal with eventually which is selling pieces they one time thought they would never let go of in order to afford getting something which they otherwise never could. It was hard selling them especially a few but I think I made the right choice in the end. The only thing that annoys me is that I wish they had announced the Moon Knight TV show last year when I had those pieces at auction! After a few months of back and forth and sending the money I finally met Scott and got my hands on the art pages I picked out. Interestingly Scott also included Sal's personal copy of ROM #1 which was the only thing that wasn't signed by him LOL. The best page in the lot however, had to be the grail piece for me and probably other ROM lovers. The splash page to #1 which had also doubled as the ad which had been in a lot of other Marvel comics at the time advertising ROM's appearance in the Marvel universe. Interesting the artwork for the splash is made from 3 different pieces. The giant splash of ROM coming out of the crater and the separate page which just shows ROM crashing down to Earth which were combined to make the third piece which combined the images into a stat whihc is the published image you see in the comic. This was the biggest thing to happen to me collecting wise with no other big purchases being made since then. I'm mostly trying to recover from the cost and want to enjoy what I have but do plan on adding to my collection and hopefully adding examples back that I had to sell. The Moon Knight TV will make that much more costly now however! Stay tune for more interesting updates with me hoping you enjoyed this one. See you soon!
  10. Yes. A lot of collectors will bring a portfolio with them that has a few pieces of art in it. Either to show each other interesting pieces they have, sell themselves, or to include as trade towards something else. Keep in mind while you have a lot of dealers there they aren't the only people you can do business with. Many of the people in attendance will have interesting and impressive collections themselves and through networking with them might be able to find you something you want and are willing to deal for it that that the dealers didn't have. You might even run into someone that has been wanting something you have and can use it to get something nice in return either in trade or money. There's been a few deals made with people that otherwise wouldn't have happened if they didn't bring some art with them or talked with others. I haven't been to the last few shows but plan on going to this one even though I probably won't be buying anything. I'll still bring some art with me though that shows what my collecting focus is and try to make some contacts. Hopefully I'll meet some people who have something I would want that I otherwise wouldn't know about since a lot of collectors don't post what they have online and meeting in person is really the only way.
  11. A lot of stuff has happened to me since my last update both collecting wise and personal life and figure it's time to get back into it. Feel free to stop by and contribute too whether it be sharing your own experiences or asking questions nothings is really off the table. I should have an update posted later today or tomorrow.
  12. Oh yeah, EE. He and me seem to have a lot of the same taste so I often think I'm bidding against him on a lot of pieces. When a Moon Knight or ROM piece gets sold there's a good chance he might have been the one to get it to resell. I also noticed he had one of the the ROM pieces I sold myself which he might have actually found a buyer for. You can find him on Instagram also where he advertises these pieces for sale along with comics.
  13. I think this just made me a 1%. See you all at the next cabal round table.
  14. Despite the username and avatar the majority of my pieces are of ROM Spaceknight.