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  1. A lot of cool stuff in this auction that fits in my wheelhouse for sure. Wonder whoever buys that complete issue of ROM will break it up later on too?
  2. To add to this discussion I believe Felix or @Nexus on the boards had an interesting way of handling digital art that was done by some of the artists he reps. Please correct me if I'm wrong about this, Felix but I remember that if a person was interested in a page or cover from East of West that is done digitally that you would have the option to select what page you were interested and the artist would only draw it once. So instead of buying a 1 for 1 print, you would instead buy the page with the artist drawing it to order, never making another one so that it became the original art that couldn't be duplicated. Is that correct or did Dragotta do some pages and covers physically?
  3. Yeah, I was pretty surprised myself. And as a correction to what I said, after looking it wasn't the cover but the splashpage that showed her for the first time as Thor. It looks like he sells one page from each book and didn't just print these two out. You can see the auction listing for the splashpage on comicartfans along with another page that someone bought from the artist.
  4. Monoprints have already come and sold at auction before this batman example. A little while back I noticed that in one of Comiclink's featured auctions that someone (probably the artist) had consigned two monoprints from the Female Thor comic. Issue #1. This was while the series was in the news at the time. The pieces were the printed out cover and the interior page in where she picked up the hammer and transformed into Thor. Both ended up selling for a few thousand a piece with the interior page coming to auction again a little later and selling for a few thousand again. On a semi-related note. I remember talking to someone about art a while back who told me that they spent some money on a one-off print. Ten or eleven thousand I think. So the idea of selling and people buying these isn't really a foreign concept and seems to be accepted in the art world even if it's not in our subfield of comic art.
  5. Not for me. I live in NJ and we and a few other states always had to deal with the sales tax in mind as we bid while a lot of others didn't. For us, it just levels the playing field.
  6. Frank Cho
  7. I really like the Jordan 1s being part of it.
  8. The item that most surprised me this auction was the sealed booster box of first edition pokemon cards. $66K is amazing to me.
  9. Those facebook groups should kick him so he can't screw people over like that.
  10. I remember checking their site a while back and coming across what they call a "60-day commission guarantee" from the link So according to point 3 on their site, Larry can only rip people off if they go through him directly but not his art rep since they hold the money and refund it if he doesn't complete it in the agreed upon timeframe.
  11. Thanks. I was nervous about having it sent through the mail even though the seller told me they had it insured but was lucky that we both lived relatively close to each other. After I had sent the payment we worked it out and agreed to meet at a public place that was equal distance from each other which ended up being a McDonald's.
  12. Hi all, I normally don't make a big deal out of my purchases but thought I'd share it with you all since it was a grail piece for me. One I never thought I'd actually own. I've been sitting on this piece for some weeks now and have debated showing for reasons often talked about on the boards before but figured it's better to show what you own than hiding it away wondering if it even exists. I also want to give my thanks to boardies who helped and gave me advice during the purchase. You know who you are and what piece it is. For those who don't, it's a grail I never thought I would actually ever own. The title splash page to the first ever issue of ROM Spaceknight! The artwork itself is actually 3 different pages. The original art which was drawn by Sal Buscema, with another page he did being nothing but the three panels that depict ROM crashing to Earth in the published image. Both those pieces had their images taken and were turned into stats which were used to make a stat only third page which was used as the published image. All of which you can see below.
  13. It's really interesting when you think about the art that some artists still have that has been held on to for decades. They could have sold it all in the 70's or 80s but held on to it where now if they want to sell they'd might be able to make more selling a single complete story than what their yearly salary at the big two was.
  14. Hello 2018 was the year in which I was able to acquire pieces which I never thought possible before... mostly by selling pieces I never thought I would. It was hard for sure but think I did the right thing since I never would have been able to get what I consider a grail any other way. It really allowed me to evolve as a collector and really put quality over quantity. I'll have my submissions and their descriptions in a spoiler tag so they don't take up a lot of room.