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  1. Have you tried contacting Lee's art rep, Essential Sequential? On CAF, Lee posted art from this series he still owned not that long ago and up to at least 2015 still had some of it that he was selling at shows. Since your want doesn't seem to be DD in costume or action scenes which is what is normally desired it could be possible that he still has some in his possession that might fit your wants.
  2. Moon Knight. It's from a commission I had done of him.
  3. Great stuff, Gator. Cool to see you getting into the art side of comics.
  4. No, the seller on Ebay is actually a reseller who was able to get one when they got released or "dropped" which is term often used for when limited edition products are released. Here's what I wrote about it before if you want a more thorough answer on what these nfts seem to be from this company veve. In it you'll notice that to buy these nfts when they drop, you'll only be able to purchase them using their own crypto currency which requires you to exchange US dollars to get. Looking at it the original price of these nfts seemed to be around 40 to 100 dollars depending on the rarity. High
  5. It's a digital statue, you can see when you use the AR feature on the app through your phone camera.
  6. Anyone see how NFTs have started to be included on hot ebay auctions over at CAF? This piece is currently over $300 dollars and seems to be a model done for a McFarlane Batman statue. The idea for these seems to be that this company called VEVE does timed drops of pop culture properties combined with them drops all being limited releases and having rarity scales. These digital items are then added to your digital collection that can be viewed in AR through your phone. The company seems to make their money on this by you only being able to buy these items when they drop by converting rea
  7. Does private necessarily mean Black Hole collector though? I know tons of deals are done between collectors, and dealers that are private including big pieces that would be a highlight for auctions if made public. I think it would be better to say that while all black hole collectors are private with their collections and dealings, not all people who are private with their collection are black hole collectors and will sell and trade with others.
  8. For anyone interested, when the Hollywood Treasures TV show was on by Profiles in History, they were able to get Stan to look at an early issue of FF original art. He talks about the margin notes and repeats some of what has been talked about here about how he erased his notes but didn't say why. Interestingly he also said the margin notes were always Kirby (possibly meaning that it's because he almost always erased his own so you'll maybe only see Kirby's writing?) but also points out ones that were his. Why those weren't erased isn't said either.
  9. This is a great tidbit of comic history, and really shows how different the artists were. Not just in their styles but also what their working habits were and approached illustrating the stories.
  10. I feel this. I wasn't paying attention to comic pricing for a while and was more involved in original art. I come back and see what mid grade DD1s and x-men are going for and can't believe it. I even put wtb up over a year ago trying to get a X-men #1. Should have gone after it harder because that won't be happening now. Same for a few others. Can't do anything about it so just have to move on and hope prices go back into my range later on.
  11. Got 2 early Deadpool pages from his early circle chase series.
  12. Thank you. I figured since I was such a fan of the comic and character that I should at least try to get the toy that started it all and glad I got it when I did.